Five Productive Things You Can Do with Your Old Pots and Pans?

Five Productive Things You Can Do with Your Old Pots and Pans? 2It is safe to say that cookware’s are the life and soul of the kitchen. The better the quality of your Pans and pots, the better the quality of food you will have on your table.

With that being said, there are times when you go to the supermarket and find the perfect cookware that can make an amazing addition to your kitchen. Honestly, the temptation to buy another Pan or Pot for the kitchen is hard to resist.

With time, there comes a point in life where you find yourself accumulating cookwares’ in your kitchen. Eventually, the cabinet designated for storing your pots and Pans has no more capacity to store another. Now given the situation, a question arises, what can you do with your Old Pots and Pans?

Honestly, buying new cookware is rather simpler than finding out what to do with your old Pans and pots. The answer to that question can sometimes seem like finding a stone (if not a needle) in the haystack. One of the reasons why figuring out what do to with your old cookware is so difficult is because you just can’t think of throwing them in the dump for good.

In this case, here’s what you can do with your old Pans and pot without feeling the guilt of letting them go.

What Can You Do With Your Old Pots And Pans?

1)     Keep Your Old Pans And Pots For Camping Purposes

While on a camping trip, cooking can be somewhat close to being a daunting task. It can be quite challenging considering the open-air environment.

During camping, there come times when cooking over a campfire is your only solution towards you having a meal. With that being said, the chances of ruining a perfectly fine pot or Pan can get even higher.

This is where your old Pans and pots come to your rescue. You can designate your old cookware, which is slightly in good shape for the purpose of cooking while camping.

Normally you would go on a camping trip occasionally. With that being said, your old cookware that hasn’t got much of the useful life left can perfectly be used for camping trips.

One of the best parts about old cookware is that it relieves you from the stress of ruining your new Pans and pots. In addition to that, you wouldn’t worry about losing your Old Pot as much as losing a new one.

Your old cookware has the ability to provide you with the perfect cooking solution when on the go. Therefore, it is essential for you to properly take care of your old Pans and pots.

People usually leave the traces of leftover in the cookware. This not only ruins your Pan or pot, but it also makes your cookware extremely unhygienic for future use.

Five Productive Things You Can Do with Your Old Pots and Pans? 32)     Let Your Kids Play With Your Old Cookware

Back in the days, imagination played an important part during our playtimes. Although we had all sorts of toys to engage us, even then, we were more interested in getting our hands on the real household items to add to our toy collection.

Your Pans or pots that are better off from kitchen shelves can make an amazing addition to your child’s toy collection.

Kids love role-playing. This can be the perfect opportunity for your little ones to see a chef in themselves. However, while handing down your old cookware make sure your pots and Pans are of perfect weight, size, and condition.

The condition of your cookware is a matter of great significance. There can be certain parts of your Old Pots and Pans that can come off and can be a choking hazard. You wouldn’t want your little one to get him/herself or someone else hurt while enjoying their playtime. Therefore, it’s better to make sure your cookware is in perfect condition for a fun-filled playtime.

To make things even more exciting, you can make use of old containers and boxes to make a DIY kitchen for your children.

3)     Use Your Old Pots And Pan For The Purpose Of Interior Decor

There are certain instances where you’re looking for a perfect item to elevate a certain corner of your room but you fail to find one. Your Old Pot or Pan might just add the charm of being the perfect decor you were hoping to find.

To give a vintage look, people often make use of old Pans and pots to decorate their kitchen. With that being said, you can also make use of your old cookware to decorate your space according to your taste.

One of the easiest DIY kitchen decors is a wall hanging cookware decor. All you need to get are some gold and bronze paints, paintbrushes, a hanger, and your old cookware.

For the next step, paint your cookware as per your liking. Once the paint has dried, hang your cookware on the hanger and let the DIY decor fill you with awe.

4)     Use Your Old Cookware as Pots For Plants

It’s never too late to start your very own mini garden. All the essentials you need are seeds, soil, planters, water, and a bit of sunlight.

Perhaps, if it’s the lack of pots keeping you away from starting your garden, then you might have the solution lying around in your kitchen. Your old Pans and pots can make a perfect replacement for a planter.

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Using a drill machine, carefully make a small hole at the bottom of your pot
  2. Wash thoroughly and pat dry your cookware
  3. Now, add small rocks at the bottom of your planter
  4. For the next step, fill your cookware with soil evenly
  5. Add seeds and spread a thin layer of soil
  6. Now, pour water in your planter and place it under the sunlight.

Old Pans are rather confusing as a planter. However, Pans make perfect planters for small plants like succulents, cactus, and more.

Five Productive Things You Can Do with Your Old Pots and Pans? 4

5)     You Can Donate Your Old Cookware to the Needy Families

There are certain families living around us who cannot afford basic necessities of life. Although you might think that your old cookware is not much of a big contribution towards helping a family in need, however, it can mean the world to the one who’s on the receiving end.

If your old Pans or pots are in good condition and are of no more use to you than donating them away to needy families, shelters, NGOs and facilities can be your best option.

Often due to limited funds, certain organizations fail to provide basic necessities. Therefore, even the smallest contribution can make the biggest difference in someone’s life.

6)     Tips For Repurposing Your Old Pots And Pans

Repurposing old cookware can sometimes be easier said than done. If you are set on recycling your Old Pots and Pans, then here are few tips that may prove to be your help:

  1. Recycle your old Pans and pots when you’re to have the perfect tools and facility to assist you in your purpose.
  2. If you do not want to re-purpose your old cookware, then you can give them away to a waste facility
  3. While keeping your old Pans and pots for the purpose of camping, make sure your cookware is properly clean and kept safely
  4. Make sure that your old cookware is washed properly, clean and in a proper condition while donating your old cookware
  5. Do not forget to make use of your drill machine for making a hole at the bottom of your planter pot. If you forget to do so, your plant may die due to no water drainage system in your pot.


We hope now it’s clearer to you on what you can do with your Old Pots and Pan! Make the most out of your old kitchen utensils and

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