Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review

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Bissell is a family-owned American company with a 140-year-old experience under its belt. Even when it was in the bud, the brand preferred quality over quantity. The result was a success. Rather than manufacturing all types of home appliances, they produce only cleaning stuff such as steam mops and vacuum cleaners.

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First off, the moment we unboxed Bissell’s PowerFresh Steam Mop model, we easily noticed that the design and color choice appeal not only to the brain but also to the eye. The pleasing turquoise (it may vary depending on your choice) details on the mop with its easily-understood buttons make cleaning more pleasing than it actually is.

As it does not come preassembled, you need to assemble it yourself. However, it is one of the easiest assembly processes that I have ever seen. Everything is pretty clean and neat in the user manual. It also makes it clearer on how to change the water tank and pads. It takes less than 3-4 minutes in total.

The steam mop has a warranty for years; however, it is limited only for production malfunctions. 

Long story short, let’s see what the design offers.

One thing that is important in every mop or vacuum cleaner is that it needs to be adjustable for people with different heights. It needs to be compact and portable apart from being adjustable. The steam mop’s bottom part should be moveable as much as it can be.

So, when we sort these filters, the PowerFresh steam mop gets a good rating from us. Even though it is not as adjustable as we would have liked to, it is not enormous that it will be frustrating to move the machine around. Its size is exactly 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches which is smaller than the average steam mops in the market. 

In addition to that, thanks to its lightweight which is 6.2 pounds, you will not feel knackered after a long cleaning session. The old steam mops used to be much heavier; yet, the PowerFresh steam mop is lighter than most of the other steam mops of our time. Apart from these, the steam mop is quite silent compared to many others.

The mop head does not bring you the best maneuverability but it works quite well. A better mop head would definitely be a great plus for this steam mop but does not have any problems with cleaning the corners or under the sofa.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review 4Removable Water Tank

So, one of the good things that Bissell’s PowerFresh model has is its removable water tank. You can refill the water before use just like other steam mops offer. Yet, one good thing is that you can refill it while you are using the mop. Once you hear a knocking sound, you need to make sure that there is enough water left in the tank. Otherwise, it would be dangerous to use.

The Bissell engineers designed this model as a chemical-free model. Thus, adding some chemicals into your water should not even cross your mind. If you don’t have any distilled or demineralized water within arm’s reach, you may use tap water, as well. However, this should be the last resort for longer use. Two scent discs in the box will fresh up the atmosphere in your room.

All Hard Floors

If your floor is of hardwood, ceramic, granite & marble or linoleum, you should feel free to use it buoyantly as it will not damage the floor. Thanks to the adjustable steam levels, you will be able to clean up even the hardest-to-clean dirt and floors.

When it comes to floors, just like all the other steam mops nowadays, you should not be using this if you have a laminate floor. The PowerFresh steam mop can harm your laminate if you are not sure you have the top-of-the-line quality laminate. As these fake wood-looking floors have lots of layers under the top layer, being exposed to too much water wears them off easily.

Mop Pads

One thing we really liked about the Bissell PowerFresh is its pads and easy scrubber mode. The pads stick like glue and pluck off every type of dirt from the floor. A good thing is that as they are microfiber, you can wash them easily upon removing.

There are two different types of pads in PowerFresh. The first plain white is for daily use. You can just use it to eliminate bacteria and gem out of your floor and that’s about what it does. The second zebra-like pad is for dried-on dirt. Using this pad plus easy scrubber is the kiss of death for every dirt.

Lastly, the easy scrubber mode is what makes PowerFresh special for us. When there is a dried-on mess, all you need to do is bring your steam mop over it and execute the easy scrubber mode. You don’t need to move or something, the mop will do the trick.

As a negative thing, most steam mops nowadays come with an extra mop pad. Yet, this one has only one of each. It hasn’t worn out to change the pads yet but I am curious if it’s easy to find all the time.

Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop Review 6

As we listed the breakdown of design and features, let’s get to what we liked and disliked in the Bissell PowerFresh.


  • Adjustable steam levels
  • Easy scrubber mode
  • Excellent mop pads
  • Silently working
  • Easy assembly
  • Chemical-free


  • No extra mop pads
  • Not great maneuverability
  • Not great maneuverability

All in all, we think it is a pretty good helper while cleaning up the home. Even though there are issues like maneuverability and some customers raised questions about customer service, it is obviously worth the money, hands down. In short, we recommend it as it does well what it promises to do.

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