Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps – Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Your backyard pool can be the most relaxing place in your house and the haven of pleasure and enjoyment. However, pool maintenance is not a cheap affair. You are likely to spend hundreds of dollars every month on electricity bills to ensure that you can maintain your pool to its full capacity.

If you are looking for a pool pump, switching to a variable speed pump is time. With the help of a variable speed pump, you can save up to $200 each month on pool maintenance. Due to variable speed pumps, single and dual-speed pumps have become outdated now.

Now is the time to change your inefficient and noisy pumps to energy-efficient variable speed pumps.

The question of witching ease arises here. And the answer to that worry is that shifting to a variable speed pump will not be an issue. In fact, you will enjoy your pool better with this kind of pump.

This article will find reviews of the best variable speed pumps that you can find in the market. You will also find a buyer’s guide to help you make the right purchasing decision.

Best Variable Speed Pool Pumps - Product Reviews

When you go fishing for the best variable speed pool pumps, you will be overwhelmed with choices. For your buying convenience, we have shortlisted the best variable speed pool pumps. In this section, you will find reviews of products that will help you cost-effectively maintain your pool. So, without further ado, let us get acquainted with some variable speed pumps.


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The Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo pump is our overall favorite product for a reason. It is a high-performance machine that is predesigned with a three-horsepower operation. You will get full performance with this pump that can not be said enough about.

With this ability to help of this pump, you can save up to 90% as opposed to traditional pumps. The pump has a quiet functioning that allows you to have an easy time while maintaining your pool. The pump does not weigh too much either. It only weighs about 45lbs, which makes it easy to carry for maintenance and re-installation.

The pump also comes with a diagnostic feature that allows the pump to troubleshoot on its own. This reduces the number of times you will have to get it repaired, saving many costs. The pump also comes with eight predesigned programmable speeds. Therefore, the pump will able to adjust to give the optimum speed to get energy-efficient usage.

It is fully compatible with EasyTouch, IntelliTouch, and SunTouch Pool Control Systems, along with other pool and spa controls. It also comes with a fully integrated keypad that allows you to change settings conveniently. This pump also delivers the highest RPMs. It is also a durable product.




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When you want to replace your existing three horsepower pumps, you can opt for the Hayward TriStar VS. With this pump you can yield about 80% savings in large pools. It is an Energy Star rated product; therefore, you can avail of rebates.

This variable speed pump comes with four programmable speed settings. It also has a Totally Enclosed fan Cooled (TEHC) permanent magnet motor to ensure the longevity of the pump’s functioning.

In case there are some mechanical failures in the pump, it can troubleshoot itself due to the onboard diagnostics. It can withstand extreme voltage and temperature fluctuations at ease, but it might need continuous maintenance if fluctuations are frequent.

The TriStar VS works with 2.5-inch and 2-inch plumbing to maximize efficiency. It is compatible with automation systems such as the Hayward OmniLogic or others. Due to the extra-large no-rib basket design, the pump can clear out debris and leaves without issues.

The pump comes with a digital touchpad control interface that could either be attached to the pump or mounted on a wall. The touchpad boasts eight custom timer functions along with a 24-hour programmable clock.





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This is an Energy Star certified pool pump that can save up to 40% of your energy bills during summer. As a 1.5 HP variable speed pool pump, it is ideal for medium to large covered pools. It is a cost-efficient motor due to the long durability and less frequent requirement of maintenance.

The pump comes with four preset programmable speeds within a TEFC motor. It is a very low costing motor, and getting certain features within it is commendable. The motor’s robust construction is another thing that makes this pump a desirable replacement for your existing 1.5 HP pump.

Since the motor is completely enclosed within a waterproof shell, it will always stay dry. Not only will this increase the life of the pump itself, but it will also prevent any pool-related electrical accidents from occurring.

The pump boasts of touchpad controls on its digital control interface. Much like any other pump on this list, these are important additions to make programmability convenient for the user. Another convenience factor of this pump is that it has an incredibly low-noise functioning. Mostly, you will not even notice that the pump is functioning at high speeds.




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If you are looking to update or upgrade your pool water flow system, you should surely use variable sped pumps. If you are looking to replace your Hayward Super Pump or any other 1.5 HP pump, you should consider the Pentair SuperFlo VS.

At 1.5 HP, this pump has a TEFC motor that is capable of running at three programmable speeds. The pump also has an override function that allows you to change the functioning according to the demands of your pool.

With this motor, you can save up to 80% off your electricity bills. The pump guarantees that you will have a massive amount of electricity and financing savings with its adaptable functioning. The Pentair SuperFlo is a rare pump that is compatible with both 240V and 115V power sources without wiring.

Another great thing about this pump is that it comes with a built-in 24-hour clock. This allows the pump to kick in whenever the power runs out without you having to re-program it. You can see all the vital operational information and settings through the digital display that is built into the pump.




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The Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix pump allows you to enjoy a practical performance. You get everything that you will expect from an entry-level variable speed pool pump. However, you get all of that on a lower budget.

Even in its lowest setting, this pump can achieve a commendable 42 gallons per minute flow rate. Therefore, you can imagine the power you can get on the higher setting. Since the pump functions on 1.5 HP, it is a heavy-duty pump that can be used for medium to large-sized pools.

To ensure the best durability and class performance, the pump’s motor has an overload protection guarantee. The pump comes with 1.5-inch plumbing. Therefore, it converts from vertical and horizontal discharge. Therefore, the motor is suitable for both inground and above ground pools.

The savings of this pump are impressive, which is why it is a great addition to your pumping system. The strainer basket is of industrial size to ensure that you do not have to pay frequent attention to maintenance since it can collect a large number of debris and leaves.

The pump’s durability is great, too, so you do not have to worry about having to replace it frequently.



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How to Buy the Best Variable Speed Pool Pump – Buyer’s Guide

Investing in a good pool pump is necessary to ensure electrical and financial savings. There are a few things that you should consider before buying a variable speed pool pump. Some of those things are discussed below.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is one of the most crucial things that define a variable speed pool pump’s functionality. The flowrate is defined by the volume of water that passes through the pump every hour or minute, depending on how you measure it.

It is necessary for you to choose a pump that is capable of recycling your entire pool water within 24 hours. To understand the minimum flow rate that you require from a pool pump, you can divide the volume of your pool by 1,440 to get the flow rate in minutes. The result you get from this formula is the least amount of water that the pump should process every minute.

It is also important to note the maximum flow rate that your pool can handle. If you install a pump that has a flow rate exceeding the maximum flow rate requirements, you will be unnecessarily wasting energy.

Sizing Options

You get an array of power sizes when opting to buy a variable speed pool pump. The most popular sizes are ½ HP, ¾ HP, 1 HP, and 1.5 HP. However, you can also find 3 HP pumps for a huge pool that requires a better flow rate.

The size that you choose to buy completely depends on the size of your pool. This means that if you have a very small pool, a ½ HP pump will suffice. However, a medium-sized pool usually requires a 1.5 HP pump.


It is crucial to buy a pump that is compatible with the voltage that you receive at your pool area. To check the voltage levels, you could either consult an electrician or use a multimeter to check the voltage that your existing pump is receiving.

Most variable speed pool pumps have a specific voltage that they are compatible with. However, if you can get a pump that is compatible with both 115V and 230V power sources, that’ll be an unbeatable product.

Plumbing Size

The size of the plumbing should also dictate your buying decision. Most high-power pumps come with large plumbing sizes such as two or 2.5-inches. Smaller piping such as 1.5-inch fixtures cannot withstand high power. However, smaller plumbing fixtures are generally not as easy to find. Therefore, that is something that is up for your consideration.


Variable Speed pumps are generally more durable than traditional pumps. This is because some of them come in built-in diagnostics that allow the pump to troubleshoot on its own. The pumps’ ability to adjust according to the pool’s requirements also ensures a longer lifespan.

Getting a durable pump will save you the trouble of having to change the pump frequently. It will also add to the cost-efficiency of the overall product. Getting products from reputable brands generally ensures that you get durable products.


The point of getting a variable speed pool pump is that it will provide you with a lot of financial aid. These pumps are cost-effective because they have the ability to save electricity by adjusting according to the power required to filter the pool.

The amount of savings that you get with the help of a variable speed pool pump is directly proportionate to the environmental-friendliness of the product. It is always advisable to buy a product that provides you more savings.


Most variable speed pool pumps work silently. If you want to maintain the peace of your backyard pool, it is important to choose pumps that have low to zero noise emissions. In most cases, pumps that are enclosed in a waterproof enclosing do not make too much sound.

Side-Mount or Top-Mount

The mounting position of the pump defines the setup that it is compatible with. Since the water is pumped into the filter, the location where you decide to install the filter influences the kind of mounting you will require the pump to adapt to.

Side-mounted pumps allow easy access to conduct maintenance. Therefore, we highly recommend you to get side-mounting pumps if your setup allows that.


While variable speed pumps have the ability to control their speeds according to the requirements, you might want to change their times. For example, if you are chemically treating your pool, you’d want the motor to quickly clean the water. Therefore, you should have the ability to change the motor’s speed at your will as well.


When buying a variable speed pump for pools, there is no one-size-fits-all best product. Every individual has different requirements according to the size and usability of their pool. However, one thing that is ensured is that variable-speed motors are much better than traditional motors.

With the help of variable speed pool pumps, you become more financially-conscious and environmentally-conscious. Variable speed pool pumps are great if you want to save the planet and some money. However, buying the right pump according to your needs, is crucial.

You can follow the best pumps that we have listed in the article. In case you can find another pump that you like better, you can refer to our buyer’s guide and make a well-informed decision. Either way, once you install a variable speed pool pump in your pool, there is no going back!

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