Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews

If you’re wondering what a tactical flashlight is, it’s nothing much more than a regular torch but a whole lot brighter.

We’ve run through a battery of testing and curated 5 of the very best tactical flashlights for you. With so many models to choose from and little to differentiate many models, we’ve saved you a great deal of time and trouble. Put simply, all the flashlights we review are hard-hitters and it’s just a question of which one fits your needs and budget best.

We’ll finish up with a brief but useful buying guide to help you streamline your buying decision further.

Since we know you’re busy, we’ll dive straight in with our tactical flashlight reviews without further ado.

5 Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 1

If you’re prepared to spend a little more for a rock-solid tactical flashlight, the Olight M2Y Warrior will repay the relatively modest investment in spades.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2

This dual-switch torch is designed for ease of use without sacrificing performance. You can access all you need from the exposed tail switch with a range of movements depending on what you want to do…

A soft press kicks in turbo mode while pressing down more deeply activates the constant on/off. If you want the strobe, press deeply and hold down. This uprated model now offers a full 13 strobe cycles per second, enough to disorientate any assailant while you show them a clean pair of heels.

While this is a design-driven tactical flashlight, it’s certainly not a case of form over function. If you’ve got a flexible budget and a desire for one of the best torches on the market, you can’t go wrong with the Olight.


  • Multipurpose tail switch lets you activate turbo mode, constant on/off and strobe while streamlining design
  • Highly impressive 1200 lumens maximum output
  • Knurled design so you can operate your flashlight with ease even in the dark without looking down
  • Strobe more rapid than ever in this most recent iteration of a tried-and-true classic
  • Clip, holster, lanyard and CR123A batteries included


  • Certainly not the cheapest tactical flashlight but among the very best models on the market

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 3

Next up in our best tactical flashlight reviews is this full kit from EcoGear. You’ll get batteries and a charger included so you can get going pretty much straight out the box.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 4

The way in which you can zoom allows you to pick off objects at up to 1000 feet while giving you enough light to illuminate a large room. This is an extremely flexible unit that’s also solid and built to stay the distance.

All expected modes are in place (low, medium, high, strobe, and SOS) so you have all main bases covered at a price you’ll love.

This flashlight feels rugged while it’s still lightweight enough to carry on long walks at night and small enough to pop in your bag without feeling overburdened.

If you’re looking for a mid-price model with top-notch performance and functionality, road test the EcoGear and you won’t be disappointed.


  • 5 main light modes covered with 3 brightness levels, strobe and that all-important SOS
  • More than 20 x brighter than a regulation flashlight
  • Pair of rechargeable batteries and a charging unit thrown in
  • Zoom so you can laser in with precision or view from a distance
  • Anodized finish and aircraft-grade aluminum so this flashlight is set to take some heavy punishment and it will just keep on going


  • Some issues raised over long-term so keep your expectations reasonable and consider the price-point
  • Charger can give up the ghost over time

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 5

At the midpoint of our best tactical flashlight reviews, we’ve got an extremely affordable 2-pack from GearLight delivering almost laughably sound value.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 6

As with any cheaper product, you need to peg your expectations when it comes to longevity. In all other respects, this is a dependable and pretty bright flashlight that kicks out far more power than a standard-issue, non-tactical version.

With a trio of brightness settings and a strobe along with the SOS feature that might just save your skin one day, you can’t ask for too much more, especially at this cut-throat price-point.

You’ll be able to batter this torch around and even drop if from a considerable height and it will just keep on going.

If you can’t resist a bargain and you’re looking for two tactical flashlights for the price of one, check out the GearLight at your earliest opportunity.


  • Power with a single rechargeable battery or 3 AAA giving you the best of both worlds
  • Rated water-resistant so ideal for long walks on the trail
  • Robust and built to last even if you knock it around and drop it
  • Lanyards, holsters, battery holders, and battery tubes included
  • 5 modes including low, medium and high along with s disruptive strobe for self-defense and that invaluable SOS mode if you run into any trouble


  • No lumens rating mentioned anywhere in the literature but reasonably bright

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 7

As we edge to the end of our best tactical flashlight reviews, we’ve got a micro-model from J5 Tactical with an incredibly loyal following and a staggering sales record.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 8As long as you’re aware upfront that this torch is absolutely tiny, you could be in for a surprise when you see it in action. Bright enough for almost any purpose, you’ll get a 600-foot range in a surprisingly solid chassis. To put this into perspective, it weighs less than 3oz while measuring up at 4 x 1 ¼ x ¾ inch.

Opt for disposable or rechargeable batteries according to your taste.

Although you’ll only get 3 modes (high, low and strobe), the brightness more than compensates for this lack of flexibility.

If you fancy a compact and pocket-sized tactical flashlight from a brand you can rely on, what are you waiting for? Check out this tiny little torch and you’ll see it delivers in fine style.


  • Extremely compact model without stiffing you on the performance and brightness front
  • Ultra-durable and cut out for sustained, heavy outdoor use whatever the weather
  • Use AA batteries or rechargeable alternatives if you want maximum brightness
  • Disruptive strobe comes in handy if anyone tries to menace you in any way
  • Full refund during the first year of purchase if you’re in any way dissatisfied


  • This flashlight really is tiny so make sure you’re aware it’s barely even hand-sized

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 9

As we close out our best tactical flashlight reviews, we’ve got another budget-friendly option, this time from PeakPlus.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews 10

Since there’s relatively little to differentiate the best tactical flashlights, it would be unrealistic to expect anything particularly radical. What we will say is you’ll get everything you could want in a torch from piercing brightness when it counts to that vital SOS mode and a cracking zoom feature.

Alongside this raw performance, you’ll also get a highly reliable chassis that won’t let you down even if you drop it a few times.

Whether you’re hunting or hiking, strolling to your car at night or using the flashlight at home, there are few situations in which the PeakPlus will ever let you down.


  • Full kit with everything you need chucked in from batteries to carrying case while still coming in at a cut-throat price
  • 5 light modes along with a powerful zoom
  • Ideal for all outdoor activities due to extremely robust build
  • 600-foot range is more than fit for purpose
  • Solid 1-year limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • This flashlight really is tiny so make sure you’re aware it’s barely even hand-sized

OK ...


With our tactical flashlight reviews nailed, it’s time for our regular handy hints section where we’ll guide you through buying the best torch the easy way.

Why Buy a Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are far brighter than regular flashlights. Not only does this give you far superior vision when it’s tar-black outside, you can also use that stunning brightness to shine directly into the eyes of any would-be attacker incapacitating them while you run off.

For these reasons, tactical flashlights are widely used by law enforcement agencies and security guards the world over. They are also incredibly popular with committed survivalists.

We’ll round out today with what you should take into account if you want the very best tactical flashlight with the minimum of fanfare…

What To Look For In The Best Tactical Flashlight

Ostensibly a pretty simple purchase, there are nevertheless a few things you should double down on to make sure you get the best tactical flashlight for your needs.


With many products, there’s a vast difference between low-end and upscale models. That’s not really the case with tactical flashlights. Even the top-tier torches are still remarkably cheap.

What we’re saying here is that you should avoid the very cheapest models since they’re liable to let you down and the pricier options still won’t run you too much. This is certainly not to say you should overspend but you shouldn’t expect to pay a few bucks and end up with a high-performing unit.

There’s another advantage to thinking about price first, too… Without needing to do anything whatsoever, you’ll immediately whittle down your options and make your buying decision that much easier.

Power Source

Potentially the most important element of your buying decision is the way in which your tactical flashlight is powered.

Do you prefer using rechargeable batteries or do you find them more trouble than they’re worth? After all, you might save a few bucks but you’ll also need to think about a charger and perhaps you’ve already got enough cords and power units to last nine lifetimes.

Disposable batteries are in many ways much more convenient but they’ll also increase your costs over time.

Another option is Li-Ion batteries. These are not the same as disposable lithium batteries, though. They have enough firepower for 1000 lumens of brightness while also boasting a pretty decent lifespan. Charging is a breeze and you’ll be ready for action in a couple hours at most.

Think about your budget and intended usage then buy accordingly.


Size matters with tactical flashlights but not in the way you might imagine…

Small models are not necessarily worse    and in many cases can actually outflank beefier units in terms of both brightness and overall performance.

If you’re looking to take your tactical flashlight outdoors, whether on the hunting trail or for a spot of security work, you should prioritize compact torches for the sake of convenience. If you just want the flashlight for use within your home, size is not such a salient factor.


Plastic flashlights will generally disappoint. This is not always the case but it’s sound practice to give these models a swerve, especially if you plan to use your flashlight in any kind of professional capacity.

Tactical flashlights made from aluminum and aluminum alloys are the smartest bet. You’ll get a lightweight torch that’s also remarkably rugged and built to withstand plenty of rough and tumble.

Look for overall build quality and make sure the torches you’re looking at will be fit for the purpose you have in mind.


You’ll generally spot 5 modes on tactical flashlights:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • SOS
  • Strobe

Not all flashlights feature all these modes so think about which will be particularly useful and buy accordingly.

A Final Word

With any luck, you’ve now worked out which of these outstanding models would make the best tactical flashlight for your needs.

With that decision made, treat yourself and kiss goodbye to walking in darkness to your car after work while also enjoying the confidence of an impromptu self-defense weapon capable of rendering an attacker temporarily blinded while you make off and call the authorities.

Come back soon as we’ve got a slew of products waiting to test and review as we rapidly approach the holiday season.

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