Best Suction Pool Cleaners – Reviews and Buying Guide

Happiness is diving into your swimming pool whenever you want to relax and have a pleasurable time with your friends and family. However, with happiness comes the responsibility of cleaning the pool. Yes, you heard it right. Your pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance.

No one enjoys swimming in a messy pool. Still, people hardly care for the pool’s cleanliness and maintenance, as it requires considerable effort and time. Now, the days are gone when you have to clean the pool manually. Today, you have automatic suction pool cleaners to make the cleaning job more convenient and comfortable.

In case you are worried that buying a pool cleaner can put a burden on your wallet. Rest assured, you have the company of the best suction pool cleaners. The suction pool cleaners are among the most reliable, affordable, and straightforward of all the pool cleaners available in the market.

Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Detailed Reviews

After researching extensively, we have reviewed the best suction pool cleaners based on their features, customer reviews, and product ratings. We hope you can find the right product from our top 8 best suction pool cleaners that can meet your selection criteria.

Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 2

Hayward is known for rendering excellent service to pool owners by providing advanced pool equipment across the world. One such equipment among the suction pool cleaner is Hayward W3PVS20JST Poolvergneuegen Pool Cleaner.

Equipped with 2-wheel suction and a patented self-adjusting turbine, the suction pool cleaner provides effortless debris management and maximum power on any flow. You can conveniently clean the pool without any stress and struggle. 

The robust tire treads and adjustable roller skirt promotes obstacle maneuverability and climbing ability. This makes the suction pool cleaner flexible to use for all kinds of pool shapes and surfaces. 

The pool cleaner comes with multiple pre-programmed internal steering, enabling the left wheel to reverse, turn, and move in a different direction. This exceptional feature allows the pool cleaner to have full pool coverage to perform effective cleaning.



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 3

Some suction pool cleaners take forever to clean your pool; however, that is not the case with Zodiac MX6 In-Ground Suction Pool Cleaner. Named as cyclonic suction by the manufacturers, Zodiac MX6 lifts the debris and dirt directly from the pool’s surface. 

Equipped with intelligent navigation, the MX6 is designed to clean your pool like a high-end robotic pool cleaner. Due to intelligent navigation, the cleaner can reach all sides of the pool. The deep tracks on the wheel ensure that the pool cleaner has no trouble rolling over obstacles and scaling the walls.

What is notable about this pool cleaner is its great vacuum power because of cyclonic suction. It comes with a fan-like disk beneath the cleaner that spins rapidly while generating suction to lift debris and water inside the cleaner.

The turbines of MX6 cleaner on spinning disk can generate enough suction even with low-flow pumps. Apart from that, the cleaner is easy to set and use.

Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 4 



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 5

You won’t need an expensive and big suction pool cleaner for above ground pool. Some smaller suction pool cleaners are efficient enough to keep your pool clean, like Hayward 900 Wanda, distinguished as Wanda the Whale Cleaner.

The pool cleaner’s unique gearing system offers constant water flow while assuring gentle movement and quiet operation. With the SmartDrive steering system, it can clean the above-ground of your pool effectively while taking turns after every feet.

The vacuuming debris aims to enhance water circulation. It moves the water from the bottom to the top to reduce chemical mixing and algae growth.

With Hayward 900 pool cleaner, you don’t require to replace or empty debris bags as it is equipped with a filtration system. Thus, it makes this pool cleaner a smart alternative to manual pool cleaning.



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 6

Comes with an affordable price tag, Pentair 360100 Pool Cleaner features the latest design and high-performance to vacuum even the tough grime. The sleek design can tackle the corners effortlessly. Moreover, smart programming options ensure a quick and thorough cleaning process.

With a 10-inch wide path, the pool cleaner enables the perfect cleaning of the pool. Additionally, the pool cleaner is specially made for cleaning surfaces like vinyl or flat. The methodology behind the process involves two-way cleaning action, which can clean the toughest grime and dirt.

The pool cleaner is easy to set up as you need to connect the machine’s hose for it to work. You do not require any assembly tools.  



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 7

Now pool cleaning becomes fun and easy with Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Pool Cleaner. Ideal for 50 ft. pools, the cleaner will leave a sparkling clean pool within two hours. Thus, you can spend more time enjoying your diving rather than cleaning.

The pool cleaner is designed to address the cleaning requirements of different pools. Being lightweight and compact, it can clean the corners, floor, and walls effectively. The exceptional filtering capabilities and dual scrubbing brushes allow you to relax while the machine remarkably cleans the most challenging areas.

You can even schedule the cleaning routine each week using the three setting feature. You can set the cleaning schedule to every day, alternative days, or every third day.



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 8

If you are tight on budget and looking for an efficient suction pool cleaner, you will not get another product like VINGLI swimming pool Vacuum Cleaner at such a price tag. As compared to the price, the pool cleaner works surprisingly well than many expensive pool cleaners.

With just one moving part, the diaphragm, the pool cleaner lasts longer and requires low maintenance than complex motor cleaners. The pool cleaner gets attached to the suction line of your pool and generates the suction power with the diaphragm. Moreover, the wide pad removes the toughest debris and collects it into the filter.

It is easy to reach the corners and the walls of your pool with a VINGLI cleaner. Also, it is equipped with ten hoses. When you connect them, they can clean a large in-ground and above-ground pool. 



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 9

While searching for the best suction pool cleaner, you want a cleaner where you don’t have to worry about loud noises, hose tangles, and an extra booster pump. With Hayward 925ADV Navigator Pro, you will get everything that you demand in a suction pool cleaner.

With a unique turbine system, the pool cleaner offers noise-free operation. As it is attached to your pool’s suction, it will run automatically. Hence, you can relax while the cleaner does its work.

The SmartDrive steering allows the cleaner to change the directions as required. This technology is useful, especially when the cleaner has to remove dirt and pollen from the pool’s surface.

Being easy to install, it saves your effort and time while setting up the cleaner. Also, there are no moving parts to become an obstacle while operating.



Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Reviews and Buying Guide 10

Some suction pool cleaners find it challenging to climb the wall; they will either stop halfway or don’t climb at all. You have to manually brush the wall. However, Xtremepower US Pool Cleaner does an excellent job at cleaning steps, walls, and floors.

The design and build of the pool cleaner make it easy and convenient to work with. Being a versatile cleaner, it requires minimum effort for its maintenance.

The Xtremepower US provides full coverage of the pool, cleaning from the floor up to the waterline with SmartDrive steering settings. The advanced vacuum wings can pick small debris such as algae, bugs, dust, and sand in terms of cleaning. Additionally, it can also collect leaves.  



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Best Suction Pool Cleaners – Buying Guide

A well-maintained and healthy pool can make your swimming experience more pleasurable. Diving into the blues infuses joyous vibes and satisfaction; however, enjoying in a clean pool requires management and maintenance.

For that very reason, suction pool cleaners are your best companion. They minimize your manual efforts and take the responsibility of cleaning over their shoulders. If you know a suction pool cleaner’s features and specifications, you can enjoy a long-lasting pool cleaning service at your doorstep.

Things to Keep in Mind before Purchasing the Best Suction Pool Cleaner

If you have advanced knowledge of what to consider in a suction pool cleaner, it will ease your decision-making process faster and easier. Read along with the essential features which you can’t miss in your best suction pool cleaner.

Hose Length

You will require more hose if you have a bigger pool, including those with deep ends. The best thing about suction pool cleaners is that they come with many different hose sections to connect to reach your desired pool length.

If you are still struggling to reach the farthest section of your pool, you will have to buy additional hose lengths.

Debris Types

Suction Pool Cleaners work efficiently in collecting small to medium-sized debris, including dirt, hair, bugs, grass, small leaves, and others. Furthermore, some suction pool cleaners are equipped with adjustable valves that can intake large-sized debris.

If your pool has more leaf litter, you might have to purchase a separate inline leaf canister to eliminate clogging. Additionally, you can go for robotic or pressure-side cleaners.

Pool Surface

Often, the suction pool cleaners do not have sufficient suction to climb the walls of fiberglass and vinyl surfaces. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the manufacturer whether the suction pool cleaner can effectively work on your swimming pool’s surface or not.


The price for a suction pool cleaner is somewhere from $200 to $600, where the basic model is the most affordable one. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to find a reliable pool cleaner. If you have a small pool with minimum debris, any simple suction pool cleaner will do your job capably.

In the case of large pools with an enormous amount of debris, the requirements change accordingly. You will require a powerful cleaner that can tackle the debris faster and with proficiency. Look for the cleaner, which includes adjustable throats.

Wheels or Flappers

You can find suction pool cleaners in two types of design; wheels and flappers. The wheeled suction pool allows wall climbing and includes scrubbing features, while flappers are useful for cleaning up the dirt from the pool’s bottom.

No Brushes or with Brushes

Brushes are useful while cleaning the built-up algae, debris, or muck from the pool’s walls and surface. Though a suction pool cleaner equipped with these features will cost you more, they will eventually improve your pool’s water clarity. Also, they will make it easier to maintain the pool.

Suction Power

An efficient suction pool cleaner should be able to deal with the type of debris it is made to remove. Some suction pool cleaners are proficient at taking contaminants and finer particles, while others are designed for larger debris like leaves.

Having an efficient and skilled suction pool cleaner can show the difference between a clean and sparkling clean pool.


Final Thoughts

To keep your pool well-maintained and hygienic is extremely important for more than one reason. It keeps algae and germs away but also enhances the lifespan of your pool. Moreover, it will protect your family from harmful pollutants and contaminants present in the filthy pool water.

While there are so many tools available in the market, the suction pool cleaner is what many experts recommend. Why? That is because; they are highly efficient and affordable in comparison to other equipment.

If you decide to purchase a suction pool cleaner, we have described everything you need to know about the pool cleaners in this article. We hope you will get your best suction pool cleaner to bring your pool to life and enjoy uncountable diving again and again. 

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