The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide

Winter is not far off now and investing in an ATV snow plow might be the smartest thing you do this year.

While snow shovels and snow blowers have their place, if you’ve got larger and more ambitious areas to clear, there’s no substitute for a snow plow.

5 Best Snow Plow Reviews

We’ll dive directly into our snow plow reviews right now so you can get the best blade for the job without wasting your time or money.

The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide 1

First up in our snow plow reviews is a classic from industry diamond WARN. This blade is available in a range of sizes from 50 inches through 72 inches.

There’s no right or wrong size so if this 54-inch model doesn’t make the best fit, you’ve got plenty of choice to ramp things up or scale them down.

Beefed out with ribbing and a central cross member, you’ll get an incredibly stable plow that won’t let you down even in challenging conditions.

Make sure you factor in the cost of a mounting kit and base when you’re budgeting so you can be clear about the bottom line.

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Next up in our snow plow reviews is a much bigger blade from Denali, this 72-incher tailor-made for using with your UTV. You will need a hitch which is not included in this otherwise generous bundle.

The straight blade is made from 11-gauge steel and is built out with additional supports and struts to ensure you’ll get a rock-solid ally against those snow drifts.

While this plow is designed for use at home, it’s size and build quality means it wouldn’t be out of place for use on the job site either.

Although this is by no means the cheapest snow plow at your disposal, it’s certainly among the very best.

The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide 4



The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide 5

If you prefer using your snow plow with a lawn tractor rather than 4×4 or ATV, this 48-inch blade from the highly reputable Husqvarna is expressly designed for the purpose.

Although you’ll need some very minor assembly, most of the blade is already assembled so you’ll be clearing snow in no time. There’s a single-use mounting bracket provided. After this point, you can remove your blade tool-free.

You’ll get a lift control handle allowing you to raise and lower your blade without hopping out of your lawn tractor. This layer of convenience should not be underestimated.

You might need to think about investing in some weighting for the rear wheels to further enhance your plowing experience.

For great overall value from a brand that has your back, we can’t recommend this Husqvarna snow plow blade highly enough.



The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide 6

We’ve avoiding covering too many brand-specific blades in these snow plow reviews but for Sportsman and Remington owners, this mean black-on-black beauty is too tempting to resist.

As with all Denali kit, you’ll get a blade that’s precision-engineered and built to stay the distance while enabling you to power through the snow on your driveway without lifting a finger.

You’ll get a very generous bundle with this blade but you need to make provision for a winch. The manufacturer recommends the VIPER range (Elite, Midnight, and Max series) although you can obviously decide for yourself which winch would work best for you if you don’t already have one in the toolshed.

As long as you’ve got the vehicle to fit, this is a strong contender for the best snow plow on the market so why not treat yourself!

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The Best 5 Snow Plow | Reviews & Buying Guide 8

Last but by no means least in our snow plow reviews is this efficient and affordable ExtremeMax 50-incher.

Unlike most ATV snow plows, this mounts to the rear with all hardware thrown in. Set-up is further simplified thanks to the innovative push-tube design.

The multi-position blade is 50 inches wide and a full 16 inches high so you’ll get all the ammunition you need to attack even stubborn snow drifts.

As with all snow plow blades, make sure to include everything you’ll need when you’re budgeting to avoid ending up with half the equipment you need.

For a cost-effective and incredibly efficient alternative to manual shoveling, this awesome snow plow blade is tough to beat.

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OK ...

With our snow plow reviews put to bed, we’ll serve up a few simple pointers on how to get the right snow plow blade the easy way.

What To Look For In The Best Snow Plow

It’s easy enough to feel completely confused when you’re thinking about investing in a snow plow to simplify your morning routine.

The good news is, it doesn’t need to be that way.

Double down on these simple factors and you’ll be clearing your driveway with no reason at all to grab a shovel.

Blade: Size and Shape

If you’ve decided to use a plow you can fix to your ATV, blades up to 50 inches are ideal for engines up to 450cc.

With higher-powered ATVs, you can ratchet things up to 60 inches or so while wide blades generally only come out to play with UTVs.

If you’ve got a dinky ATV, narrow blades work best while the wider blades are highly effective with more powerful vehicles.

Blades also come in a variety of shapes.

  • Straight Blade: A simple classic design, you’ll be able to change the angle to suit with this type of plow blade
  • V-Shaped Blade: If you need to power your way through harder, packed snow or ice, roll with a V-shaped blade
  • Containment Blade: Containment blades come into their own if you really need to move snow around

Intended Usage

You should take the time to think carefully about exactly what type of work you’ll be expecting from your plow as this will help determine the most appropriate type for your needs.

Smaller plows are more than fit for purpose if all you need to do is clear your driveway from time to time.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to shift snow commercially, look for a more robust model, ideally with a V-shaped blade.

While commercial plows are heavy enough to call for a ¾ ton pickup, if you’re moving snow in a residential setting, an ATV or UTV should suffice.


While it’s true that most snow plows fit most ATVs, you’re well advised to check for compatibility before launching in.

Think about the type of vehicle and how that affects the blade you need. Pay attention, too, to the mounting mechanism and make sure you’ll all squared up on that front to avoid an expensive mismatch.

Durability and Materials

Blades tend to come in poly or grades of steel with each boasting their own upsides and drawbacks.

  • Poly: As well as resisting scratches, dings and rusting out, poly blades are extremely slick meaning you won’t get snow stuck all over clogging up the works. Don’t make the mistake of thinking poly plow blades are light, though. With the reinforced steel framework taken into account, they’re pretty heavy pieces of kit
  • Mild Steel: Mild steel is perhaps the most common and traditional material used for snow plow blades. While the zinc powder coating will discourage rust, corrosion will set in over time. For the ideal combination of durability and performance, mild steel blades make perfect sense
  • Stainless Steel: Rust-proof stainless steel blades are slightly slicker than those fashioned from mild steel. They look sleek but the trade-off for that slickness and killer aesthetics is a blade that will show up any dents and dings

Ease of Use

The conditions you’ll be using your snow plow in won’t be ideal so you need to make sure you’ve got gear that’s a pleasure to use rather than something that will have you scurrying up and down off the ATV constantly to fiddle around.

User reviews generally give a pretty solid idea of what your experience will be like. If you see repeated reference to awkward processes, give that model a wide berth.

Pay special attention to the attachment system which is where a snow plow can stand or fall. This is doubly important if you’ll be plowing in a commercial backdrop where time is money.

The last thing you need is a labor-saving device that ends up making your life more difficult instead.

Lighting and Controls

It’s only natural that with snow falling, visibility is unlikely to be optimal when you break out the snow plow. This means it’s crucial to look for models with high-output lighting systems to streamline operations even if it’s dim and snowing.

With dual-stud mounting systems, you’ll get more movement of the headlights than with two-piece clamp designs.

Look for an ergonomic controller as this is the only way you’ll interact with your snow plow.

A Final Word

With any luck, you’ve now got the very best snow plow in your sights and you’ll be saddling up in your ATV rather than shoveling by hand.

Get in touch any time with your queries or feedback. We love to hear from our readers and we’re here to help in any way we can.

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