The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide

Let’s face it – shower curtains are great, but they don’t last forever. If your current shower curtain is covered in grime, it is probably about time to remove it. After all, shower curtains are affordable nowadays and can update your bathroom in an easy way, without spending much.

The right curtain can also prevent bathroom floor messes and completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. Nowadays, shower curtains are available in many shades, colors and designs – and choosing the right one to match your personal style is relatively easy.

The truth is, shower curtains are essential bathroom items and are typically made from vinyl, fabric or plastic. As such, they prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor and provide privacy while you bathe or shower. They are typically hung with hooks or rings from railings or curtain rods.

When choosing a fabric curtain, make sure to purchase a shower curtain liner to help protect your new curtain. These curtains are usually machine washable while plastic and vinyl curtains can be wiped clean.

Below, we are listing the best shower curtains on the market right now.

We’ll get directly down to the point with our reviews in details…

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 1

First on our list is one of the best mold-resistant and anti bacterial shower curtains on the market.

This model is safe, eco-friendly and comes with liners available on the market that are made from PVC (a compound that emits toxic gas into the air which can last up to 28 days).

The shower curtain is also convenient and easily fits any standard size shower or tub – working with straight or curved shower rods. It is clean and germ-free too, meeting all the safety standards.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 2

Lastly, the product includes a no-hassle 1 year warranty and a 90 day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 3

Looking for a funky shower curtain that is unlike the standard, white ones that you constantly see in stores?

This is one of the best shower curtains on the market for a reason – and that reason is it’s fun vibe and the combination of graphics in its design.

From stripes to dots, circles and other textures, the shower curtain measures 72×72 inches in height and width and is machine washable (cold in a laundry mesh bag).

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 4

As we already said, the design of this shower curtain makes it perfect for any bathroom decor and decors in all possible colors and shades. You can read the numerous positive product reviews about it and share the excitement by ordering it too.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 5

This is one of the most classic shower curtains out there. Perfect for apartments, hotels, offices and obviously homes, it is 100gsm thick and made of 100% premium polyester fabric for your bathroom.

The quality is on a ‘hotel luxury’ level according to the manufacturer.

For many, the durable and long-lasting effects of this product are the main reason to purchase it. For example, the shower curtain comes with a reinforced top header and 12-button holes that prevent it from tearing and promotes the shower curtain.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 6

This classic white shower curtain is easy to maintain and is PVC-free. The end result is a product that has no smell and one that is good and safe for your family health.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 7

Ombre shower curtains are in – and they are more popular than ever before.

They come in various shades and colors, which makes it easy to choose one that will complement your bathroom decor.

If an ombre curtain is what you are looking for in our list of best shower curtains, this product is really great – coming in 12 different ombre shades and made from 100% polyester. The set includes one 70 x 72 shower curtain and 12 metal hooks with color-coordinated plastic beads, making the design even more playful and noticeable.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 8

Trust us, this curtain looks even better in real life – transforming any dull bathroom in a modern and stylish space.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 9

If you are looking for a shower curtain for your bathroom that is classic white but also edgy and stylish, this is definitely one of the best shower curtains for your needs.

The minimalistic texture and shape makes it perfect for any bathroom.

On top of this, the curtain comes with 12 reinforced holes for hooks or rings and can be cleaned with a quick rinse or wiped after a shower. If you want to wash it thoroughly, you can put it in the machine on a gentle cycle.

The 5 Best Shower Curtains: Reviews & Buying Guide 10

All in all, the minimalistic vibe, amazing materials used and reinforced holes give this shower curtain a great value for money – and make it the perfect product for many bathrooms in homes, apartments, offices or hotels.

A Final Word

In the end, shower curtains are the first thing you see when you enter your bathroom (or someone else’s). That said, it is definitely wise to buy a good one that complements your bathroom’s design and one that aligns to your space.

All of the products listed above are sturdy, well-designed and manufactured with the safest materials. All in order to satisfy the two main purposes of a shower curtain – to keep the water off the bathroom floor and instill a sense of privacy.

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