Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide

What could be better than sitting on a comfy leather couch after a hard day at work?

How about fully reclining on the sofa for maximum relaxation?

In today’s recliner reviews, we’ll break down 3 superb reclining sofas along with 2 of the very best reclining chairs so you can really ramp up the comfort factor for less than you might imagine.

5 Best Recliner Reviews

We’ll launch directly into those recliner reviews right now then we’ll give you some handy hints on what to look for when you’re on the buying trail.

Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 1

First up in our recliner reviews is a luxe leather sofa from Divano Roma finished in muted brown.

Whatever its shortcomings, leather is a perennial favorite when it comes to couches. The addition of memory foam stuffing gives you a wonderful shot of comfort but with no sense of fragility. Looked after properly, you’ll get plenty of faithful service from this furniture.

The manual reclining mechanism is very ergonomic and you’ll be able to recline using either of the end seats. The middle seat is static.

For couple or smaller families, this 3-seater measuring at 74 x 31 x 40 inches makes a real statement piece without costing a fortune.

Aside from the middle seat not reclining – which is standard – and some assembly being required, there’s very little to complain about with this strong contender for the best recliner on the market.



Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 2

Whether you’ve got a minimalist loft conversion or a more traditional home, there’s something universal about the appeal of black leather. Next up in our recliner reviews we’ve got a luxe double recliner from Case Andrea Milano.

As with most manual recliners, you won’t have much choice when it comes to positioning but if you’re happy to simply lie back and chill, this double leather recliner helps you do that in fine style.

While you’ll easily get you, your partner and kid up on the sofa, the standard 74 x 31 x 40 inch dimensions allows you to slip this sofa into smaller rooms while still having a little wiggle room.

Obviously, it’s not practical to receive bulky items ordered online in one piece so you’ll need to perform some very basic assembly. You won’t need any tools or specialist knowledge so don’t let this put you off.

For pocket-friendly seating that doesn’t compromise on comfort or reliability, this black leather beast deserves a place on any shortlist.



Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 3

Homelegance has a hard-won reputation for peddling top-tier furniture at little beyond mid-price. This double reclining love seat is a great way to inject some class into your living space on a relative budget.

Measuring 83 x 38 ½ x 40 inches, this pair of love seats is larger than a small sofa. Some of this is taken up by the large central console but you’ll get drink holders as well as an armrest in return.

Assembly is limited and a cinch so you don’t need to panic about that side of things.

If you want to invest a little more, why not lay in the matching seat and sofa? You can also opt for alternative colorways if black is not to your liking.

Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 4



Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 5

As we near the end of our recliner reviews, we’ll look at the first of a pair of reclining chairs so there’s something for your man cave or simply an extra dash of luxury in the living room.

At just 56 x 34 x 39 inches, while you’ll get more than enough seating for you and your partner, this seat occupies a pretty small footprint so it’s ideal for cramped quarters.

Both seats recline almost fully so you’re all set for relaxation mode or even a sneaky snooze.

Although you won’t get that trademark feel and smell of genuine leather, you won’t have the headaches either. The faux-leather/fabric combo works well and looks great.

For a design-driven recliner that’s certainly not a case of form over function, check out this two-tone gem from Madison Home at your earliest opportunity.

Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 6



Best Recliner Reviews and Buying Guide 7

Last but absolutely not least in our recliner reviews is another bonded leather classic and a second entry from the industry titan Divano Roma.

We’ve tried to include recliners at reasonable price points here since not everyone is in the market for a line-topping La-Z-Boy. Although you’ll make some small sacrifices, this nifty recliner is incredibly cheap.

Although it’s only a single seat, the width means you’ll find it more than adequate even if you’re pretty big. While the material is fit for purpose, if you prize comfort above all else, we’d strongly recommend checking out one of the other models we review. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more robust, stiffer seat, this recliner is a home run.

When you want to relax, just pull on the huge side lever and you’ll soon be supine and ready to chill into your evening.

For a wonderful rocker/recliner combo from a brand you can rely on, this is a strong contender for the best cheap recliner so check one out and you won’t be disappointed.



OK ...

Now you’re fully apprised of the best recliners up for grabs, what should you look out for when you’re hunting for the best reclining sofa or chair?

What To Look For In The Best Recliner

Recliners are a basic enough product so there really isn’t too much to consider when you’re looking to buy.

Take the time to ponder these elements, though…

Size and Configuration

Size matters with furniture if only for practical reasons.

Think about the layout of your living space. To a large extent this will dictate the type of furniture that would best fit.

Consider how many people will be regularly using the sofa and buy accordingly.

If you live alone or in a small apartment, you might want to think about buying a reclining chair instead.

Type of Reclining Mechanism

Recliners are broadly divided into 2 categories:

  • Manual Recliner
  • Electric Recliner

Manual Recliner

The vast bulk of recliners come with a manual mechanism where you either push a button or grasp a tab.

Manual recliners tend to recline almost fully without much choice of position.

Electric Recliner

You use a remote control or integrated controls to slowly recline or raise yourself effortlessly.

You’ll enjoy far more flexibility with this type of furniture and you’ll be able to do more than just lie practically flat.

Reclining Positions

Some recliners will recline your whole body while others simply lift your feet up.

Think about how you prefer sitting or reclining and make sure you’ll be free to assume your favored position.

If you have limited space, a recliner that lifts the feet only is a smart move.


Leather is arguably your best bet but costly and not particularly breathable. It can feel cold in winter and sticky on hot days. For a winning combination of comfort and aesthetics, though, leather is unbeatable.

Polyester or linen couches might be more breathable but this comes at the expense of durability and the fact they stain much more easily.

Choose the material that works best for your family without forgetting to consider build quality and finishing.

Extra Features

Rather than becoming obsessed with looking for a recliner boasting as many features as possible, think about what you’ll actually use.

Cup holders and storage areas are obviously useful. USB ports or AC outlets are ideal for powering up all your devices while keeping them close at hand.

Extras like LED lighting might look cool but ask yourself if you really need them.


We saved price for last because this should never be the prevailing factor in your buying decision.

We suggest setting a firm budget from the get-go for two reasons…

Doing this will encourage you to shoot for the best recliner you can afford without overextending yourself. The added advantage is that doing this at the start immediately whittles your shortlist down to a more manageable level. Save yourself time with very little effort.

Think of a recliner as an investment and make sure you get one rugged enough to give you years of service and comfy enough to never want to stand up.

A Final Word

We trust you’re now confident about buying a recliner and spoiled for choice.

Drop us a line if you have any questions at all. We love to help in any way we can so we’ll get right back to it now with some more gems to make your home and garden even more beautiful.

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