Best Pressure Washer Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021

Although a pressure washer might seem more of a luxury than a necessity, once you’ve had one in your possession, you certainly won’t fancy being without one.

In today’s pressure washer reviews, we’ll strip away the confusion and serve you up with 5 of the best models on the market. For the purposes of today’s reviews, we’ll focus purely on electric pressure washers. There’s no doubt that gas-powered versions offer superior power and performance. For home use, though, there’s nothing to beat an electric washer.

Whether you want a cost-effective and efficient way to clean your vehicles or you need to zap away the dirt and grime from any of your outdoor spaces, a good pressure washer is a versatile appliance.

We’ll launch straight into our reviews with a look at the 5 products below::

After that, we’ll break down what you should look out for when you’re hunting down the best electric pressure washer…

electric pressure washer reviews

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight electric pressure washer that’s man enough for a wide range of tasks at home, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is a superb option from a brand you can trust.

Sun Joe and the partnering company Snow Joe sell a vast array of top-notch but highly affordable outdoor tools and power equipment so you can keep your yard looking fresh year-round.

Anyone in the market for a pressure washer is likely to have a broad spread of cleaning projects in mind and the SPX3001 takes everything in its stride. Whether you want to blitz your vehicles or the dirty road underneath them, hose down the decking, patio or garden path, this green and black beauty is the perfect solution.

2030PSI is solid pressure for a unit of this type. You should have more than ample power to see off even stubborn stains and ingrained grime from whatever surface you’re cleaning. Water flow is liberal at 1.76 gallons per minute so you’ll get plenty done in very little time.

There’s a nice selection of 5 nozzle tips angled from a fine 0 degree tip right on through to a much wider 45 degree spray allowing you to fine-tune your cleaning depending on the application. There’s also a soap nozzle included. This comes into its own if you want to return your car to a showroom sheen without breaking your back or paying a detailing service.

Often, pressure washers sell you short with a detergent tank that’s simply unfit for purpose. If you’re cleaning up, the last thing you want is to keep running out of fluid and needing to top up. You’ll be able to accommodate 1.2 liters in the SPX3001 which is more than enough for most things you’ll be zapping.

The last thing you need when you’re using a pressure washer is a constant, unchecked outpouring of water. Not only is this extremely bad in terms of wastage, it will resultantly cost you far more. Sun Joe’s Total Stop System means power to the pump is slashed if you’re not pressing the trigger.

The inbuilt limitation of any corded appliance is being tethered to a power outlet. This is worsened if you’re working outside and you can’t quite so easily hope from plug point to plug point like you could indoors. Sun Joe makes sure the power cord itself is lengthy enough for wandering around at 35 feet and the 20-foot hose with an onboard reel gives you even more freedom of movement. Crowned with an extension wand, you’ll get the ultimate maneuverability with the SPX3001.

As a couple of additional bonuses, you’ll get an adapter so you can use your regular garden hose and a neat little cleaning tool to get into any hard-to-reach crevices. A rotary brush kit and highly pressurized turbo nozzle are available at extra cost.

Weighing in at 31 pounds, this pressure washer is solid enough to guarantee its longevity without being so bulky as to be a nuisance to move around. It measures up at roughly 16 x 14 x 33 inches so it’s a nice compact pressure washer as well as being relatively light.

Take a look at the principal upsides and downsides of this excellent, cost-effective pressure washer and see whether it deserves a place in your garden-cleaning arsenal…




If you don’t want the expense and complication of a gas-powered commercial pressure washer, electric models make perfect sense for the home and garden.

The Sun Joe SPX3001 is a tried and tested favorite with just cause. You’ll get more than sufficient power and versatility and all at a price you’ll love. This pressure washer is a nimble and mobile unit that doesn’t let you down on the power front. The generous batch of accessories and 2-year limited warranty ice the cake.

Check out the SPX3001 today and start powering through the grease and grime in your garden tomorrow.

pressure washer electric

Another great electric pressure washer is up next in the form of this attractive Ivation finished in bright orange with black accents.

There’s no reason to have an unsightly hunk of metal in your toolshed when you can opt for something that looks great with the performance to match.

You’ll be cleaning straight out the box since set-up is the work of less than a minute. Screw in the attachments and you’re good to go.

Kicking out a very respectable 2200PSI, you won’t be shorted when it comes to the water pressure on this nifty little unit. We should point out that basing your purchase purely on PSI is not the best move. If you were blindfolded, you probably wouldn’t notice too much difference between pressure washers varying in output by a couple hundred PSI. So, you will get the job done quicker but it should not be the prevailing factor upon which to base your decision.

The other salient figure with pressure washers is flow rate and the Ivation does itself proud dispensing 1.8 gallons per minute. This means you can get through plenty of cleaning double-quick while still delivering great results.

Don’t be confused by this pressure washer advertising both low-pressure and high-pressure nozzles. This is not strictly true as the unit delivers the standard 2200PSI throughout. By switching the nozzles, you can move from an ultra-fine jet at 0 degrees through to spraying in a far wider pattern at 40 degrees so that the flow of water becomes more or less concentrated depending on the nozzle. This allows you dial things right back if you’re cleaning soft wood or ramp up the effective pressure when you want to scour concrete.

There’s rarely much variation between this tier of home pressure washer in terms of the nozzles you’ll get. You’ll get nozzles graded at 0, 15, 25 and 40 degrees along with a turbo and soap option to deal with all eventualities. These are extremely easy to swap out tool-free.

With a TSS (Total Stop System) in place, when you remove your finger from the trigger, the pump is powered down meaning you can do your bit for the environment while also reducing your water bill.

Imagination is your only limitation when it comes to cleaning applications. Whether it’s your vehicles big and small, your decking or your driveway, pretty much anything outside that needs cleaning can be restored to its former glory after a quick burst from this pressure washer.

The self-suction feature is a real bonus if, for example, you need to water some plants far away from a power outlet. You will need a tank of water at least 1.5 meters high for this function to work well but it’s a handy string to your bow if you have a larger garden.

Weighing just 25 pounds and standing on wheels, the Ivation is agile enough for you to maneuver it around the garden without fatigue setting in. It measures up at 12 x 12 ½ x 32 inches so it’s a very compact piece of kit without compromising power or performance.

Check out where this electric pressure washer stands and falls so you can determine whether it’s suited to your cleaning requirements…




Unless budget is of no concern at all, any purchasing decision is by definition a series of compromises. For anyone operating on a tighter rein, the Ivation pressure washer makes a refreshing change… You get a dependable and high-performing appliance at an extremely keen price without compromising quality.

If you’re not too brand-driven and you’re looking for a regulation electric pressure washer better suited to more occasional use than being hammered daily, this pocket-friendly model is well worth further investigation.

electric pressure washer reviews

Before we launch into our Karcher K1800 electric pressure washer review, a little background about this product…

After pressure washers came to market in the 1920s in America, it took a while for Europe to catch up and Karcher entered the fray in 1950 before expanding throughout the 60s and 70s.

Karcher currently offer a staggering 21 electric pressure washers along with 18 gas-powered models. To put this into perspective, the best competing companies offer less than 20 pressure washers between them. So, while we could easily have filled this review with 5 of the best Karcher products, we’ve selected just one, the K1800.

This hard-hitting model comes in at a very low price point and is a classic example of why you should not purely be motivated by PSI and GPM figures…

Although it only kicks out 1800PSI, the universal motor ensures there is more than enough cleaning power for most reasonable home cleaning projects. If you want something much more ambitious, you’re much better off focusing on a gas-fueled washer instead. Alternatively, you could look into some of the more powerful electric Karchers. We have included this model for anyone who wants to buy into this brand without breaking the bank and since not everyone needs or wants an industrial powerhouse.

You can piece everything together in a few minutes and start pressing your Karcher straight into action. Unlike many pressure washers that baffle you with nozzles, you get the 3 you need here. There’s a 15-degree all-purpose end that takes care of the bulk of standard cleaning jobs. If you need to ramp up the pressure and scour away stubborn stains, the turbo nozzle is tailor-made. When it’s time to lace on the soap, a detergent nozzle completes the hat-trick.

When you’re cleaning up, you often want rags, sponges and accessories within your grasp. The handy onboard storage bin stops you needing to fill your pockets and you can remove it when required. The power cord is also stashed in here so it makes storage less messy. The handle also folds down so you’ll be able to pop your pressure washer away even if you’re limited for space.

The detergent tank is also removable to promote easier cleaning. With a capacity of ½ gallon, you’ll have room for plenty of soap without needing to constantly break off and refill the container.

Build quality is uppermost with the Karcher. Metal hose connections won’t let you down and the aluminum frame means the washer is light enough at just over 20 pounds but built to keep enduring. The large wheels are designed not to go flat on you so you’ll get a rigid, high quality unit at surprisingly low cost.

As with all Karcher pressure washers, you’ll be able to avail yourself of an impressive range of optional add-ons. The 11-inch surface cleaner helps you make light work of larger spaces that need attention. For added reach, you can opt for a 50-foot hose and there’s a rotating wash brush up for grabs if you primarily focus on cleaning your car. Along with vehicle detergent, there’s a regular, multi-purpose soap with enough solution to fill your tank 10 times over.

If you’re still in any doubt, the Karcher 3-year limited warranty might be enough to prod you into picking up one of these outstanding electric pressure washers. For further confirmation, scan the advantages and minor downside of the K1800 before making up your mind…




Don’t be fooled into thinking this is the cream of the crop in the Karcher range since we try to offer something for all needs and budgets in these reviews. We deliberately selected the K1800 for anyone on a tighter budget who appreciates excellence and has lighter cleaning requirements.

If you mainly clean your vehicles and intend to take care of lighter-duty scrubbing jobs in the garden, the Karcher K1800 is a solid, dependable and eminently affordable electric pressure washer.

For anyone who knows their garden appliance, there’s no need to give Karcher products the hard-sell. They deliver in fine style so we really can’t recommend the K1800 highly enough.

pressure washer electric

No collection of the best pressure washer reviews would be complete without an entry from AR. The Blue Clean AR383 is currently retailing at a fairly steep discount so if you move swiftly, you could get a wonderful deal with more than one-third off list price.

Annovi Reverberi (AR) is an Italian company with over half a century of experience building pumps. Blue Clean is their range of pressure washers aimed squarely at the home consumer rather than industrial user but they bring all their expertise to bear and ensure you get a first-class piece of hardware at a reasonable price.

With 1900PSI of pressure at your disposal alongside 1.5GPM of flow rate, the 11-amp induction motor harnesses a 3-axial pump to deliver efficient cleaning performance in a compact, affordable unit.

It’s not just a potent little motor but quiet at the same time. If you tire of the high-pitched whine that some pressure washers can kick out, the AR will come as a real blessing.

In line with most pressure washers aimed at home users, you’ll benefit from a Total Stop System to save water and money when the trigger is not being pressed. The auto shut-off valve is positioned at the pump head itself.

All corded appliances are limited and the problem is exacerbated when you’re working outside without a choice of power outlets to flit between. AR serves up a 30-foot power cable which should give you plenty of leeway and the 20-foot hose means that even if you have a larger outside space, you shouldn’t be too limited.

The wheeled, trolley style washer enhances maneuverability further. A weight of 27 pounds is made possible with a plastic casing and aluminum components but it doesn’t feel overly flimsy.

If you’re not an experienced pressure washer user, you’ll appreciate the simplicity and user-friendliness of the AR. You’ll feel in full control at all times and operation is more or less entirely glitch-free. The only difficulty we’d flag concerns the hose which is fashioned from hard plastic. When you reel this in, it has a tendency to coil up unexpectedly. One solution is to manually wind it around the handle then disconnect it from the adapter.

As well as the regulation gun, you’ll also get a pair of wands to ring the changes with cleaning applications, a 14oz detergent bottle and the 20 feet of high-pressure hose. While some competitors offer slightly more by the way of accessories, you have all you need with the AR and, let’s face it, more bundled attachments normally leads to a higher price tag.

One recommendation we have is to consider replacing the low quality plastic hose adapter with a copper alternative. While this might seem like a poke in the eye to need to start swapping out components, it will repay the investment since the original is liable to leak at any time.

We’ll summarize the chief advantages and honestly outline the drawbacks now so you can mull over whether or not to shell out on the AR Blue Clean…




If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful entry to the world of pressure washers but from a brand you can trust, the AR Blue Clean AR383 is a smart choice.

Don’t expect to put this washer through hard yards every day, as it’s best for the average, occasional home use rather than rigorous and sustained punishment. This, though, should be taken as read when you are buying something at this price point…

Best Pressure Washer Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021 1

Much of the (minimal) negative press you read about this model stems from unrealistic expectations. After all, you wouldn’t go out and buy a cheap family sedan and attempt to take it rallying so shoot for a gas-powered pressure washer if you want something sturdier. Expect to dig a little deeper, though.

For anyone on the trail of an effective pressure washer fit for hosing down your garden furniture or cleaning the car, the AR383 is a strong choice. We have tried to honestly highlight the deficiencies of this model so you can go in with your eyes wide open.

Check out an AR and you might just be pleasantly surprised. It’s a great bargain for such a generally capable pressure washer. If anything does go wrong, customer service is warm and friendly so they should set you straight quick smart.

electric pressure washer reviews

Last but by no means least in our pressure washer reviews is a powerful beast from the legendary Briggs & Stratton. Known globally as the biggest producer of gas engines for all your outdoor power gear, they’ve been in the trenches for over a century so you know you’re in safe hands with their pressure washers.

We’ll say off the bat that this pressure washer performs best for cleaning vehicles. For many potential customers, this will be the primary intended usage so if you want a gleaming car without much physical effort, you’re in for a treat.

Although the pressure washer is rated at 2000 max PSI with a claimed flow rate of 3.5GPM, there are a few disgruntled users who have called the accuracy of these figures to account. We have to say that the power and pressure seems more than fair to us and it always pays to take a balanced view of all negative comments before making your own mind up. We would certainly not call this unit underpowered by any stretch of the imagination and the PSI and flow rate have been fully tested by an independent lab so we would take these claims with a pinch of salt.

The brushless induction motor, as you would expect from Briggs & Stratton is a winning combination of power, durability and it also runs very quietly.

Many pressure washers serve up a batch of nozzles which leave you flustered wondering which to use for the best then being forced into the fiddly task of changing them over. In contrast to the quick connect tips on the other pressure washers in the Briggs & Stratton range, the S2000P has a 7-in-1 nozzle so you can just flick through and get the right pressure for the job in a trice.

Storing garden appliances is always a bugbear and this washer has an innovative folding design so you won’t be forced to house a hulking great unit when it’s not in use. Break it down with ease and stash it in a small space instead of it eating up most of your garage or cupboard.

The onboard detergent tank has a healthy ½ gallon capacity so when you need to add some jest to your cleaning, you’ll have the option to add some soap and switch things up a gear.

Although, as we said, this pressure washer excels for scrubbing your car or SUV, it will also serve a turn if you want to get rid of any grime from your decking or pathways.

Build quality is precisely what you’d expect from Briggs & Stratton. The welded steel frame can withstand plenty of rough and tumble while the motor, pump and other components are all engineered to a very high standard. Although it’s on the expensive end of the spectrum for an electric pressure washer, if you have the budget to stretch to it, you’ll see where the money went and you’ll find the S2000P represents superb overall value.

Flick through the pros and cons of this pressure washer before we round out with our verdict…

Best Pressure Washer Reviews and Buying Guide for 2021 2




If you want to buy from a highly reputable brand but you don’t fancy outlaying a fortune, the Briggs & Stratton is a strong contender for the best pressure washer on the market.

While the 1-year warranty could be better, the build quality and expected lifespan is such that you shouldn’t expect to run into any trouble so don’t consider this a deal-breaker.

For anyone who is not enamored with the thought of constantly changing nozzles and manipulating pressure, the multi-purpose nozzle on this washer is worth the price tag on its own. Throw in a durable and muted motor, a hard-wearing steel frame and all the pressure and flow rate you need, we’re hard pressed to find any reason not to buy this first-class electric pressure washer.

The only surprising element is that it costs so little so check out the Briggs & Stratton if you want arguably the best electric pressure washer in its class.

OK ...

Now you’ve got your head around 5 of the very best pressure washers on the market, you’ll have some idea about how much you need to spend and what’s on offer.

Before buying, though, it pays to fully familiarize yourself with what you should bear in mind to make sure you get something that meshes perfectly with your needs.

Read on for plenty of tips and pointers to simplify your buying decision further…

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Often, when you’re cleaning outdoors, you want more than a standard issue hosepipe with some soapy water. Not only is this method not always the most effective, it tends to waste lots of water so keep reading to find out how to get the best pressure washer for your money…

Pressure Washers: Gas or Electric?

Straight from the get-go, you need to make a simple choice…

Do you want an electric pressure washer or would you prefer a gas-powered model?

For the purposes of today’s article focused on home use, we have lasered in entirely on electric models but it’s worth kicking off with a brief look at the pros and cons of each variety before we double down on electric appliances…

  • Gas Pressure Washers: Gas washers have a much higher pressure along with superior flow rates. Components will normally be more rugged and the absence of a power cord gives you much more flexibility. On the flip side, they cost more, demand maintenance and they are bulky. They also kick out lots of noise and fumes so they are not best suited to home use
  • Electric Pressure Washers: Much more affordable and practically maintenance-free, electric pressure washers make perfect sense for use in the garden. While they lack a bit of power, they are more than fit for purpose for most jobs you’d reasonably expect to undertake. You’ll get diminished durability along with the restrictions of a power cord but overall they make the wisest choice for use at home

With that distinction cleared up, we’ll look at the 3 main types of electric pressure washer:

Types of Electric Pressure Washer

  • Light-Duty Cleaning: Purely for domestic use, these pressure washers are generally rated at 1700PSI or below and, while they lack power, they’re also extremely cheap. If you only plan to break out your washer on an occasional basis for lighter cleaner tasks, shoot for one of these
  • Medium-Duty Cleaning: Stepping things up to a pressure rating of 1700PSI to 2800PSI, these washers are ideal for a diverse number of home cleaning applications and will stand up to light commercial jobs as long as you don’t go overboard. Our chosen models mostly fall in this category since you’ll get the most versatile pressure washer at an affordable price point with a medium-duty model
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning: Moving up and beyond 2800PSI, you’ll get a hardcore electric pressure washer for sustained and regular use with demanding applications. These cost substantially more but you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck so consider it an investment rather than an expense

How Electric Pressure Washers Work

The way in which pressure washers work is remarkably simple so we won’t dwell on it.

The motor powers an internal pump. This pump forces the water through a nozzle at high pressure allowing you to clean with far more potency and precision than using a simple hose.

What Pressure Washers Can Clean Effectively

  • Cars or Bikes: One of the principal uses for a pressure washer is to quickly and easily clean your vehicles. The variable settings on most electric pressure washers allow you to do this safely without worrying about damaging or stripping the paint
  • Patios and Decking: Using a hose to clean your patio or decking is not only tediously time-consuming, it also yields poor results. Blast them down with the pressure washer and you’ll have everything ship-shape and spotless in no time
  • Garden Equipment: If you want to get rid of the gunk from your lawn mower or blower, get out your pressure washer for effective equipment maintenance
  • Grills: Avoid the embedded food debris that can leave your BBQ looking unsightly and hose them down with your electric pressure washer
  • Roofs: If you have metal roofing, there’s little to touch a pressure washer for a quick clean without needing too much elbow grease

This list is by no means exhaustive but should give you a decent overview of just some of the cleaning projects you can take on with these adaptable additions to your cleaning arsenal.

The Key Benefits of Electric Pressure Washers

Perhaps the primary selling point for a pressure washer is the fact you’ll speed up the tiresome process of cleaning outdoors.

Not only will you get the job done quicker, you’ll also reduce the need for much of the bending down that can accompany regular cleaning.

As well as saving both time and money, you’ll benefit from superior cleaning results too.

There’s really very little way you can get the same depth of clean manually and certainly not without investing a great deal of time and effort.

Pressure washers get the job done quickly and to an extremely high standard.

Where a powerful gas-powered beast might churn through whatever grime is in its way, it kicks out a great deal of noise in the process.

Give your neighbors a break and enjoy the relative quiet of an electric pressure washer without compromising on the outcome.

Nobody will argue that cleaning is a tedious necessity but if you invest in the best pressure washer, you can at least ensure there’s a little fun to be had while you’re performing your outdoor chores.

Elements of The Best Pressure Washer

Before we wrap up today’s comprehensive guide to the best pressure washers, here are some key factors to ponder

  • Ratings: The pressure of a pressure washer is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) and relates to the pushing force. The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) and the greater this number, the larger an area you can clean in any given time. To arrive at the overall cleaning power (CP), multiply the PSI and GPM figures together. Refer to the types of electric pressure washer above to see where the models you have in mind fall on the scale
  • Motor: Electric pressure washers with universal motors are usually cheapest, very light and ultra-portable but they give off quite a bit of noise. An induction motor will last longer and perform better. At the top end, water-cooled motors are more expensive but very reliable and will last longer so represent money well spent
  • Nozzles: Arguably the most critical component on a pressure washer is the nozzle. You can get quick-change nozzles that you need to manually change or dial nozzles which offer a more convenient approach. The angle of the nozzle will determine the amount of pressure due to the width of the spray that comes out. Think about your needs and preferences and make sure you pay close attention to the nozzles on the washers on your shortlist
  • Hoses: The diameter, length, material and connections on hoses vary considerably. You usually have the option to upgrade to a longer or more enduring hose if you have heavier-duty or more extensive cleaning in mind. Check user reviews to make sure there are no flashpoints with the hose or you could end up with a problematic experience
  • Dimensions and Storage: For most people, storage space for garden equipment is limited. Depending on how much room you have, you can look for a pressure washer that folds down if necessary. Consider the overall dimensions so you don’t end up with a hulking washer that’s a real pain to stash away
  • Onboard Storage: With the wands, nozzles, guns and sundry attachments to consider, pressure washers with onboard storage are a wise bet. This is not something that should determine your buying decision but you should certainly take it into account
  • Power Cable: Since you won’t have a wide array of power outlets outside and you’ll likely be running the cord out from inside the house, it pays to angle for a pressure washer that doesn’t stint on the length of cable provided. There’s nothing worse than buying a tool for convenience only to find it delivers a restrictive experience

A Final Word

We hope you’ve found plenty of useful nuggets of information in this bumper guide to getting the best pressure washer for home use at an affordable price.

Feel free to drop us a line any time if you have anything you’d like us to cover here on the site. We’re hard at work to make sure we deal with everything you might conceivably need to maintain your home and garden and we’re very receptive to suggestions and feedback.

Now go and blast that decking down and come back soon!

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