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It’s so great when you think of relaxing in your swimming pool during the summers. The kids enjoy fun pool activities like mermaid race and shark in the pool. Swimming is one of the most preferred ways of spending the weekend with family and friends. To ensure that you and your family are safe in the pool water, the pool must be thoroughly maintained.

The pool needs to be spick and span, and for that, you need to use pool-cleansing chemicals regularly. The best pool test kit will help you to test your pool water for chemicals. These kits will ensure the right level of chemicals this safe for swimming. To ensure that you have to correct the pool test kit, we’ve curated a list of top products and a buying guide.

The Best Pool Test Kits

Our top three picks would surely impress you, but if you’re looking for something beyond that, you’ll find it here. The best pool kits can also be done digitally and through strips. For your convenience, the list also includes the pros and cons of each product. Check out this list of the best pool test kits, and get one for yourself today.

Best Pool Test Kit 2

When it comes to swimming pools, Taylor Technologies has a lot to offer. This testing kit is excellent for saltwater swimming pools. We know it can be challenging to find a testing kit for saltwater pools. Be rest assured that this testing kit will accurately monitor your pool’s salt level.

This testing kit can be used on your facility throughout the year to check and maintain the salt levels. The Taylor Technologies INC K-1766 utilizes an argentometric chemistry approach to study the sodium chloride in your pool. We love how the manufacturer is offering a durable and waterproof carrying case with this product.

You can take over 20+ tests with a single pack of this testing kit. This drop-based kit will pinpoint the levels with utmost precision. Now, you no longer have to go to the pool stores to get your swimming pool water tested.



Best Pool Test Kit 3

A lot of swimming pool owners blindly trust this PHin device for testing their pool water. What’s more interesting, this PHin water tester is WiFi-enabled. Though it is the most expensive device on this list, it’s highly reliable. You can connect this device through WiFi, and view the test results on your phone.

This implies that you can check the results of the test from anywhere. The PHin digital pool water tester can test for salt, chlorine, and bromine levels in your swimming pool. The device measures the overall pool quality at least 144 times throughout the day.

These frequent measurements will allow you to evaluate your pool’s water health appropriately. It will also provide you useful insights about the core issues of your pool water. With such a power-packed device, you can maintain your pool’s water easily all year long!



Best Pool Test Kit 4

Are you looking for a budget-friendly way to maintain and test your pool water’s overall health? Look no further because the Poolmater 5-way Pool  Water Test Kit is everything you want. Many swimming pool owners like the Poolmaster as it’s inexpensive and reliable than others in the market.

Don’t judge it’s performance by its small price tag; it still does a great job. You can quickly check your pool water chemistry with this economical kit. This kit uses a color scheme to provide the readings. It’s incredible how the results are easy to read and understand.

You don’t need to be a chemistry geek to understand the results. The round test blocks have matching color tubes that go with different solutions. Considering the efficient performance and the price, we say that this kit is a must-try.



Best Pool Test Kit 5

For buyers looking for a digital option to test their swimming pool water should try out this device. This AquaChek Trutest Digital reader is only compatible with TruTest digital strips. The digital display makes it relatively easy to understand and analyze the water test results.

You don’t have to struggle with interpreting the results if it’s more towards red or blue. This device offers digital numerical readings that eliminate unnecessary guesswork. Moreover, this device is exceptionally light-weight and water-resistant. The large LCD facilitates easy reading.

This tester takes about only 15 minutes to test your pool water for bromine, pH levels, overall alkalinity, and chlorine. If you feel uncomfortable distinguishing colors in a water tester, this one’s made just for you. You should know that this device requires you to shell out some extra cash on the batteries and strips.



Best Pool Test Kit 6

This Blue Devil 6-Way Testing Kit is all ready to make pool maintenance a breeze for you.  This water tester kit will check the bromine, chlorine, alkalinity, pH, and overall chlorine stabilizing levels for you. The equipment comes offered at a modest price with a  quality carrying case.

This 6-way pool testing kit will immediately become a favorite part of your pool-maintaining toolkit. The testing color card is made from paper and not waterproof. The card will tend to soak up in the water after a couple of uses. Moreover, it isn’t easy to find a replacement for a compatible color card.

It would’ve been much better if the card came laminated or encased inside a plastic box. Considering the price, you cant expect this kit to more than that. The kit includes OTO reagents and phenol red, hardness solutions,  Cyanuric acid reagent, carrying case, and 2 test tubes.



Best Pool Test Kit 7

The next best pool test kit on this list is the Jed Standard Dual Pool Water Test kit. This easy-going kit only offers pH and chlorine readings. The testing kit is protected in a durable case that also makes it easy to carry around. Before anything else, you must know that this kit is a bit tricky to read.

The next best pool test kit on this list is the Jed Standard Dual Pool Water Test kit. This easy-going kit only offers pH and chlorine readings. The testing kit is protected in a durable case that also makes it easy to carry around. Before anything else, you must know that this kit is a bit tricky to read.

The lack of color variations makes it difficult to understand the chlorine level. There’s a high chance that the user might misdiagnose the readings. Also, Jed’s amount of testing solutions is very little than the other options in the market.

If you want to know the chlorine levels urgently and you have this kit lying around, you sure can use it. However, if you’re willing to purchase this testing kit, perhaps consider spending a few extra dollars on a quality product.



Best Pool Test Kit 8

This is yet another great product from Poolmaster. The earlier product was a drop-based testing kit, but this Poolmaster follows strip-based testing. When you dip the Poolmaster strips into your pool, it’ll offer instantly offer you four chemical ranges. The Poolmaster kit can be used to check bromine, alkalinity, pH, and chlorine levels.

A single package contains 50 strips, which means you can conduct 50 tests on your pool water. Thankfully these high-quality strips won’t bleed the colors when you dip them in the water. You must be careful while buying a strip-based testing kit as the colors may leak out during the test.

It is packed in an easy to store container. The color card is on the label of the packaging. This product is for anyone who is not willing to spend a considerable amount on testing kits. What’s more, you can use this testing kit for spa water as well.



Best Pool Test Kit 9

Aquachek is putting a tough competition for other high-quality pool testing kits in the market. The brand is offering multiple solutions for pool testing kits. Their range of products is typically high-quality and easy-to-use, and this 7-way Pool & Spa strips is one of them.

You will agree that pool strips are the most economical and easy ways to test for the water’s chemical composition. These pool strips can check the cyanuric acid, total hardness, ph, total chlorine, bromine, total alkalinity, and free chlorine.

Each package consists of 100 testing strips that can be used for both pools and spas. The color comparator is on the label of the box. This user-friendly testing kit will save you loads of time to conduct a 7-way test on your pool.



Best Pool Test Kit 10

The JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test strips are the final product on our list of top products. This product is undoubtedly one of the best testing tools for your pool water. Moreover, you can use these strips to test saltwater pools, hot-tubs, and spas.

The unique thing about these strips is that they come with a free mobile app. With the mobile app, you can keep track of the regular quality of your swimming pool. JNW has also included an e-book, which is excellent for first-time users.

You have to dip the strips in your pool and compare the reading with the color comparator on the label. The test strips are adept at picking up pH levels, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, total and free chlorine.



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Buyer’s Guide for Pool Test Kit

Going through the top pool test kits list is not enough; the actual job is beginning from there. To buy the perfectly-suited testing kit, you will also need to know more about a pool testing kit. Below we have answered some commonly raised questions that will help you pick the best pool test kit for your swimming pool.

What does the pool kit test?

A cost-effective tool kit can seem like a good bargain, but if it is only offering chlorine readings, it is not enough. It would be best if you considered purchasing a 5, 6, or 7-way testing pool kit. Generally, a good pool kit can test total alkalinity, pH levels, bromine, free chlorine, total chlorine, hardness levels, etc.

If you’re going to buy a test kit, you have to make sure that it can cover multiple chemicals for testing. Only when you keep track of all the, then you will be able to make your pool sparkle and shine. It’s always best to read what all your pool test kit can pick up before buying a testing kit.

What are the benefits of a digital display?

We have mentioned a couple of digital readers and testers. The digital display eliminates the unnecessary process of color comparison. It is excellent for owners who struggle with misidentifying the colors on a solution or strip-based kit. The digital display is effortless and quick.

Can these kits be used on spa or hot tub?

If you own both a swimming pool and hot tub, then you might want to spend on a kit that can test both the water. The good part is that many kits in the market allow you to test multiple water sources. In the above list, many products do well with spa and hot tub.

The JNW Direct Pool and Spa Test Strips and Poolmaster 4-Way Test Strips are some of the products that are great for spa and hot tub. Usually, the sellers will mention the usability of the kit beforehand.

What is the best testing method for pools?

You don’t have to be pro to test the chemichal balance of your pool. Many testing methods are available in the market. You can use a strip, solution, or an electronic device to test the pool’s water. The best testing method depends on the product you are using.

All the three methods we have mentioned are reliable. Keep in mind, that the method you are using should be easy to use and fast.

Are testing strips accurate?

The testing strips are equally accurate as of the solution or digital methods. You have to ensure that the strips you pick have a good rating and comes from a reputable manufacturer. Since strips are more convenient than solution-based methods, hence, they are more preferable. However, you should ensure that the strips are properly stored to prevent damages.

The Bottom Line

Was that everything you wanted to know before buying the best pool test kit? We sure hope that we answered all your questions thoroughly. With the help of these awesome pool testing kits, it’ll be much easier for you to keep a check on your swimming pool.

Testing the pool for these chemicals are just the beginning; you need to do much more after that. Maintaining and testing the pool water does not take a genius. Most of these products are great for first-time users. We hope that you have a fun and safe time when you dive into your pool.

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