Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide

Have you been trying your best to keep your pool clean and tidy for the next use? In addition to externally cleaning it, you will also want to get rid of any algae that make your pool unhygienic.

You may also find that the chlorine you have added mixes with sweat, oils, and even urine to leave chloramines in the water. A pool shock will enable you to clean all of this so that you can enjoy pool-time with no worries.

Read ahead as we curate a list of some of the best pool shocks for your pool. We have also put together a buying guide that helps you make the right purchase.

10 Best Pool Shock Options Reviews

We have listed the ten best pool shock options that will make your pool cleaner. We have reviewed each of these for you below.

Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 2

This pool shock comes in 24 1-lb bags that you can use to keep your pool clean. You will have to use it manually, and it is compatible with all pool types. It is especially great as it kills bacteria. It is also a very cost-effective option for your pool.

The 1-lb bags are convenient to monitor the amount of product you use each time easily. It has the excellent capability to make your pool crystal clear and clean when you use it. Whether you are using the pool shock for regular use or your next pool party, this pool shock will not disappoint.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 3

This pool shock increases the chlorine levels in your pool’s water. This ensures that there are no algae and bacteria and that your pool is sparkling and shining. With this, you can go ahead and have your fun times through the season.

To use this shock, you have to apply it to your pool water, and you are good to go. You may have to test the pool water every week to ensure that chlorine levels are between 1 and 4ppm.

The best part is that this shock is compatible with all swimming pool types. Whether you have a saltwater pool system or one with Gunite and liners, this shock does a good job with all. This shock increases the levels of chlorine in the water to give you all of these benefits.

You will be able to see the results in as little as 24 hours.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 4

This is one of the best pool shock options for combating chloramines in your pool. It is a powerful oxidizing pool shock that will increase the level of free chlorine in the water. In addition to this, it also works hard to get rid of any bacteria and algae that may be sitting in your pool.

If you choose this pool shock, you can use it with chlorine or bromine sanitized applications to make the best out of it. It requires weekly maintenance, and you will have to be consistent with your pool’s cleaning.

The best part is that it will not affect any other chemical levels. Potassium monopersulfate is the primary and active ingredient in this pool shock. Hence, you can go ahead and swim just after 15 minutes of using it.

You will have to use about a pound of this product for every 10,000 gallons of water. You will be delighted to see the appearance and hygiene of your pool improve in no time.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 5

This is an excellent pool shock as it dissolves very quickly. This also means that it will spread evenly so that all the water is treated just right. Once the pool shock is done working, you will see water crystal clear to the eye.

You will see that it cleans out all the algae and the bacteria by killing them. Hence, your next pool party will be fun, hygienic, and healthy. It will improve the filter performance as well.

The best part about this pool shock is that it won’t affect the water’s pH levels. This is crucial to keeping your skin healthy as you go ahead and swim. Hence, the shock is great for the health of your family.

You will be able to swim in the water just 15 minutes after you have used it. It will clear all of the cloudy water so that your pool is see-through. You will have to use it each week as a part of your regular pool-maintenance routine.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 6

As the name suggests, this pool shock is bound to leave your pool clean and tidy. The best part about this pool shock is that it will dissolve quickly in the water. All you have to do is add it to the pool and wait. The super chlorinator will do the rest of the cleaning work for you.

It has about 73% available chlorine to allow for this clean body. Whether you are worried about algae or chloramines, this pool shock will have you sorted. Go ahead and use this pool shock, and you will be delighted to find your pool very clean and crystal clear once you are done.

It also kills bacterial so that contaminated water does not pose threats to your health. A bag of this pool shock comes at a weight of 1lb. You will have to use 1 pound to treat 16,500 gallons of water. Yes, you can also go ahead and use it in saltwater for good results.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 7

If you have too many algae in your pool, this is your go-to product for a clean pool. It will let you make the best use of your pool by keeping it free of algae and bacteria. You will also see that it keeps the water clean of any other contaminants you can think of.

This is the right pool shock for the most contaminated and even green water to turn it clean and blue. You will find that the water is crystal clear once you are done using it. This shock essentially constitutes calcium hypochlorite that works with 65% available chlorine.

It also has 35% available calcium. The formulae for this pool shock is also non stabilized. This enables you to use it every day. You can pre-dissolve or dilute the formula to prevent the bleaching of the liner in your pool.

The best way to go about cleaning the pool using this pool shock is to super chlorinate the pool every few weeks.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 8

This Aqua Chem pool shock comes in 1 to 36 pack variants, and you can buy one depending on your pool size and maintenance needs. As you use it, you will see that it clears your pool of bacteria and algae.

You will see that the water it leaves behind is sparkling and clear to see. It is also compatible with all pool types and will reduce the odor that comes from chlorine. You also won’t be left with any kind of irritation in the eyes if you use this product in your pool.

This product is based on chlorine but has a little copper-based algaecide in it as well. You can use it in your conventional and salt pools. If you see that the algae have grown in your pool in clumps at the bottom, you can place the pouches of this shock and bleach at sundown.

You should see that your pool is crystal clear by the next day.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 9

This pool shock ensures that bacteria and algae are killed so that your pool is clean and healthy. It is a great option for summer when your pool is likely to be crowded and busy. At this point, you want to keep your pool crystal clear, healthy, and appealing.

This pool shock does all of this for you. You can use this to apply it to your pool using a skimmer or add it to the water directly. It is compatible with fresh and saltwater. Do note that it has not been designed to work in pools that cannot vacuum to waste.

If you want a crystal-clear pool in 24 hours, this is the product you should opt for. It works in a two-step system that will easily let you remove any bacteria and algae from the water. It includes 2.3lb pouches of HTH Super Green to Blue I. Also, it includes two 1.3lb pouches of HTH Super Green to Blue II.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 10

This pool shock comes in 24 bags of a pound each. It is a relatively fast-acting pool shock that dissolves quickly. Hence, it is a useful swimming pool sanitizer. It will kill bacteria and algae so that any organic contaminants in pools are destroyed.

Hence, it leaves your pool looking aesthetic and helps control the algae in it. This pool shock comes with 68% calcium hypochlorite. For the best results, you can add 1 pound of this product for every 10,000 gallons of water.

The manufacturer of this pool shock is an expert in this field and will deliver only the best cleaning systems to you. Do note that you may need additional shock treatments when there are heavy rainstorms and wind.

You can try additional treatments to help you get rid of the odor and eye irritation. During regular use, you can treat the water with this pool shock once a week.



Best Pool Shock and Buying Guide 11

With this pool shock, you will find that a single bag will treat 20,000 gallons of water. You can use this each week for a good shock. This is also a patented technology made to kill the algae and bacteria when you super chlorinate.

This pool shock will help you to balance your pool. It reduces the chemical content so that your pool is clean in a balanced way. It produces water in your pool that is sparkling and clean. You will have to maintain your pool and add the shock once every week for the best results.

The best time to shock your pool is early evening. Do note that it takes just 15 minutes after the pool shock is applied for you to go and swim again.



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Buying Guide for the Best Pool Shocks

Now that you have seen the best pool shock reviews, you may have a few questions regarding them. Here are some key factors that you should look for when choosing the best pool shocks for your pool.

The Size of Your Pool

The size of your pool will determine the amount of pool shock you will use. In general, you will have to use 1lb of pool shock for every 10,000 gallons in your pool. If your pool shock is strong, you will need a lesser amount of pool shock.

The Type of Your Pool

Yes, you can go ahead and use a pool shock in a pool without it affecting its walls. However, you will have to pay attention to a few things to keep your pool safe. The most prominent problem is that the vinyl liners may fade in contact with the pool shock.

The right option to avoid then is pool shock with no chlorine in it. However, if you happen to have a fiberglass pool, you won’t have to worry about the kind of pool shock you are using. This is because these pools are extremely resistant and will most likely not be affected by pool shock.

The Type of Pool Shocks You Will Find

There are three types of pool shocks that are common in the market. Read ahead to know about the three types and how they work.

Calcium Hypochlorite

This substance comes with 65% to 75% active chlorine. It simply means that this product is extremely strong and is bound to do a good job of cleaning your pool. When you buy a pool shock, this is the one that you are most likely to find.

This product is, however, sensitive to sunlight. Hence, it is a good idea to use it at sundown. By the next day, your swim should be ready for you to swim in.

Potassium peroxymonosulfate

This pool shock dissolves extremely fast in the water. This is a great option for the last-minute party as you can begin swimming quickly after you add it to water. You may also want to note that there is no chlorine in this pool shock.

Hence, you can treat your water anytime during the day using this shock.

Sodium Di-Chlor

This substance is a great option for your regular pool maintenance routine. It has a stabilizer ingredient in it, which makes it a perfect addition to your pool at any time. This shock can be added to water directly.

You can also feed it through your pool’s skimmer. However, the shock may take some time to be dissolved.

Additional Details about Pool Shocks

You now have an idea of how you can go about purchasing your pool shock and what you should look for. However, your pool shock should do the job without damaging the pool or causing you any injury.

It is a good idea to pay attention to the packaging of your pool shock first. Look at the directions and follow them religiously for the best results. When you treat your water, make sure to wear gloves and eyeglasses.

Pour the mixture into your swimming pool, and you are good to go. Do note that you should add your pool shock to the water. Don’t add water to the shock directly. This will keep any splashing at bay.

One of the best ways in which you can assess the water in your pool is by using a water test kit. This will help you measure the quality of water in your pool. Once you are aware of this, you can accordingly add the pool shock to your swimming pool.


Buying a pool shock for your pool can prove confusing with the number of options in the market. We have curated a list of some of the best pool shock options for your use. We have also added a buyer’s guide to help you pick the best pool shock for your needs.

You can go ahead and add this to your pool. It will kill any algae, bacteria, and chloramines in no time.

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