Best Pool Salt – Guide and Reviews

Saltwater pools can seem fun but maintaining adequate levels of salt in the pool is challenging. You need to purchase the best pool salt to maintain your pool effectively. Pool salts are not similar to your household salt. They are specifically treated to be used in swimming pools.

Once you secure the best type of salt for your pool, you must start with the proper maintenance process. It would help if you found the right container to begin with the process. 

Your container must come with stability and affordability. We have integrated a detailed guide with our best pool salt reviews to help you find the right one for your swimming pool.

Best Pool Salts - Detailed Reviews

Best Pool Salt – Guide and Reviews 2

Biolab Plus Refresh pool salt will make your pool water look soft and silky. Once you switch to this pool salt, you will notice the difference in your pool water hygiene. 

It will help you maintain the luxurious feel of your pool water and discard all bacteria or germs.

The Biolab pool salt will replenish the necessary minerals of your swimming pool and maintain its pH level. If you have a salt system cell, then the Biolab Plus Refresh will change into chlorine. 

It also comes with a water clarifier to keep your pool clear for a more extended period. You can use it weekly to keep your pool fresh and sparkling.

Moreover, it is designed to keep your saltwater in good condition. It will protect your swimming pool surfaces from bacteria and staining. Additionally, it will remove the harmful minerals from your pool. 



Best Pool Salt – Guide and Reviews 3

As the name suggests, this brand offers grade-A pool salt without the presence of any debris. They have been concentrating on manufacturing the best quality swimming pool salts at affordable prices. 

They have finely-ground salt crystals with pure white color. It is ideal for use in spas and chlorine generators. 

With a good consistency to clean your pool effectively, it also dissolves quickly when applied as per the given instructions. It comes in a large size to eliminate the need for frequent re-purchases.



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If you are looking for pool salt that will deliver the best value for your money, opt for the Clorox pool salt.

It is incredibly inexpensive yet offers one of the best levels of purity. It is a budget product for people who are not willing to spend much on pool salts. 

Clorox Pool Salt offers a high purity rate with ultra-fine sized salt granules. These fine granules ensure that the pool salt gets quickly dissolved in your pool. 

The consistency and quality of Clorox pool salt are unmatchable. 

It is not a commercial-grade product, but for the price that you are paying, it is a good buy. We had to include this in our list as it works well for both spas and chlorine generators.



Best Pool Salt – Guide and Reviews 5

Morton is the most recognizable brand in the salt industry. They specialize in providing various types of salts to their clients, including rock salt, table salt, and pool salt. 

They provide the highest-grade of pool salt that is free of microorganisms, debris, and bacteria often found in the cheap products. 

It allows your chlorine generators to work more effectively. It is not the cheapest pool salt, but it offers a greater value than most other pool salt brands.

If you don’t want to waste your money on fly-by-night brands, then Morton is your best option. The brand is worth checking out if you need a reliable pool salt. 

If you want to keep your pool clean and hygienic, then Morton pool salt is one of the best options. It will keep your water clear and sparkling. 

It is extraordinarily fast-dissolving, which makes it a must-have for all pool owners. If you have an automatic sanitizer system or chlorine generator, then the Morton pool salt will work the best for you. 

This salt is 99% pure with no additives that can harm your pool. The Morton pool salt is ideal for all saltwater pools and traditional pools. However, you check the levels of salt in your pool regularly to pour more salt when needed. 



Best Pool Salt – Guide and Reviews 6

The diamond sodium shield k-life potassium chloride pool salt comes with low sodium content. It is one of the best alternative traditional pool water softeners that come with a potassium chloride purity level of about 99.1%. 

Designed to function with all types of the electronic chlorine generator, this salt dissolves quickly to disinfect your pool thoroughly. 

It sets the chemical cleaning process to action and helps to maintain pool hygiene. Moreover, it doesn’t have a strong chemical odor as it is free of additives and harmful chemicals. It comes with 99.9% purity to make your pool cleaner.



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How Is Pool Salt Beneficial?

Pool salt comes with larger crystals and a coarser salt grind than table salt. These salts work with most of the bromine as well as chlorine generators. 

Pool salts are generally available in larger containers to meet the size of your pool. They are also safer than other types of pool cleaners or other chlorine products. It has a high level of sodium chloride and is quite affordable. 

However, you can’t use table salt or other varieties of kitchen salt in your pool. They come with various additives, which are not suitable for pool water.

The best type of pool salts will have a high level of sodium chloride and fewer impurities. You can’t get 100% pure pool salt as there will always be some contaminants and minerals present. 

However, the best pool salts can have up to 99% of purity while being incredibly affordable.

Types of Pool Salt Available in the Market

There are various types of pool salt available. Each type of pool salt comes with a unique set of benefits for your pool. Learn some of the significant kinds of pool salt –

Mined Salt

Mined is undoubtedly the best type of pool salt that you can opt for. This type of pool salt comes with a 95-99% purity in terms of sodium chloride. 

These salts are mined out from the deep layers of the earth. Most people in the US opt for mined salt as they have the highest purity levels yet being incredibly affordable. 

Most manufacturers in the US indulge in deep shaft mining and extract large chunks of it. If you have a chlorine generator, then mined salt will be your ideal choice. 

They have fewer impurities that will not corrode your chlorine generator systems.

Solar Salt

Solar salt requires sunlight and wind to enable the water to evaporate. This type of salt is incredibly cost-effective as the extraction process requires no extra charges. 

The evaporation space is reusable, which makes it one of the most affordable options for pool salt. Here you have to let nature do all the tasks without investing much.

This process requires the salt to remain out in the open for days, which facilitates bacteria growth. It may also cause the development of brine shrimp in your salt. 

Solar salt has the highest levels of germs and impurities. It is essential the salt to water ratio remains high for making the solar salt effective for your pool.

Mechanically Evaporated Pool Salt

The mechanically evaporated pool salt uses artificially-produced heat to eliminate the salty water. It leaves behind the salt crystal and imparts enhanced purity. 

However, many companies boil the salty water to evaporate it cost-effectively. Companies also reuse the artificially-produced great to make these types of salts more affordable. 

The mechanical evaporation process integrates various specifically designed temperatures to kill brine shrimp, bacteria, and other impurities. The premium brands use further processing to remove all these impurities and leave behind more pure crystals.

Mechanically evaporated salts are less pure than mined salts while having a higher purity than solar salts. These salts have more minerals like iron, copper, calcium, and others. 

These minerals will harm your pool hygiene, which makes it essential to opt for a metal sequestrant. It will help you monitor the level of calcium hardness in the swimming pool and keep the hygiene under control. 

However, if you don’t want this additional work, then mined salt will be the best for you.

What to Look for while Buying a Pool Salt

While it comes to hygiene and maintenance, different pools have different requirements. If you think having a saltwater pool eliminates the need for pool salts, then you are wrong. 

To keep the pool safe from bacteria and germs, it is essential to find the right pool water. The market is filled with many cheap and low-grade products, which is why you need to find the right one. 


There are various types of pool salts in the market. You need to opt for the ideal one. We will recommend opting for mined pool salt as it is the purest one available. It is a premium option for people who want only the best for their pool. 

Leak-proof Container

Pool salts are less harsh than other chemicals used for cleaning regular pools. However, you must always keep them away from small children and pets. 

This may harm them. That is why it is essential to store them securely. Opt for pool salts that come in resealable bags or reliable containers.

Easy and Hassle-Free Pour

Most people refrain from pool salt because it is often inconvenient to pour them. It would be best to opt for the good pool salts as they will come in reliable containers with built-in handles. 

Such products will help you control the amount of salt you are pouring into the pool. These containers or bags are also reusable. You can refill pool salt in them and use it later. 

Value and Cost-Effectiveness

Cheap products don’t necessarily mean the best quality. If you buy a premium pool salt, it will last you long and offer the best value for your money. 

Going for a larger pack will be cost-effective in the long run as you don’t have to repurchase them frequently. You must opt for a quality product as they will serve your purpose better.


Opting for a pool salt with enhanced stability will ensure that the product doesn’t evaporate fast. Stable pool salts will keep your pool hygienic and clean for longer. 

By opting for such products, you don’t need to treat your pool frequently.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to opt for the best product when buying a pool salt. Saltwater pools are generally easy to maintain as all you have to do is add some pool salt to your salt chlorinator. 

However, you must wait for at least 20 minutes after pouring the salt into your pool. Swimming immediately after adding pool salt will expose your body to concentrated chemicals. 

You must not add too much salt to your pool as it can corrode the metal parts. Our in-depth guide and reviews will help you to find the best pool salt for your saltwater pool. 

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