The Best Mixers In 2021: Choosing An Electric Mixer For Your Kitchen Is Now Easy

We all know that mixers are essential elements to have in the kitchen. Despite that fact, there are so many different products to choose from which makes buying an electric mixer a tough decision. However, the good thing is that mixers are affordable and come in different shapes and sizes and are optimized for different needs.

As you probably know, using a mixer ensures that your cake layers are light and airy, your cookies chewy and your frosting satiny. There are a lot of uses for a mixer but it is up to you to choose one that works for your needs. The best electric mixers are essentially products that are light, compact and easy to clean.

The first question you should ask yourself is what type of electric mixer you are looking for. Even though the best electric mixers are all similar in terms of features, you need to know the mixer you are after – and know how well should it do the job it is supposed to do.

Speaking of which, let us introduce you to our top picks for the best electric mixer:

So, let’s begin by reviewing the first from all these best selling homemade kitchen mixers in detail.

best stand mixer 2018

The first product on our list is probably among the most affordable homemade electric mixers.

Designed by Hamilton Beach, this hand mixer features a snap-on case and a white color. It boasts with 250 Watts of motor power at its peak and has a bowl rest feature too.

You can mix and whip with power, convenience and comfort, making it easier to set everything with one hand while working with your ingredients in the other.

There are six speeds to choose from with the added QuickBurst button, and the product package comes with traditional beaters and whisk.

Now, even though this is a simple product, it does everything you would expect it to do – mix your cake and cookie creams and ensure that your recipes are on-point. For many, this is the best electric mixer because of its price, functionality and compactness.

best stand mixer review

You can buy this electric kitchen mixer as a single product or a bundle that includes a full set of beaters, whisk and dough hooks.

Whatever you choose, you should know that it is one of the best electric stand mixers out there. Made from stainless steel and featuring a stainless steel bowl too, the Hamilton Beach Classic Stand Mixer features six different speeds and a QuickBurst button as well as a Bowl Rest mixer stabilizer.

It also doubles as a hand mixer and boasts with 290 Watts peak power – a feature that makes mixing easy. You can shift and stir in the bowl and get the full attachment set for the best possible experience.

The reasonable price considering the stainless steel design of the mixer and bowl make it one of the best stand mixers.

best stand mixer 2018

best stand mixer

With 220 Watt peak power and an automatic feedback, the Cuisinart electric mixer is very simple to use.

There is a simple on and off button with 1-touch speed control and nine different speed options. The low start speeds are meant to prevent ingredients from splattering.

There is a snap-on clear storage case too which makes the entire pack nice to work with.

The package is not limited to the mixer alone. It also includes beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, spatula and instructions in a recipe book.

You can choose from white or silver and make the most of this superior kitchen mixer.

best stand mixer 2018

This is the best electric mixer according to many – and a lot of that has to do with the looks and customizable options.

You can choose the KitchenAid electric mixer in four different colors: contour silver, empire red, onyx black or white.

However, the features are also a true game changer. With 7 different speeds, this electric kitchen mixer is meant to do everything from slow stirring of chunky ingredients to mashing potatoes and beating egg whites while whipping the meringue.

There is also a cord lock so that you can approach ingredients from any angle and everything is designed for easy cleaning (that happens with just a few wipes). The price is reasonable considering the design and the great technology put into this mixer.

The Best Mixers In 2021: Choosing An Electric Mixer For Your Kitchen Is Now Easy 1

best stand mixer 2018

Last but not least is another mixer by Hamilton Beach which rounds up our review of the best mixers. Available in black or grey/chrome, it boasts with the same action as most KitchenAid stand mixers.

The 300 Watt motor is neat and powerful, giving complete bowl coverage when mixing.

According to many user reviews, this electric stand mixer and its six speeds provide better mixing than many other 2-beater stand mixers.

There are three attachments offering mixing versatility and a stainless steel bowl which tops up the quality of this product.

The Best Mixers In 2021: Choosing An Electric Mixer For Your Kitchen Is Now Easy 2

A Final Word

We are living in a world where having the best electric mixer is not anymore a privilege – but a common need. So, whichever of these products meets your needs, it’s probably about time to purchase it and make your cooking easier.

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