The 5 Best Makeup Mirrors In 2021: Compact, Lighted And Cordless

Let’s face it – finding the right lighted makeup mirror for your needs can be a daunting task. What’s interesting is that a decade ago, a technology in the form of a LED makeup mirror was something only seen in the sci-fi movies. Today, it is something that every home (with a woman) needs.

Still, the benefits of a makeup mirror are not only limited to women. Men can also use them to see themselves in the best light possible and groom while paying attention to the closest detail possible.

For women, the idea of a high-tech vanity mirrors for makeup is something that equals pure perfection. Packed with lights, outlets and in some cases even speakers, these makeup mirrors offer things that no traditional mirror can come close to.

In order to help you see the difference and choose the best product for your needs, we are listing the best vanity makeup mirrors that money can buy in 2018.

Now, let’s go in depth about each of these mirrors and show you why for many, each of them is the best mirror for makeup nowadays.

best makeup mirror 2018

First on our list is a true bestseller out there. The Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror is a compact and amazingly portable mirror that will even fit your suitcase.

It is known as one of the most popular makeup mirrors out there.

This product is wide and features a 360 degree rotation option. With a mirror size of 6.5” and a 10X magnifying power, it will help you master your makeup skills throughout the day and night. Speaking of night time, the natural daylight LED will make it bright and provide the most accurate natural light that is as bright as the one throughout the day.

What’s also interesting is that this mirror comes with an advanced locking suction which means that it rotates to any angle and is fully adjustable to all positions. Since it is without a cord, it is also amazingly functional, practical and portable.

The 5 Best Makeup Mirrors In 2021: Compact, Lighted And Cordless 1

best makeup mirror 2018

If you are after an oval shaped makeup mirror, this is the choice you have to make.

The elegant oval shaped 7×9.5 inch mirror can also rotate 360 degrees and match any angle or position that you want.

There is an option for standard viewing or up to 7x levels of magnification.

When it comes to lighting, this product packs a beautiful and incandescent glow. If you need replacement bulbs, you can also buy them (try the Conair Lighted Incandescent Mirror 20W Replacement Bulb #RP34B for the best results possible).

The stylish polished chrome finish and the on/off line cord switch reflects any good taste. The double-sided tabletop mirror will illuminate and reflect at actual size or any size you want it to. All you need is to rotate the head and see either side of your reflection.

best makeup mirror 2018 trifold

Third on our list is a product by Easehold that is LED-lighted and a mirror that comes with tri-fold options.

This feature is great because it lets you see yourself and your face from multiple angles and not just one.

Even though this model offers 180 degree rotation only, the three-fold feature definitely makes up for the missing 180 degrees. The mirror is also lighted with 21 star-like LED lights which enhance the look and is cordless which makes it ideal for carrying anywhere.

The model works on 4 AAA batteries with a USB chargeable option too which makes it great for everyone. There is even a sensor to adjust the brightness of the light to your needs.

So, if you are after the best tabletop makeup mirrors in 2018, this is certainly a product you must consider if you look for a perfect and comfortable viewing angle from basically anywhere.

Plus, the base recess can also hold your jewelry or cosmetics (such as watch, earrings, bracelets etc.) which makes it a perfect gift for ladies or girls.

best makeup mirror 2018

While some women like having the best possible makeup mirror out there with tri-fold features or special rotation options, others prefer the simplest option that offers the best value for the money.

Now, if there is one when seeing the best vanity makeup mirrors, it has to be this model.

Basically, this daylight lighted LED makeup mirror comes with a 10X magnification feature, touch screen dimming and many other features. It helps you see every detail on your face and apply the makeup with no mistakes.

This is why for many, this product is one of the best on the market – and certainly the one with the most affordable price tag.

The 5 Best Makeup Mirrors In 2021: Compact, Lighted And Cordless 2

best Vanity Mirror 2018

This product is made for women that are traveling a lot or don’t want a bulky makeup mirror in their home.

With a size of only 6 inches, this two-sided vanity mirror boasts 8X magnification features and is 11 inch long. The chrome finish is another extra.

Even though it doesn’t offer lighting, it never fails to display a clean reflection and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design.

At the end of the day, this is a great choice for women who don’t want to deal with batteries or charge their mirrors.

A Final Word

Have you found the perfect makeup mirror for your needs? We hope that this list of the best vanity mirrors in 2018 for makeup has helped you get the product you are after!

If not, let’s just hope you know what to search for now!

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