Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

Air fryers are still flying off the shelves but what are these appliances and are they any good?

We’ll answer that for you today in detail and we’ll also be reviewing the leading air fryers ideal for larger families. As always, here at Homendgarden, we want to make your life easier while also saving you money.

So, to simplify your buying decision, first take a look at these 5 top-notch large-capacity air fryers from the major players in this crowded space:

5 Recommended Air Fryer - Guide and Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 1

Philips dominates the air fryer space. We could easily have stuck with 5 air fryers from their broad and deep bench but we limited ourselves to just this 3.5-quart gem ideal for a family of 4.

You’ll have space to cook up dinner for the whole family without eating up too space on the kitchen counter. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the proprietary Air Fryer app to grab 150 mouth-watering recipes free.

The innovative starfish design of this appliance allows air to circulate optimally. This allows you to get away without using any oil. If you choose to use oil, you only need a fraction of the amount you’d use with conventional cooking methods.

A generous bundle of accessories helps you get much more out of your air fryer. You’ll be able to grill, bake, and roast as well. This means you get a remarkably versatile yet compact appliance without spending a fortune.

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 2


  • Ideal size to feed a family of 4
  • Easily navigable touchscreen a pleasure to use
  • Basket and drawer dishwasher-friendly minimizing clean-up
  • Smart presets to retrieve your favorites at the push of a button
  • Reasonably compact footprint considering capacity


  • Only runs on 110/120 volts

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 3

If you’re looking for a cost-effective air fryer that also allows you to roast, grill, and even bake, the Cozyna 3.7-quart is great for small families.

As with all air fryers, you can enjoy crisp and golden food just like you deep-fried but without those ladles of oil. Instead, harness the Stormic Air tech baked in and use a fraction the amount of oil without losing out on that trademark taste.

If you’re new to air frying, you’ll appreciate the recipe books included. Get some ideas and then make them your own.

Since all parts are dishwasher-safe, you’ll cut down on any messy clean-up once you’re done. Be sure to dry all components before reassembling them.

Still not convinced? Well, Cozyna offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your air fryer, just return it for a no-quibbles refund. What have you got to lose?

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 4


  • Elegant, sweeping lines to make a statement on the kitchen counter
  • Air fry, grill, bake, and roast for a multipurpose experience
  • Cook with 70% less oil so great for your health and your waistline
  • Rock solid build quality ideal for busy kitchens
  • Couple of recipe books thrown in to get your creative juices flowing


  • A few niggles about quality control so make sure you check your package carefully upon receipt

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 5

Are you hunting for an affordable entry-point to air fryers? If so, this is understandable. When you don’t know much about a cooking method, you can’t always be confident you’ll feel comfortable with it.

Since many air fryers are prohibitively pricey, this acts as an obstacle for many. It needn’t be this way with pocket-friendly models like this 4.2-quart Secura up for grabs.

You can load in enough food for all the family with this large-capacity air fryer. 

A swift cooking time of 60 minutes and variable temperature from 180F to 390F gives you convenience and speed combined.

Get all the benefits of deep-fried food without all the drawbacks and extra calories.

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 6



  • Make enough dinner or snacks for a large family of 4+
  • Brisk, 60-minute cooking time for great results in a hurry
  • Skewers and toaster rack thrown in for added versatility
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Robust 2-year limited warranty for your peace of mind


  • Build quality could be improved but you need to consider the price point

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 7

Cuisinart has a deep bench of outstanding kitchen products and this air fryer and toaster oven combo is a powerful presence.

Benefit from the following functions baked in:

  • Air fry
  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Warm
  • Toast
  • Convection bake
  • Convection broil

This gives you a huge amount of latitude in a single attractive appliance. Not only does this unit look great, it’s built to withstand sustained use and heavy punishment.

With 0.6 cubic feet inside, you can pile in enough food for a large family whether you want snacks or dinner. And you can do this without using all the damaging oil that renders deep-fried food so unhealthy.

Choose from a range of understated colorways to set off any kitchen in 2020.

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 8


  • Show-stopping good looks with burnished stainless steel finish
  • 7 functions including air frying making this a powerful addition to any kitchen
  • Room enough for 6 slices of bread, a 12-inch pizza or a whole chicken
  • Toast shade selector so keep all the family happy with their breakfast just the way they like it
  • 0.6 cubic feet interior giving you ample space without eating up too much countertop real estate


  • You’ll need to dig fairly deep but you’re unlikely to feel you’ve overspent

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 9

We’ve saved the best for last with Breville’s Smart Oven.

 If you thought the Cuisinart punched hard with 7 functions, the Breville offers up a staggering 13 different ways to cook:

  • Toast
  • Bagel
  • Broil
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Pizza
  • Warm
  • Air fry
  • Proof
  • Cookies
  • Reheat
  • Slow cook
  • Dehydrate

You get presets punched in for all the main applications so the amount of choice at your fingertips won’t end up confusing you.

Finished in stainless steel, this appliance makes a striking addition to any kitchen and is built to return years of faithful service.

Best Large-Capacity Air Fryers in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide 10


  • Dual-speed convection oven for improved versatility
  • Presets for air frying and dehydrating for your complete convenience
  • 13 cooking functions giving you class-leading choice
  • Easy to navigate touchscreen 
  • Crisp LCD so see what you need at a glance


  • You’ll need to dig fairly deep but you’re unlikely to feel you’ve overspent

OK ...

With our reviews wrapped, we’ll tail off today with air fryer 101 so you’re equipped with all the basics and answers to the most frequently asked questions.


How Does an Air Fryer Work?

While deep-fried food is undeniably delicious, it’s clearly not the healthiest way of cooking.

Far from it, in fact. The amount of (typically low-quality) oil does nothing for your waistline or cholesterol levels.

Fortunately, air fryers have stormed the market over recent years.

What is an air fryer, though, and how does this method of cooking actually work?

Looking very much like a small countertop convection oven, an air fryer enables you to cook the types of food you’d normally deep-fry without the negative effects associated with deep-frying.

Although these appliances have always been marketed as air fryers, they actually bake your food rather than frying it.

You’ll find the heating element and fan at the top of your air fryer together with the controls and the settings. The basket for your food is down below and this slides out for your convenience.

Heating food in hot oil causes the oil to start oxidizing. This process strips your food of its nutrients and it’s also a factor contributing toward heart disease.

In an air fryer, your food is heated from all directions as hot air is blown all around the inside of the appliance. Air moves much more rapidly than it does in a regular convection oven. The small nature of the unit allows for quick and consistent cooking times with no need for lashings of oil.

Is it possible to get that trademark golden brown you achieve when deep-frying, though?

In a word, yes.

This golden brown color occurs thanks to the Maillard effect. This is achieved easily when deep-frying. To replicate this in an air fryer, your food is covered with a very thin later of oil and the surrounding air is heated to 392F. This is enough to trigger the Maillard effect while using 70% less oil. 


Use an air fryer to hit your health goals without losing on those crispy fries, steaks or pastries.

As your food cooks, its sits in the cooking basket which is positioned over a drip tray. You can tweak settings by temperature and time.

Occasionally shaking the basket as you cook can help the oil to coat evenly and promote consistent cooking.

To finish up today, we’ve curated the top 10 FAQs about air fryers so you have all the information you need in one place.



1) What should you avoid putting in an air fryer?

Sidestep any lightweight foods that would end up being blown around inside due the brisk speed of circulating air. Wet batter makes a bad choice for the same reason. Most fine ingredients will be problematic in an air fryer so hold the leafy salads and season your food once it comes out. Alternatively, try seasoning the oil instead.

2) What’s the ideal size air fryer for 2 people?

When you need enough space in an air fryer for just the two of you, look for anything between 2.2 quarts and 3 quarts.

3) What’s the ideal size air fryer for 5 people?

Look for air fryers of 4 quarts and above if you’re looking to regularly cater for 5.

4) Is an air fryer as good as a regular fryer?

If you’re hoping to replicate the results of deep-fried food, you’re likely to be disappointed. You should also avoid overfilling your air fryer or you’ll end up with unevenly cooked and soggy food that doesn’t taste good. Rather than seeking to replace your old favorites, try instead to play to the strengths of your air fryer. Experiment and use recipe books to rustle up some new treats and reserve deep-fried food as an occasional indulgence. 

5) Is Teflon safe?

If the Teflon used is made after 2013, it’s safe. Since most air fryers are reasonably recent introductions, this means most should be absolutely safe.

6) Do you need to preheat your air fryer?

Some models recommend pre-heating but the majority of air fryers are good to go instantly.

7) How can I clean my air fryer pan and basket?

All removable parts will be dishwasher-safe. Failing that, scrub down the components with some hot soapy water and dry thoroughly and you’re all set.

8) How can I clean the inside and outside of my air fryer?

Unplug your air fryer and let it cool down. Wipe down the outside with a damp cloth. Wipe the interior in the same way.

9) Is it necessary to shake the basket when I’m cooking?

If your food is overlapped inside, you should shake the basket more often.

10) Is an air fryer really worth it?

Only you know the answer to this. If you’re looking to eat more healthily, an air fryer can be useful. You’ll also typically benefit from many other cooking functions giving you even better value for money.

A Final Word

Well, if you’ve been hunting for a large-capacity air fryer for a family of 4 or more, your search should be over.

We hope you’ve found the information we’ve thrown your way today has informed your buying decision. Feel free to get in touch and let us know if you happily buy any of the above air fryers.

Don’t forget to bookmark Homendgarden and pop back any time you need guidance on all the best products for your beloved home. We’re constantly updating our content so be sure to come back soon. Next up our sleeve is a look at more compact air fryers for apartments and small kitchens so pop back next week to see what we suggest…

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