Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide

Whether you’re tinkering with your car or working with your power tools, there’s little worse than a cold garage or workshop.

If you don’t want to spend this winter shivering instead of relaxing, perhaps it’s time to thinking about uprating the heating out in your lair?

In today’s garage heater reviews, we’ll break down a cross-section of the most effective heaters you could find.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the garage heaters we’ll explore in more detail:

5 Best Garage Heater Reviews

We’ll also give you some handy hints on buying the right garage heater the easy way so we’ll jump straight to it with those reviews…

Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 1

While the cunningly named Fahrenheat garage heater first in our garage heater reviews comes in a scaled-down unit, performance is heavyweight.

You’ll get sufficient heat to cope with garages and workshops up to 500 square feet thanks to 5000 watts of power. There’s a single integrated thermostat adjustable from 45 degrees through 135 degrees.

You’ll get a super-strong build with this unit but the space-saving design with the ability to suspend the heater if required means it works well even in smaller workshops.

Louvers funnel warm up exactly where it’s needed so you’ll get efficiency not just raw firepower.

The only real gripe is that you can just plug this heater in to an outlet, it needs hardwiring in. If that doesn’t bother you then you’re in for a warm, warm winter when you’re working away out in the garage.



Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 2

For anyone with a smaller garage or workshop, the classic Mr Heater is a propane-fuelled model that’s super-compact and ideal if you need to heat more than one outside area and you don’t want to buy multiple heaters.

While this dinky unit kicks out up to 9000 BTU of heat, you’ll derive most benefit when you get up close and personal.

Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 3

In case of the unit tipping over, oxygen levels dipping too low, or the pilot light extinguishing, a nifty auto shut-off feature kicks in and makes sure everything stays safe.

The inbuilt Piezo lighter simplifies firing the heater up while you can choose from 2 heat settings once you’re up and running.

As long as you don’t mind buying propane tanks, this is a strong contender for the best compact heater on the market.




Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 4

As we reach the midpoint of our garage heater reviews, we’ve got a multipurpose model from Modine.

Modine has been in business since way back in 1916, and they bring all that expertise to bear with this hard-hitting heater that will keep you as warm as toast even when the temperature plummets.

If you’ve got a much bigger home workshop or garage, 45,000 BTUs of heat should still be more than enough.

While this heater is ideal for use at home, it’s rugged enough to work well in a commercial backdrop if you need something to keep your business premises warm, too.

The added kicker is that you can run this heater as an electric heater or you can hook it up to a natural gas or propane tank so you’ve got total freedom in the quest for a warm workspace.



Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 5

As we near the end of our garage heater reviews, we’ve got another small but beautifully formed model, this time from Cadet.

Whether you want to set the heater down as it is or get it wall-mounted, you can slot this compact unit into even smaller garages and workshops.

The 4000-watt capacity gives you enough heat for areas up to 600 square feet.

20-gauge powder-coated steel gives you a heater durable enough to stay the distance without being too bulky and heavy.

With automatic temperature regulation and all the safety extras you need in place to stay safe as well as warm, this ceramic heater is well worth popping on your shortlist even if it’s not the cheapest garage heater up for grabs.



Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 6

Last up in our garage heater reviews is the formidable Dyna-Glo.

Not everyone wants the cheapest garage heater. For many users, residential and commercial alike, the prime motivator is being able to comfortably heat large areas.

Capable of producing between 30,000 and 60,000 BTUs of heat, you’ll be able to deal with areas up to 1350 square feet and keep the temperature at a comfy 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

While starting this heater is slightly tiresome, once you’re away running you’ll be glad you made the effort.

If you’re hunting for the best garage heater for very large areas from a brand you can trust, this liquid propane-fuelled gem is an absolute must.

Best Garage Heater Reviews and Buying Guide 7



OK ...

With our garage heater reviews wrapped, we’ve got some simple pointers to make your buying decision even easier.

What To Look For In The Best Garage Heater

Size of Your Garage

Before you think about the heater itself, you need to size up the space you want to keep warm.

It’s not a case of bigger always being better with heaters. If you go for something overpowered in a very small space, you might end up feeling stuffy instead of comfy. Equally, don’t sell yourself short and try to heat a massive space with an underpowered unit.

If you have high ceilings as well as a large space, you might need to consider a fan-forced heater with a little more power. That brings us neatly to the different types of garage heater you could add to your workshop…

Power Source

  • Electricity: Giving off a constant source of infrared or radiant heat, electric heaters are popular and best suited to small or medium garages. With automatic shut-off and multiple settings, electric garage heaters are affordable, reliable an effective as long as you don’t expect too much from them
  • Natural Gas: A clean and remarkably efficient source of energy, natural gas might be expensive at the point of installing lines, but you’ll generate savings over time with reduced operating costs
  • Propane: Working with a tank, propane-fuelled heaters can produce large amounts of heat for sustained periods
  • Fan-Forced: With a fan that pushes heated air through a heated element, you’ll get a soft and subtle heat that should be more than enough for a small garage
  • Ceramic: Working on the same principles as a fan-forced heater except using a ceramic element, you’ll get even more heat so a ceramic unit is ideal in bigger garages

Power Output in BTUs

The power output of a garage heater is measured in British thermal units (BTUs).

Heaters kicking out up to 10,000 BTUs are adequate for heating small spaces.

Heaters capable of 25,000 BTUs will work up to 500 square feet or so.

Once you’re in the territory of 1000 square feet, shoot for a much more powerful heater that can give 50,000 BTU of heat and beyond.

It’s all about intended purpose here so make sure you get a garage heater in line with your needs.

Safety Features

From overheating protection and automatic shut-off through to wire guards and tip switches, you need to think about your garage environment and to what extent you need all these features.

As long as you have an auto shut-off, look for other safety features that gel with your precise requirements.


Make sure that the garage heater you’re looking at gives you sufficient settings to keep you comfortable.

Adjustable louvers are a nice touch if you want more freedom with angling the heat.

A Final Word

With the best garage heaters now in your sights, we hope you find something ideally suited to the size of your workshop.

Let us know if there are any products you’d like us to delve into. We’re here to give you exactly what you want so don’t be shy and get in touch!

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