Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style

Whether your old garage door opener has given up the ghost or you’re looking for a replacement, you’re in luck today.

In our garage door opener reviews, we’ll briefly highlight the benefits of the best models on the market at a range of price points.

5 Best Garage Door Opener Reviews

We’ll also give you the lowdown on why you need this extra layer of convenience added to your garage set-up to streamline your return home from work.

Straight to business first with those garage door opener reviews…

Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 1

First up in our garage door openers is the classic C410 from Chamberlain, a brand who dominate this space. We could easily have produced a list of 5 of the best Chamberlain openers but we always try to deliver an even spread so there’s something for everyone.

This entry-level opener from Chamberlain allows you to buy into that brand heritage without needing a bank loan.

The C410 is tailor-made if you’ve got smaller, lighter garage doors. You’ll need something with a bit more oomph if you’ve got double doors. That said, you’ll still get ½ HP of lifting power. The durable chain drive should ensure you get plenty of years of action from this punchy garage door opener.

If you want to enhance your experience and control your Chamberlain garage door opener from your smart phone, you’ll need to invest in a Smart Garage Hub.

With a substantial 1500-foot range and a super-easy install, we can’t recommend this baseline Chamberlain garage door opener highly enough. While we could have steered you in the direction of the more expensive models they offer, we strongly feel this is one of the best performers at an unbeatable price.



Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 2

If you’re a smart home convert, the Gogogate 2 is a neat way to integrate garage door access and next up in our garage door opener reviews.

If you’re looking to uprate your garage door management, you can opt for a full replacement or choose instead to throw a third-party accessory into the mix. Gogogate 2 is a customizable and flexible option to help you uprate your exisiting door.

For anyone prone to losing multiple remotes, fobs or keys, being able to control multiple devices and systems from your smartphone is a wonderful way to streamline things. You’ll be able to open or close your doors using your preferred mobile device even if you’re away from home.

This device supports up to 10 users (more with paid access). You can grant or deny access from afar and Gogogate 2 is also capable of recording video footage for your enhanced security if you hook it up to a camera.

You can use GPS and an Echo device to open and close your garage doors with Alexa.

If you’re a tech lover and you don’t mind a slightly more tasky install, Gogogate 2 is an affordable and effective smart garage door opener.

Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 3



Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 4

As we reach the midpoint of our garage door opener reviews, next up is the LiftMaster Elite Series which is another myQ-enabled opener to give your garage door management a real jolt.

The specialist jackshaft drive means you should get this kit professionally installed.

Once up and running, you can invest in an internet gateway so you can control your garage doors from your smart phone. You’ll also get a keyless entry pad so this is not a compulsory purchase. You can control the doors and lights in-app if you want smart interaction.

You’ll get a proprietary P3 motor that comes with a lifetime guarantee with the remainder of the components covered for 5 years. While this system certainly isn’t cheap, in return you’ll get a lead contender for the best garage door opener.

The drive system isn’t used in many other models but you’ll get an opener that’s barely audible in operation so this set-up is ideal if your garage adjoins your house.

As long as you don’t mind the complications with installation and you can weather the stiff price tag, this is a garage door opener worthy of a place on any shortlist.



Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 5

If you want to leave your garage door in place but add a layer of intelligence, the NXG-100 from NEXX is a pocket-friendly solution from a brand you can trust.

Using the intuitive NEXX Garage app, you can remotely monitor your garage door from wherever you are and grant or deny access using your smart phone.

If you enjoy using your digital assistant, the NXG-100 works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Constantly pushing boundaries, NEXX recently rolled out a beta release of automatic opening so your doors will furl upward as you approach like a sci-fi move realized.

Real-time activity logging means you stay in full control even when you’re not at home. With class-leading encryption, you don’t need to worry about your smart system being compromised.

The NXG-100 is a great way to harness the equipment you have in place and give it a shot of smarts.

Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 6



Best Garage Door Opener Reviews: Enter your house with style 7

Last up in our garage door opener reviews is a cost-effective and efficient chain drive system from Craftsman, a brand that produces consistently strong tools and equipment at almost budget prices.

If you’re looking for a bargain without being stiffed in terms of performance, read on…

Many garage door openers are either far too garish or functional hunks that do nothing to enhance your décor. The Craftsman looks sleek and understated in trademark red and off-white.

You get a couple of remotes and the motor gently lifts the door and won’t let it back down until the advanced sensors confirm you’re safely inside and away from the door.

Safety extends to the encryption and security of the device itself so you don’t need any sleepless nights wondering if someone can penetrate your doors electronically.

Easy enough to install that you’ll be up and running well within the hour, this is a budget garage door opener with anything but budget performance. Road test one today and you won’t look back.



OK ...

With the garage door opener reviews wrapped, we’ll look into the whys and wherefores of getting the best equipment to make your life easier as you slip into your garage without needing to get out and manually crank a door.

What Are The Benefits of A Garage Door Opener?

Getting a garage door opener is a combination of convenience and security.

Garages serve as far more than just a dumping ground for your car. You can use this space as a workshop or storage area and up to 70% of homeowners regularly enter home through the garage. It makes sense to streamline this entry.

If you don’t want to hop out of your car to open the garage door every time you come home, read on for out quickfire buying guide…

What To Look For In The Best Garage Door Opener

These pieces of kit are relatively straightforward in terms of what they need to do but there are a few key factors worth bearing in mind to simplify your buying decision every step of the way.

Power Required

Regulation garage door openers come with 3 powerplants:

  • 1/3 HP
  • 1/2 HP
  • 3/4 HP

When you’re mulling over how much power you need, think about the dimensions and material of the door as well as the number of doors you’ll need the opener to lift.

Double doors call for a minimum ½ horsepower motor and you could easily get away with a 1/3 horsepower opener if you just have a smaller single door to deal with.

The more poky the motor, the less it will be strained and the longer it will last you.

Drive System

The best garage door openers come with 3 variants of drive system:

  • Belt Drive Systems
  • Metal Chain Drive Systems
  • Screw Drive Systems

Belt Drive Systems

The door is lowered using a simple rubber belt with this type of garage door opener.

The key advantage of belt drive garage door openers is how quiet they are in operation. If you have your garage attached to your home, this makes a smart choice.

Metal Chain Drive Systems

The rugged metal chain used to lower and raise the door makes quite a racket.

You should be aware in advance of the disturbance this type of garage door opener will make so you don’t end up with something inappropriate.

Screw Drive Systems

This kind of garage door opener makes uses of a threaded rod to move the door.

You’ll get very few moving parts meaning no maintenance or expected issues with no compromise on performance.

Choice of Power

Some garage door openers run on AC power while others use DC. Both types slot into a regular power outlet.

The advantage of garage door openers running on DC is that they’re generally quieter and smaller. Starting up and stopping should also be smoother. These models also tend to have battery back-ups which can be a real day-saver.

Enhanced Features and Functionality

You should not obsess with getting the most feature-rich garage door opener you can find unless you’re actually going to make use of those extras.

Most of the very best openers will be compatible with other devices in your smart home.

Motion sensors can be a useful safety feature while battery back-up can be invaluable. Look for what makes the best fit with your needs.


If you’re putting security uppermost, shoot for a garage door opener that uses a fresh code each time.

Many of the best openers, especially those from Chamberlain, are designed to very tough for hackers to penetrate so you can breathe freely.


Standard-issue garage door openers operate at a speed of roughly 7 inches per second.

If speed is of the essence, some models will run twice as quickly so pay attention to this area if it’s important to you.

Height of Garage Door

The bulk of garage door openers are designed with a normal 7 foot door in mind.

If your garage has bulkier doors, it’s vital you check the models you’re scoping out are man enough for the job.

A Final Word

Now you’ve explored these garage door opener reviews, you should have found something suitable for your set-up and your buying decision should now be straightforward.

Explore the rest of our garage section to find everything you need for your precious ride.

Come back soon for more of the very best products along with some handy information to make your life easier.

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