Best Gaming Chair Reviews to Boost your Gaming Experience

Gaming is a serious business and if you’ve invested time and money in the best gaming mouse and keyboard for your powerful PC, why cut corners on a gaming chair?

The core purpose of a gaming chair is little different to the chairs you’d put in a home office. Generally, gaming chairs tend to be more design-driven, though. Many resemble the bucket seats from a sports car.

In today’s gaming chair reviews, we’ll break down a broad selection of the most effective chairs so you can kick back and play your favorite first-person shooter for hours without feeling the strain.

5 Best Gaming Chair Reviews

We’ll also walk you through what to look out for when you’re hunting down the best gaming chair so your buying decision is simplified every step of the way.

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First up in our gaming chair reviews is a sleek and commanding monochrome beauty from GTRACING.

Super-simple to assemble, this nifty chair is built to stay the distance with a rock-solid metal frame while it’s comfortable enough for you to slump back into for hours of unbroken gaming.

The PU leather is a cinch to clean and highly breathable so you won’t end up with a sweaty back an hour into your FIFA session.

Adjustability is superb with the armrests moving up and down and to your preferred angle while the lumbar cushion and headrest offer fantastic support while also slipping out if you prefer. You can also fine-tune the backrest and the wheels let you scoot around without scuffing up your laminate flooring.

If you don’t like the stark black and white color scheme, this chair is available in a broad spread of alternative colors to coordinate with any bedroom.

The sitting area is a relatively generous 16 x 19 inches and the chair will support weights up to 330 pounds.

The only real downside is a head pillow that many users find rather too large for comfort while there’s a disconcerting popping sound when you start leaning back. Aside from these very minor snags, this is a supportive and luxurious gaming chair from an industry legend at a price you’ll love.

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Next in line in these gaming chair reviews is an enduringly popular racing-style set-up from Homall routinely voted best budget gaming chair.

The black, white, red and blue standard models come in at an incredibly reasonable price while for a small premium you can choose the mesh style seat instead.

Perhaps the main selling point is the way the back can be completely customized. You can lock it fully upright when you need to focus or recline if you’re in relaxation mode. You’ll also be able to gently rock if you enjoy a little movement as you get sucked into your game of the month.

Back support is essential and this gaming chair doesn’t skimp on that. You can move the super-supportive lumbar pillow around and the way the seat molds around your body is a wonderful way to improve your posture without any effort.

Assembly is fairly straightforward and you should be firing up your PlayStation well within an hour of unboxing.

Aside from the fact you can’t move the position of the armrests, there’s very little else we can say to knock this formidable gaming chair that punches considerably above its weight.

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A colorful beast is up next as we hit the midpoint of our gaming chair reviews with the relative newcomer E-Win hitting a home run with this ergonomic piece of kit marrying supreme comfort with incredible durability.

Unlike many competing gaming chairs, the skeleton of this colossus is a robust steel frame with outstanding foam much thicker than you’ll usually find of gaming chairs. Draped over this is a skin of nish PU leather meaning your chair will be a dream to sink back into and easy to wipe down and keep clean.

You can adjust the backrest from 85 to 155 degrees while the armrests also allow for plenty of freedom of movement. You’ll even be able to manipulate the elbow rests so you can set things up to your exact taste stress-free.

Along with this shower of benefits is one slight drawback…

Instructions are rather unclear so our honest advice is to set up the chair without them. It’s simple enough and very intuitive so give it a go!

For a complete customizable gaming chair that should give you plenty of faithful service while helping to keep your posture just right, this E-Win ergonomic chair is tough to beat even if it’s not the cheapest option at your disposal.

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Best Gaming Chair Reviews to Boost your Gaming Experience 7

As we edge to the end of our gaming chair reviews, we’ve got a neat little rocker from Ace Bayou, ideal if you prefer the fully lateral approach to gaming.

While it might be pretty pricey, you’ll get a huge amount of functionality even though this chair looks very simple on the surface.

Sound comes to the fore with a capable set of forward-facing speakers and a subwoofer integrated. If you love hearing the sounds of gunfire exploding all around you as you snipe away on Call of Duty, you’ll be in your element when you’re cocooned in this gaming chair. You can connect your chair wirelessly to your PlayStation, X-Box, MP3 player or home theater system.

The positioning of rockers makes them much more suitable for playing the console than pecking away at the PC. If you are gaming, though, you’ll appreciate the great line of sight you’ll get on the TV.

Even though this seat has you in a far more laid-back placement, this is not at the expense of ergonomics or back support.

If you want more than just a supportive chair and you don’t mind paying for the privilege, the Ace Bayou X Gaming Rocker serves up a true multimedia experience to ramp up your enjoyment of gaming to new levels.



Best Gaming Chair Reviews to Boost your Gaming Experience 8

To round out our gaming chair reviews, we’ve got a recliner looking more like a classic La-Z-Boy than an office-style chair.

If you don’t like the way rockers sit so low to the ground but you refuse to compromise comfort to get support, this manual recliner is the ideal solution. Whether you’re gaming, watching a movie or sleeping, recline to your preferred angle as the footrest pops up to complete a very luxe package.

The sitting area measures up at 20 x 22 inches which is enough for even larger gamers. That said, the 265 pound load-bearing capacity is pretty underwhelming so make sure this chair is large enough all round and you don’t end up feeling cramped.

As with most of the best gaming chairs, the PU leather gives you the benefits of genuine leather without the tasky maintenance. Cleaning is also as simple as wiping the chair down with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Looking far less gaudy then many regular gaming chairs, the Homall won’t look out of place in an office or living room. If, of course, you can keep it out of your kids’ bedrooms!

Road test this recliner today and you’ll be gaming in style tomorrow.

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OK ...

Now your appetite is whetted with that selection of gaming chairs, what specific pointers should you be considering when you’re on the buying trail?

What To Look For In The Best Gaming Chair

While a chair ostensibly couldn’t be much simpler, double down on these factors when you’re buying is key.

Type of Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs come in many different types and this is largely down to personal preference.

  • Pedestal Chairs: The most basic, no-nonsense gaming chair, you can swivel freely in all directions. The principal intended purpose of these gaming chairs is for console use.
  • Rockers: If you put comfort uppermost, a low-slung rocker is tailor made for hours of role-playing feeling as relaxed as if you were in bed. The L-shaped, arched design allows you to slouch back while hammering the controller.
  • Racers: While many gaming chairs are termed “racing style”, a full-bore racer often includes a steering wheel and pedals to really enhance your driving experience. If you play a lot of driving games, this type of swiveling and reclining chair makes perfect sense
  • PC Gaming Chairs: As the name makes abundantly clear, this style of chair is designed with PC usage in mind. As well as padded headrest and armrests, this kind of gaming chair also fully supports your back, crucial to prevent you from slumping over all day and creating potential back problems

It’s All About Ergonomics

Whatever variety of gaming chair makes the best fit for you, it’s vital to explore the ergonomics.

Adequate cushioning where it counts should be standard.

How about leather or cloth? As with many aspects of buying a gaming chair, it’s more about personal choice than hoping for a definitive right or wrong answer.

If you opt for the most basic gaming chair, you’ll likely be limited to height adjustment. For more flexibility and freedom of movement, shoot for one with a reclining back and make sure you can also tweak the position of the armrests.

Comfort is to some degree subjective so make sure the chair you have in mind meshes with your needs. Even if you intend to buy your gaming chair online, it’s still a sound idea to physically try one out beforehand.

Size Matters

Don’t overlook the physical size of the seat.

If you’re larger than average, it’s essential you don’t end up with a chair that pinches you or is any way uncomfortable or it will end up an unused hunk of junk.

Build Quality

As the saying goes, “Buy cheap, buy twice.”

Don’t take this to mean you need to bankrupt yourself, simply that you should avoid any super-cheap chair that don’t come highly recommended.

While the very best gaming chairs are by no means cheap, you can expect up to a decade of sustained use so the price suddenly doesn’t seem quite so bad.

The cheaper foam used in entry-level chairs might start off just fine but you’re likely to find it loses its shape and support pretty quickly.

Faux-leather is a common choice since it’s cheaper than regular leather and extremely easy to clean.

Look for a gaming chair that feels solid and looks built to last and you’ll be glad you took the time to get it right.

Extra Features

Rather than obsessing about getting a chair laden with every conceivable add-on, look instead for those features that will add genuine value to your gaming.

Whether you want to hook your gaming chair up using an HDMI cable or wireless connectivity to enjoy full surround sound or you spend most of your time on driving games and can’t do without the full wheeled set-up, make sure the chair you decide on gives you everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Casters and Wheels

Whether the gaming chair you’re considering has rigid or swivel casters, read plenty of user reviews so you can make sure they won’t scratch up your flooring.

Rigid casters are fit for purpose but offer extremely limited movement forward and backward only.

With swivel casters, on the other hand, you’ll be able to scoot around in all directions fuss-free.

A Final Word

We very much this rundown on the best gaming chairs has given you some food for thought and you’re now ready to upgrade your equipment and get even more enjoyment out of your gaming.

Drop us a line if there’s anything you’d like us to cover here at Homendgarden. We’ve just returned from vacation and we’re hard at work testing out new products right now to bring you all the best ideas.

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