Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products

The ideal kitchen appliances make cooking easier and eliminate those small, tasky jobs that can eat up so much time.

The best food processors are perfect examples of labor-saving products well worth the initial investment.

Preparing food can be tedious and repetitive. Food processors can take the sting out of much of that.

The best part is that food processors can be used for much more than just cutting your food up. From chopping salads to racking up homemade nut butter, from grinding meat to making fresh sauces, food processors are highly versatile.

Here is our list of the best food processors 2018 based on ratings, sales and our own extensive research:

Without further ado, we’ll dive deeper into each of these kitchen assistants, each of which presents a strong case for the best food processor in 2018…

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 1

If you’ve worked your way through any of our other reviews, you’ll know that Hamilton Beach is a household name for kitchenware of all stripes. You get outstanding quality from a brand you can trust without needing to spend much for the privilege.

This food processor proves clearly that you don’t need to lash out a fortune to get the equivalent of a sous-chef in the kitchen with you.

Read on to see where this excellent food processor stands and falls…

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Stainless steel blades give you plenty of scope whether you want your food chopped, pureed or shredded. There’s a foolproof guide that clearly indicates the most appropriate blade for the job at hand and which button to hit to activate this.

The sealed bowl means there’s no danger of your processed food overflowing and cascading over the counter. Holding 12 cups, the bowl is big enough for all the family.

Using it comes without all the tomfoolery and twisting that comes with many food processors. Just feed what you want blended down the large chute and sit back while the processor does all the work for you.

The blades, lid and bowl are all dishwasher safe so you’ll be able to clean this food processor as easily as using it.

For a no-nonsense approach to food processing, this model deserves a place on any shortlist.

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Ninja Master Prep Professional Food Processor, Chopper and Blender

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 2

Next up in our best food processor reviews is another budget option from the industry legend that is Ninja. When it comes to blending and pureeing food, this manufacturer delivers every time.

You’ll get no less than 3 bowls in this bundle further extending the value for money:

  • 48oz pitcher bowl for frozen blending
  • 40oz bowl for standard meal preparation
  • 16 oz chopper bowl to help with even chopping

Read on to see where else this awesome and affordable food processor acquits itself well…

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450 watts of power is more than enough for most regular food processing needs. While there are more potent appliances on the market, they come with a correspondingly price tag.

Everything you need, including a selection of bowls, will see you up and running straight out the box. You’ll even get some storage lids thrown in. Keep your food fresher for longer with this Ninja package.

Made from food-grade BPA-free plastic, you can focus on the job at hand without worrying about your health.

From mincing to dicing, pulping to blending, the world’s your oyster with this flexible and highly capable food processor.

And the best part?

It costs significantly less than a restaurant meal so check out the Ninja today and start fighting back in the kitchen tomorrow.

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 3

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KitchenAid KFP0711CU 7 Cup Food Processor

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 4

KitchenAid sell top-notch appliances at a very attractive price point. They’re not exactly cheap but they certainly don’t break the bank either.

The great news is, this food processor is currently available at a pretty aggressive discount so if you act soon, you could get a real bargain.

We’ll look now at what this nifty little kitchen assistant does best…

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Unlike many food processors, the feed tube is multi-purpose… You can use either a wider or narrower opening according to what food you’ll be pushing in for best results with the minimum of fuss.

If you worry about your food processor leaking, shelve that concern with the KitchenAid. The locking system in place is first-rate and you’ll get no spillage whatsoever thanks to UltraTight Seal technology.

You can flick between 2 pulsing speeds to match the pace to the desired consistency of your food.

As well as a slicing disc, shredding disc and multi-functional blade, you’ll also get a bowl thrown in good for 7 cups.

Finished in silver polycarbonate plastic, this food processor looks great on the countertop and will make a fine addition to any kitchen. Check one out today and start making your life easier when it comes to food prep.

KitchenAid also serves up a 1-year warranty for stress-free purchasing.

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BLACK+DECKER 8-Cup Food Processor, Black, FP1600B

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 5

BLACK+DECKER is a enduring brand specializing in consumer electronics and, increasingly, kitchen products.

If you’re familiar with this industry giant, you’ll be amazed at the ridiculously low price tag of this food processor. As you’d expect, there’s no compromise on quality in the quest for a bargain.

Read on to see why this food processor makes perfect sense, especially if you’re on a tighter budget…

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While the body is made from BPA-free plastic, inside where it counts you get the durability and performance of stainless steel components. The blade, shredder and slicer are all precision-made to deliver rapid results.

The bowl provided is an 8-cup model so you won’t end up cramped for space when you’re prepping food.

There’s a pusher provided to help you slip things down the chute ready for action. This is a nice touch as this job can be fiddly.

Your kids are safe from harm, too. You can’t fire up the food processor unless the lid is securely locked. You can rest easy knowing their inquisitive fingers won’t come to any mischief.

Cleaning food processors needs to be simple or they end up as expensive ornaments you don’t want to use. Everything on the BLACK+DECKER is dishwasher safe so you can once again let the machine do the work while you chow down on your delicious meal.

This 450-watt powerhouse comes with an excellent 2-year limited warranty so road test this food processor knowing you’ve got no worries about expensive repairs.

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 6

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Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 7

No selection of the best food processors would be complete without an entry from Breville.

We’ll warn you immediately that if you’re searching for the cheapest food processor on the market, this sous-chef model is not what you’re looking for.

If, however, you want a professional-grade appliance suitable for blending and processing food on a larger scale, read on to see how the Breville wows…

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Where many food processors come as a bare bones appliance, you’ll get plenty of extras with this Breville. Alongside 3 blades and an assortment of 5 discs, you’ll get a 16-cup bowl and a much smaller 2 ½-cup version to cover all conceivable bases. There’s an integrated food pusher for good measure.

There’s a crisp little LCD display showing you the timer you can program to count up or down according to your preference. Using the food processor is super-simple despite the technology in place.

Safety is uppermost, too. Unless everything is correctly locked in position, you won’t be able to get going with this 1200-watt beauty.

The food chute is almost double the size of most of the competition at 5 ½ inches. Pretty much anything will fit in fuss-free for the ideal blending experience.

If you’re committed to excellence in the kitchen and you have a more fluid budget, we simply can’t recommend the Breville highly enough. What are you waiting for?


Best Food Processor 2020: The 5 Most Top-Rated And Best Selling Products 8

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A Final Word

The core purpose of the best food processors is to help simplify food preparation so you can enjoy fresh produce without spending hours chained to the countertop.

Depending on your specific needs, any of the food processors we outlined today make a wonderful kitchen companion.

We hope these reviews have helped edge you closer to a buying decision. If you’re still stuck, drop us a line and we’ll help you out further if we can.

Come back soon for more home and garden-related guides.

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