Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020

When you take your dog out for a walk, you’ve got a number of options to make sure he stays safely within your grasp.

Aside from the standard collar and lead set-up, you could also opt for a dog harness.

Today, we’ll double down on these 3 dog harnesses so you can see which would work best for you and your furry friend:

A Quick Overview of our Top 3 Best Dog Harness Reviews:

Withotu further ado, we’ll get straight down to our dog harness reviews.

Once we’ve showcased these 3 outstanding choices, we’ll wrap up with a concise guide showing you what to look out for and simplifying your buying decision.

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 1

First up in our best dog harness reviews is a tried and true favorite from the highly reputable EcoBark Pet Supplies.

If you want a wide choice of sizings and colors, this dog harness offers a wealth of options…

From black and blue through to bright pink and yellow, you’ve got 10 different colors to liven up your dog while keeping him nicely restrained.

The extra small harness is pitched at dogs with a 9 to 13 inch chest and a 7-½ inch neck. Stepping up through the 6 sizes, the biggest harness caters for dogs with 14-inch necks and chests up to 29 inches. Be warned that many users find these sizes come up pretty small so err on the side of caution.

As the name suggests, one of the key selling points of this harness is the environmentally sound material it’s made from. The straps, for example, are fashioned from recycled water bottles.

The main body of the harness is a perfect combination of durability, breathability and security. Importantly, the padded webbing is tested by ROSH as being completely safe for you dog while also providing maximum comfort so he doesn’t feel stifled. It’s a very lightweight unit so he won’t burdened down while he romps away. The mesh design clings to your dog’s body without irritation and mold nicely to your canine’s movements.

You can make very easy adjustments to the belt to fine-tune the fit to perfection. This is highly reinforced and double-stitched packing quick release clasps. Note that a number of users have complained that this can snap open unintentionally so pay attention to this and check that everything is nicely snapped together.

We’ll briefly highlight the chief advantages and minor snags with this outstanding dog harness so you can see if it makes sense for you…

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 2




If you’re looking for an affordable and functional dog harness with a large spread of choices when it comes to size and color, check out The Original Eco-Bark today.

For anyone concerned about the environment but not prepared to sacrifice the safety and comfort of their dog, this harness makes a very smart buy.

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 3

Next up in our top 3 dog harness reviews is a more expensive offering from the industry favorite Ruffwear.

This harness is a little more expensive but still represents great value. We should state front and center that the nylon straps are a weak point and many users complain that they have given up the ghost prematurely. Be realistic about how long you expect the harness to last to avoid disappointment.

As with the Eco-Bark, you’ll get 6 options with sizing accommodating just about any dog. There are 10 striking colorways meaning there’s something for pretty much all tastes.

Obviously, the success of failure of a dog harness hinges on far more than size and design. The Ruffwear allows you to get the ideal mix of control married to comfort. After all, it’s no use keeping your dog in line if he’s feeling irritated and the harness chafes.

The padded panel through the belly and chest mean the load is evenly distributed and you can maintain total control without the harness digging in. If you fancy taking your dog for a regular walk down the street, just use the aluminum ring sat at the back instead.

There’s a nifty little pocket where you can stash your dog’s ID rather than needing an additional collar. This is a lovely touch.

If you often head out for walks in the dark, you’ll appreciate the reflective strips meaning you and your dog can stay safe at all times and whatever the lighting conditions.

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 4

For the optimum combination of comfort and control, this Ruffwear model is a strong contender for the best dog harness.

Check out the advantages and drawbacks before we serve up our verdict and round out these reviews…




If you have a more fluid budget and you want a tough, no-nonsense dog harness ideal for pullers, this Ruffwear All-Day Adventure model merits a place on any shortlist.

For anyone who enjoys active and vigorous sessions outside, the stability of this harness makes it well worth popping on your shortlist. Even if your dog is willful and tends to pull, the Ruffwear will keep him in check.

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 5

Last but by no means least in our dog harness reviews is another soft and supportive model, this time from Puppia.

As with our other 2 options, you’ll enjoy a wealth of choice on the color front. With 12 different designs across the whole palette, there’s something for everyone here. Not everyone wants a drab and dreary harness and Puppia has addressed that desire for a shot of color in fine style.

Sizing is equally flexible. XS caters for puppies or diminutive breeds like Chihuahuas or Maltese. This smallest harness works well for neck sizes of 7 ½ inches and chest girths of up to 13 inches. If you’ve got a hulking pit bull or a Lab, though, the XXL should be ideal for restraining him without any discomfort.

And the comfort factor, ultimately, is where a harness stands or falls. This model is made from an air-mesh polyester which is not only rugged but also molds beautifully to your dog’s body without cramping or rubbing him. Care is super-simple with hand washing and air drying the recommended approach. At a pinch you can pop this harness in the machine so you’ve got all bases covered.

Best Dog Harness: Reviews and Buying Guide for 2020 6

Gearing up for your walk is a cinch. Slip the harness over your dog’s head, buckle up at the sides and you’re ready to hit the road.

While you don’t enjoy the same degree of fine-tuning as you’ll get with some of the competition, if you get the sizing right, this collar will serve you well.

Take a glimpse at the chief pros and cons of the Puppia dog harness before we round out for today…




No dog harness is perfect and it’s the lack of adjustability that means we’d advise against buying this harness for a puppy. Before you know it, he will experience chafing on the legs showing that he has outgrown the harness. In defense of this harness, the cut-throat price means this isn’t really a huge issue or a deal-breaker but it rates a mention.

That said, if you’re looking for an extremely comfy harness that keeps your dog in check while also looking great, the Puppia is an affordable, durable and effective dog harness. Pop it on your shortlist if you think it makes sense for you.


Before we head out for our walk, a few brief tips on what to consider when you’re looking for the best dog harness…

Dog Harness Buying Guide

A dog harness is a simple piece of kit.

Nevertheless, there are a few pointers to take on board to ensure you get the best one for your needs.

  • Size Matters
  • Type of Harness
  • Material
  • Ease of Use

Size Matters

If you’re buying your dog harness online, getting the size right is critical.

You need to measure up behind his front legs and around the torso so you can get an accurate idea of the circumference. This is known as the girth, often also loosely referred to as the chest size.

Many harnesses have neck openings. Measure this up as well.

Dogs are often resistant to this type of treatment. If your canine is not obedient enough to remain in the stand position, enlist the help of someone to calm and steady him as you get those all-important measurements.

Since most dog harnesses come in a bewildering range of sizes, you should easily be able to find something that fits the bill.

Type of Harness

There are a variety of different styles of harness at your disposal…

  • Regular Harness: With adjustable straps, these harnesses wrap around your dog’s torso above and below his front legs. Occasionally, you’ll get an extra strap encircling the belly. You hook up your leash to the top of this standard harness
  • EasyOn Harness: If speed is of the essence, the quick release clasps on these harnesses are ideal. The downside is that this style is generally very lightweight. Think twice if you have a larger or more aggressive dog
  • StepIn Harness: With straps around the front legs, the name shows clearly how your dog gets into this harness. Since the leash connects to the top of the step-in style, this minimizes any chance of choking
  • Vest Harness: The vast bulk of your dog’s torso will be enclosed with this type of harness. A vest harness works best with smaller dogs

There’s no magic answer with the type of harness. You know your dog best so buy the most suitable style for your requirements but make sure you give this adequate forethought.

Material and Construction

Fabric determines durability, strength and comfort so make sure you focus on the material to avoid getting an inappropriate harness…

A smaller dog might find a stiffer and more rugged harness restrictive. A bigger animal, on the other hand, might end up breaking out of a flimsier harness designed with pure comfort in mind.

You want a fabric with plenty of give and breathability to ensure your dog isn’t irritated when wearing it.

Look for top-stitching throughout the harness rather than just near the opening. This will help extend its lifespan.

Ease of Use

Many dogs are highly excitable and find it difficult to sit for any length of time. The less obedient your dog, the more you should concentrate on getting a harness you can slip on and off fuss-free.

Step-in or easy-on harnesses work a treat and you’ll have your dog buckled in double-quick. The downside is that the fit is not quite so snug so your dog might end up backing out of the harness.

A Final Word

We very much hope these dog harness reviews have pointed in the right direction of the best piece of kit for your needs.

Drop us a line with any questions or feedback. We’re always more than happy to help. Come back soon!

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