Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers

Keeping your dog safely within the boundaries of your garden can be challenging.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution. In today’s best dog fence reviews, we’ll outline how you can keep your furry friend safe without interfering with his freedom of movement.

These are the 3 top-tier dog fences we’ll explore:

3 Best Dog Fence Reviews

Once we’ve fully outlined where these dog fences stand and fall, we’ll give you a concise guide to buying the best system for your needs without taking up too much time.

Straight down to business with the reviews, then…

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 1

They say you shouldn’t change a winning team but this second generation of the extreme dog fence proves that a few small tweaks can make all the difference.

With coverage area more than doubled and the electronics fully uprated, read on to see why this dog fence is well worth the investment…

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 2

First up, choose whether you want to contain from 1 to 5 dogs using lengths of wire from 500 feet right through to 5000 feet. Whether you’ve got a small yard or sprawling grounds, extreme serves up something for all needs with this outstanding in-ground dog fence.

Many manufacturers claim their fences demand very little effort to install. This is usually not true. While getting the extreme dog fence up and running is not exactly the work of 5 minutes and will require a little bit of know-how, by the standards of most other fences it’s relatively easy to get going. The installation kit is included.

The heavy-duty copper wire is fully weatherproofed and much thicker than expected. The regular wire included is 14-gauge while the twisted wire is 16-gauge.

When it comes to layout, you’ll be able to easily tweak things to suit your requirements. You can choose from multiple sides and shapes to get a fully personalized containment system. Since design is not everyone’s strong suit, extreme have a team of specialists on hand to give advice if necessary. This support extends beyond layout so if you run into any problems, just contact customer care around the clock and they’ll help you out.

With a feature-rich transmitter, you’ve got everything you need to keep your dogs fully secured while still allowing them to roam around and enjoy themselves. This fence can operate on 2 frequencies which helps to prevent any clash if your neighbors use a similar system.

50 training flags are thrown in and the waterproof collar means you can let your dog out whatever the weather without fearing for his safety.

A comprehensive warranty on both the electrics and wiring means you can save yourself the worry of potentially expensive repairs.

We’ll underscore the chief advantages and drawbacks of the extreme dog fence now so you can see if it’s the most appropriate solution for your containment needs…




If you are purely driven by the bottom line and you’re simply looking for the cheapest dog fence, this kit from extreme is not for you.

If, on the other hand, you consider a fence like this as an investment rather than an expense and you place a premium on quality and overall value, there are few better options up for grabs.

For an effective and highly versatile fencing solution, check out the extreme today and let your dogs start romping in the garden in complete safety tomorrow.

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 3

Next up in our dog fence reviews is another invisible in-ground system from the stellar SportDOG.

When you’ve got a bigger garden, buying and installing a physical fence to keep your dogs from harm’s way is a costly endeavor. With SportDOG’s in-ground invisible fence, you can secure up to 1 1/3 acres with the basic kit which is adequate for most needs. You can also choose to invest in more wire and flags for areas up to a staggering 100 acres. This is a lot more costly so consider the space you want to deal with and do your sums to avoid a nasty surprise when ordering.

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 4

Installation is not too troublesome. Just sink the wire all around your property in the layout of your choice. Plug in the transmitter. Check the wire is also connected to the transmitter. Range settings are simple to fine-tune and you can easily set the distance at which you want the collar to correct your dog.

You’ve got 3 correction options with this kit:

  • Warning
  • Stimulation
  • Warning and Stimulation

Go easy with the static correction as some dogs might react adversely if you ramp things straight up to the highest of the 4 levels. Go gently and use the progressive correction method if your dog doesn’t respond. The vibration and combined modes give you further versatility when training your dog to stay within bounds.

The waterproof SDF-R collars fit any dog larger than 10 pounds. If you have multiple pets, just buy some more receivers and keep them all in check. There’s a low-battery warning on the collar for your convenience and the battery should give you about 6 months of use. The anti-linger feature preserves its lifespan nicely.

The guide provided walks you through every step of getting the most out of this in-ground dog fence. You can also take advantage of ongoing customer care which should ease your mind if you’re not so technically inclined.

Take a glimpse at a snapshot of the leading advantages and minor drawbacks of the SportDOG invisible fence before we round out with our verdict…




Packing a range of correction features suitable for all sizes and temperaments of dog, this in-ground fence is a must on any shortlist.

With the option to expand the fence to contain really spacious grounds and to upgrade to any number of collars, the SportDOG is well worth your further investigation.

The remote training system is much more expensive so we’d recommend rolling with the cheaper option unless you specifically need a more advanced training solution. We’re not here to push you in the direction of expensive products when a less costly one does the job well.

Check out the SportDOG fence at your earliest convenience and you won’t be disappointed.

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 5

PetSafe are one of the real industry heavyweights when it comes to anything pet-related.

While our first dog fence reviews focused on in-ground invisible fences, we try to supply something for everyone here at HomeNDGarden. This wireless fence is a smart choice if you want to sidestep hiding wires around the perimeter of your home but you don’t want to sacrifice your dog’s security.

You can kickstart proceedings by training your dog for a fortnight or so using the audible warning. Once he gets the message, you can switch to the static correction. There are 5 levels ranging from extremely mild on through to a shock that will give even a larger and more stubborn dog food for thought. The correction will cut out after 15 seconds so you don’t need to worry about the welfare of your pets if you’re inside the house. No manual input is required.

Due to the wireless nature of this dog fence, set-up is much swifter and simpler than installing an in-ground alternative.

Best Dog Fence: Reviews and Buying Guide for Pet Lovers 6

The base package offers coverage up to ¾ acre so, unless you have a recklessly large garden, this should be adequate. Adjusting the boundary is as straightforward as twisting the dial. If you do need to increase the containment area, simply buy some more wireless transmitters.

The PetSafe operates in a circular area so you won’t be able to manipulate this dog fence into a square or rectangle like you can with in-ground fences.

The collar is lightweight and fully waterproof. It takes rechargeable batteries which are specific to this collar and not replaceable. There’s no limit to the number of dogs you can keep safe if you buy extra collars so this a versatile fence if you have more pets.

As long as you have access to a power outlet, you can expand your pet training to include outside space away from home. Take the neat little system on your next RV trip and teach your dog to obey boundaries in the park or fields fuss-free.




There’s a good reason PetSafe are such a trusted brand in the pet safety space and that’s products that put quality uppermost without costing a fortune.

If you want all the convenience of a dog fence without the hassle of burying wires and messing around with electronics, this wireless containment system is an absolute must-have.

Check out this PetSafe dog fence today and watch your dog start respecting boundaries in no time.


We’ll give you a few handy pointers now on how to get the best dog fence for your needs…

Dog Fence Buying Guide

Buying the best dog fence is such a broad area you could write a book on it.

Instead of that, we’ll give you 5 key areas to double down on so you can get the most appropriate containment system for you and your beloved pets.

  • Type of Fence
  • Collar
  • Range of Containment Area
  • Installation
  • Price

Type of Fence

There are 5 main types of fencing solution for your dogs:

  1. Invisible Fence: Like our first 2 fences today, invisible fences combine hidden wire with a transmitter. You deliver graded levels of correction to train your dog to stay within the fence’s boundaries
  2. Wireless Fence: With no wires, the transmitter on a wireless fence pulses out an invisible field to shock your dog if he strays too far. These work well with completely symmetrical layouts but they are more limited in general than invisible fences
  3. Chain Link Fence: No use for anything other than the smallest dogs, you can try a chain link fence but it’s not a wise move in most cases
  4. Wooden Fence: These split-rail wooden fences can work but they rely on your dog being fairly obedient and not too likely to try jumping the fence or digging under it
  5. Building a Wall: Get the height right and a wall can be extremely effective. The downside is that walls often look unsightly

Range of Containment Area

Think carefully about the size of your property before launching in to buy a dog fence. The dimensions will to a great extent dictate which type of fence is most prudent.

For really expansive gardens, the cost of extra wire and posts makes an invisible dog fence a costly undertaking.

Pay close attention to the coverage area on the model you have in mind so you don’t end up selling yourself short.


This applies particularly to invisible wired dog fences…

Most wireless options are good to go with almost no tinkering around. An invisible fence, on the other hand, can be exacting work to install.

Think about how capable you are in this regard. If you need to call in outside labor, factor this into your budgeting.

Read plenty of honest user reviews to get an accurate feel for the installation process. Do not rely on the manufacturer claiming “Easy DIY installation.” This is often very far from the case.


Consider overall value and compare the one-off cost of a containment system to the food and supplies you buy for your dog on an ongoing basis.

And you can always think of the money saved on costly vet bills by making sure your dog doesn’t escape and come to grief.

Think about more than just the bottom line and look for the best dog fence rather than focusing purely on the very cheapest option or thinking about going without.

A Final Word

We very much hope you’ve enjoyed these dog fence reviews.

If you think about the above pointers and road test any of the 3 products we outline, you can kick back and let your dog have fun outside without any concern for his welfare.

Get in touch with any questions or feedback and come back soon!

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