Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021

While all pet lovers consider their animal as part of their family, cats and dogs don’t come without their drawbacks…

Hair is the common gripe that has every pet owner grappling for the best solution.

For the clean-up side, getting the best pet vacuum is essential.

How about prevention, though?

Well, with today’s dog and cat hair clipper reviews, we’ll highlight 3 of the leading methods for keeping your pet’s hair neatly trimmed to minimize shedding and make your life easier.

These are the clippers we’ll explore:

Once we’ve given you the lowdown on this top-notch trio, we’ll show you what to look out for when you’re buying the best dog and cat hair clippers.

We’ll get right down to it now without further ado…

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 1

Andis is a household name in the pet clipper space. Their products are not cheap but buying into Andis ensures you get high-performing clippers built to stay the distance. Think of these clippers as an investment not an expense.

Available in a range of 6 attractive colors, you’ll get a winning combination of power and quiet operation. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than the irritating high-pitched whine of noisy clippers. That sound can end up really grating your pet as well as anyone else in earshot.

Suitable for all types of cats and dogs, these 2-speed clippers offer you the choice of 3400SPM or 4400SPM. The high speed comes into its own with particularly matted fur. The Andis AGCs deal with all cutting situations impeccably.

Although these clippers are corded, the cable is more than long enough at 14 feet to give you ample maneuverability even if your cat or dog gives you the run-around.

The blade provided is a size 10 UltraEdge finished in chrome to prevent rust and specially hardened to stay sharper for longer. As well as the blades in the package, you can choose from any ShowEdge or CeramicEdge blades as well as the Oster A-5s so simply choose what works best for your pet.

A serious issue with many clippers is the way they run red hot under heavy use. Sadly, the fans or vents used my many manufacturers to combat this cause their own problems. Hair tends to suck its way inside clogging up your clippers and causing them to break down. With the Andis, you’ll get the benefit of cool running with none of the drawbacks of clogging so you can focus on the job at hand stress-free.

A step up in size and weight from Andis’s SMC range, the AGCs are the go-to clipper for professional groomers so you know you’re in safe hands. Just be certain before you buy that you’re comfy wielding a slightly bulkier set of clippers. The barrel grip makes them a pleasure to hold and there’s a locking switch to make sure the clippers don’t accidentally power down mid-cut.

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 2




The Andis ACG clippers are a heavy-duty approach to keeping your pet’s hair neatly trimmed which, while not cheap, will last for years if properly maintained.

Whatever the size of your cat or dog and however much of a state its hair is in, these Andis clippers will be the wisest investment you made for your pet. Kiss goodbye to a houseful of hair and say hello to a perfectly groomed furry friend.

Not everyone is looking for the cheapest dog hair clippers but if you have a more fluid budget, Andis are right up there with the very best.

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 3

Next in our best dog and cat hair clipper reviews, we’ll focus on another premium brand at a higher price point. Wahl are industry titans and with the Professional Animal Bravura, the company steps out of the salon and into the pet hair game.

Any pet owner will know that cats and dogs tend to wriggle around when you’re grooming them. Beyond this, cutting their hair is something that’s often best done outdoors to minimize mess. To help combat these issues, the Wahl Bravura are cordless clippers so you have much more latitude. With a full hour and a half of cutting on a single charge, you’ll be able to shear even larger animals without running out of juice. If you need a helping hand to finish, just plug them in and finish up using the cord.

Whether you’ve got a cat or dog at home or perhaps a horse at the stables, the Wahl are tailor-made to cope with animals big and small. From full body clipping through to more detailed finishing work for show animals, there’s little the Bravura won’t do.

Blades are customizable through 5 lengths and the quick-change system lets you flit between fine, coarse, pro, diamond or surgical blades. Wahl covers all bases in fine style.

Maxing out at 5500SPM, these clippers pack some real power, surprising for a cordless product. Despite this raw performance, these clippers are extremely quiet and almost vibration-free even when they’re given plenty of punishment. There’s no reported issue with overheating either which is just one more reason to invest in the Bravura.

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 4

As well as a selection of blades along with all charging and cleaning supplies, you’ll get the standard Wahl soft case to keep everything right where you need it.

Apart from the fairly stiff price tag and the need for frequent cleaning, there’s little we can say to knock these Wahl clippers. Check out the shower of benefits they offer before we round out with our final set of clippers followed by a brief buying guide…





Globally renowned for producing the best cutting equipment in the hairdressing industry, it’s no surprise Wahl’s cat and dog hair clippers punch above their weight.

If you want the adaptability of a cordless model with all the grunt of corded clippers, these hard-hitting Wahl Bravura make perfect sense. The 30-day money-back guarantee combined with 1-year warranty really ices the cake.

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 5

We aim to review products here suitable for all needs and budgets. For this reason, we’ll round out our best cat and dog hair clipper reviews with a pocket-friendly pair of cordless clippers from Sminiker. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this ultra-low price tag translates to wonky rubbish, though.

Arriving fully charged and ready to roll, these cordless clippers will work on most breeds and sizes of dog. They also serve a turn for cutting cat hair even if your feline has loose skin.

The titanium and ceramic blades are designed so they won’t corrode and they do  wonderful job of trimming your pet’s hair precisely without any danger of cutting them at the same time. The edge is shaped in such a way it won’t pinch or trap the skin while still powering through the hair. With longer fur, you will need to put in a bit more effort and it might take several passes to achieve professional results.

Don’t be confused by the manufacturer’s claim of 5 to 6 hours of run time. This is actually the length of time it takes to impart a full burst of charge. That said, you’ll be able to cut for 60 to 70 minutes which is more than fit for purpose.

Although these clippers are quiet – they’re rated at 50 decibels – and give off little vibration, beware of them running rather hot for comfort if you hammer them too hard. Watch out for overheating and take a short break if necessary to avoid overworking the clippers and damaging them.

With 4 graded guide combs included along with a comb and some scissors, these Sminiker clippers represents incredible overall value. The only thing not provided is the oil you’ll need to buy separately for smooth running. If you’re on a tight budget, though, you won’t be remotely disappointed with these clippers and neither will your beloved pet.

Best Dog and Cat Hair Clippers: Review and Buying Guide 2021 6




While most cheap products are either shoddily made or deliver poor results, these Sminiker rechargeable clippers are the exception to that rule.

Get the sheer convenience of cordless clippers without worrying about running low on power midway through your cutting duties thanks to the incredible staying power of the battery.

And the best thing? They cost less than a packet of pet food so you really can’t go far wrong with these awesome, cheap pet hair clippers.


Now you’ve seen some of the very best dog and cat hair clippers, what should you watch out for when making your buying decision?

Cat and Dog Hair Clippers Buying Guide

Focus on these 5 key elements and getting the best pet hair clippers is a breeze:

  • Blade Design:
  • The Noise Factor:
  • Weight and Ergonomics:
  • Overall Maintenance:
  • How Hot Do They Get?

Blade Design

The best clippers come with blades that are fashioned to resist rust and corrosion. This not only helps them to last longer but they’ll stay sharper into the bargain.

Check, too, that the blades detach easily. There’s nothing worse than wrestling with a complicated mechanism when all you want to do is swap out the blade.

Think about what blades fit the clippers and whether or not this gels with the pet and hair type in question.

The Noise Factor

Clippers that generate too much noise can turn an already stressful experience into a full-blown nightmare.

You know your animal best so, if they are skittish about noise, make certain you roll with clippers that run quietly without compromising the power you need for a close, precise cut.

The 3 models we review above are all nice and quiet so you can buy with complete confidence.

Weight and Ergonomics

Cutting your pet’s hair is not the work of 5 minutes. Think about the length of time you’re likely to take grooming and make sure you don’t angle for clippers that will tire you out through being too heavy. This doesn’t mean you need the lightest, flimsiest clippers on the market just that you should be happy with the weight.

Read user reviews to see if the clippers feel balanced and comfortable in the hand.

Consider your requirements and choose between a corded or cordless model accordingly.

Overall Maintenance

All pet hair clippers require some maintenance although some are more demanding than others in terms of care.

Pay attention to how easy the clippers are to disassemble and clean. Don’t forget you’ll also need to oil them so check if this is provided. If not, make provision and get some suitable oil.

Proper maintenance safeguards the clippers to some extent from overheating so don’t neglect them and they’ll serve you better and for longer.

How Hot Do They Get

Even given adequate maintenance, some clippers just run hotter than others.

Steer clear of clippers with vents and fans as these simply get bogged down with coarse pet hair leading to more problems than overheating itself.

Determine how long you’ll be using them for in one stint and make sure you get clippers that are not going to run too hot and end up breaking down completely or burning out.

A Final Word

We hope these cat and dog hair clipper reviews and buying guide have served to simplify your purchasing decision.

Make sure the model you have in mind works well with your type of pet. Don’t forget to factor in the length and condition of the hair while taking the above 5 factors into account. Do this and you’ll have the best-groomed pet in town without spending a fortune on weekly grooming.

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