Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews – Making your Engine Clean

Diesel cars were once the red-headed stepchild of automobiles…

Flat, sluggish engines with woeful acceleration and lame top speeds have given way to sleek turbo-charged diesels combining impressive torque and smile-inducing economy with increasingly capable performance.

However much diesel engines have improved, build-up of damaging deposits is an ongoing bugbear but you’re in luck…

5 Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews

In today’s diesel injector cleaner reviews, we’ll look at 5 affordable solutions to help you get the very most from your diesel engine.

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 1

First in line in our diesel injector cleaner reviews is the classic Diesel Kleen from the inimitable Power Service. While this additive is not particularly cheap, with potential fuel savings of up to 8%, you’ll soon recoup your investment. You’ll get 6 bottles of 80oz each so overall value is more than acceptable.

Diesel Kleen works with all fuels including biodiesel but you’ll experience far superior results with older cars. You’ll also find this additive doesn’t make the best fit with trucks.

The burst of cetane delivered gives you a shower of benefits minimizing any annoying power lag and simplifying cold starts to give you stress-free mornings.

With Diesel Kleen, you’ll not only help protect the fuel system in your car but you’ll end up extending its lifespan, all the while enjoying a quieter ride with far fewer noxious emissions spitting out in your wake.

Although Diesel Kleen can be used confidently year-round, this additive is not a winterizer so be aware of this upfront.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and dependable way to extract even better fuel consumption from your diesel engine, you can’t miss with Power Service’s Diesel Kleen. Check some out today!



Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 2

Next up in our diesel injector cleaner reviews is a consistently popular additive, the legendary Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme.

As with the vast bulk of these additives, you’ll return best results with older vehicles. Newer diesel engines shouldn’t need as much of a leg-up anyway.

One of the chief selling points of Secret Diesel Extreme is its ability to remove water from the fuel system. While you’ll undoubtedly see off the accumulated deposits that can clog up the works, this additive also serves to lubricate and stabilize your engine so you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Principal advantages of Secret Diesel Extreme include a possible uptick in performance as well as significant savings at the fuel pump. You’ll also find this additive coats your fuel tank nicely helping to ward off the damaging effects of corrosion.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly diesel injector cleaner to give you more miles to the gallon while also effectively optimizing your engine, make it your business to check out Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme.

Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 3



Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 4

At the midpoint of our diesel injector cleaner reviews, we’ve got a budget option from Liqui Moly, the Super Diesel Additiv.

This product is designed specifically to help anyone with an older diesel car. If your powerplant is neglected and laboring, sluicing in some Liqui Moly can get things running more smoothly while also slashing the amount of soot belched out.

Working well with turbo-charged diesels and generally acting as a top-tier lubricant, as long as your car is older, this additive makes a smart bet.

The core purpose of this additive is to make light work of those accumulated sediments that can really queer proceedings with a diesel engine. While accomplishing this with aplomb, you should also notice dramatically fewer emissions and less noise while you might even feel a slight improvement on the performance front.

One bottle is man enough to clean an entire tank of fuel so you’re getting fantastic value for money. Liqui Moly grabs our vote for the best cheap diesel injector cleaner without stiffing you in terms of effectiveness.



Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 5

As we near the end of our diesel injector cleaner reviews, we’ve got an inexpensive additive from Royal Purple that punches above its weight.

The key advantage of Max-Tane is the strong improvement you should experience in fuel economy. While diesel consumption figures are already impressive, everybody could do with saving a few more bucks.

As well as cleaning your fuel system, Max-Tane’s reach extends to the engine as a whole so you’re getting outstanding value for money. The lubrication delivered is top-notch and the end result is less smoke spurting from the exhaust and none of that nasty smell diesel engines can emanate.

The only real downside of this additive is that performance is strictly limited in hot weather so think about the climate where you live before purchase.

For a solid overall diesel injector cleaner from a less-recognized brand, Royal Purple’s Max-Tane is a stealth option if you’re looking to keep everything from the pistons to valves running smoothly, all the while paying less for fuel due to enhanced economy.



Best Diesel Injector Cleaner Reviews - Making your Engine Clean 6

Last up in our diesel injector cleaner reviews is Stanadyne’s Performance Diesel Injector Cleaner. You’ll get 4 bottles in this pack but they are pretty small 8-ouncers so this is not the most budget-friendly additive. This is worsened by the need to use this cleaner frequently to get the best from it.

Each application will clean a single tank so there’s no tinkering around or repeated topping up required.

Stanadyne produce fuel injectors so you’re getting the benefit of all that expertise which goes some way to explain the price tag.

As with all the most effective diesel injector cleaners, you should expect uprated performance and better fuel consumption while also noticing less noise and smell. If you’ve got an older workhorse of a diesel vehicle, this additive can help you nurse it along for a bit more action.

For a reliable and punchy diesel injector cleaner from a brand you can rely on, our overall pick goes to this fine additive from Stanadyne.



OK ...

Now you’ve had chance to explore the benefits of the best diesel injector cleaners on the market, what’s all the fuss about and are these additives really worth the time and trouble?

The Lowdown on Diesel Injector Cleaners: Are They Really Worth It?

Diesel injector cleaners polarize opinion…

While many praise their ability to clean up engines and give you more miles to the gallon while also giving performance a shot in the arm, others claim they do more harm than good.

So why use these additives in the first place?

Why Use Diesel Injector Cleaners?

There’s no escaping the fact that diesel is a filthy fuel.

Whatever the myriad benefits of a diesel powerplant, carbon and soot deposits can easily build up and gum up the works.

If you slot some diesel injector cleaner into your routine maintenance, you should be rewarded with better fuel consumption along with a quieter engine that gives off little by the way of emissions.

What Do Diesel Injector Cleaners Actually Do?

The core purpose of these cleaners is to improve the quality of your fuel while also optimizing the combustion chamber.

The pistons and carburetors receive a nice buffing up along with other key components essential to smooth running.

Ridding your engine of the deposits that have built up will yield dramatic rewards when you use the best diesel injector cleaner.

How Frequently Should You Use Diesel Injector Cleaners?

Once you pop in your additive, it will start to take effect as you drive. That being the case, it’s mileage that counts not time.

Each additive comes with specific instructions but as a general benchmark, refill after perhaps 5000 miles.

Are All Diesel Injector Cleaners Pretty Much The Same?

Absolutely not.

The majority of additives are marketed in a pretty similar fashion but you need to dig deeper and read a good cross-section of diesel injector cleaner reviews to see if the additive you’re considering lives up to the hype.

If you find any kind of problem manifesting itself after road-testing an additive, discontinue use immediately.

Is it Possible For Diesel Injector Cleaners To Improve Performance?

If you choose to invest in a decent diesel injector cleaner, you can certainly expect to witness at least some uptick in performance.

As long as you keep your expectations reasonable and don’t expect an unrealistic boost, you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Great additives will add an extra edge to combustion while also making those cold starts easier so your overall driving experience should get easier and more comfortable.

Do Diesel Injector Cleaners Really Work?

They most certainly can work but the difference will be more noticeable in older vehicles.

The more effective diesel injector cleaners offer improvements on fuel economy of anything from 2% to 8%. While this might not seem enormous, given the ever-escalating price of fuel, the savings can add up over the course of a year.

With additives that also lubricate and clean the engine rather than just the fuel system, you’ll experience further potential savings since your car should last longer and run better.

A strong additive will not merely remove those irritating and damaging deposits but can also help protect your engine against future accumulation.

A Final Word

With any luck, you’ve now assembled a shortlist of the best diesel injector cleaners, and you’re ready to treat yourself to better fuel economy along with a quieter ride and an extended lifespan of your beloved motor.

Get in touch any time if there are any products related to the home or garden you’d like us to put through their paces. We’re always delighted from our readers and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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