Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Keeping your pool clean is undeniably a back-breaking task. From the exact amount of anti-germ products to removing the debris, it is a burdensome affair. Do you know what are the best chlorine tablets for your pool?

The right chlorine tablet is downright essential to maintain the correct pH balance and keep your pool water clean. It helps get rid of corrosion and other particles that may not be visible to the naked eye.

That said, choosing the ultimate one from the hundred available options only adds to the toil. Not anymore! In this article, you will get an insight into the top 7 hand-picked tabs that are the finest in the lot. What’s more? You can also go through the chlorine tablets buyer’s guide to know what is the best one for your pool.

Without any further delay, dive in!

7 Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews

Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 2

The HTH 24048 are the best chlorine tablets you can get your hands on (do not touch). These 7-in-1 tabs are extremely-efficient in killing bacteria and preventing algae formation that makes the water green and unhealthy. Additionally, they contain water softener and clarifier.

Another beneficial aspect of these tabs is that only one pill can work for up to 1 week. That is, for every 10,000 gallons of water. They dissolve in the water gradually, keeping your pool sanitized for an extended period.

The HTH 42048 3-inch chlorine tablets are among the most potent options to keep your pool crystal clear. It uses cyanuric acid (CYA), a brilliant sanitizer for indoor and outdoor pools. As with all other chlorine tablets, you need to wear gloves and a mask while touching the HTH 42048 tabs.

What’s more? The HTH 42028 3-inch tabs are formulated to protect your pool from UV rays. Long hours of sunlight reduce the chlorine content in water, which is why these tablets are excellent for outdoor pools. Also, they consist of a de-scaler that helps prevent stains and building of scale.



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 3

Do you want to stop algae formation and maintain the pure blue color of your pool? XtraBlue chlorinating tablets by CLOROX Pool&Spa are here to your rescue. These tabs prevent the formation of green, black, and dark yellow algae and kill bacteria.

The CLOROX XtraBlue tabs further prevent corrosion of your pool equipment, enhancing the cleanliness of the water. Once you add the tablets to your pool feeder, floater, or skimmer, they work on extending stabilized chlorine content. Thus, your pool water stays healthy despite sun exposure.

Even if the CLOROX XtraBlue tabs are broken, its powder proves efficient in cleaning the water. As a result, your pool will look as clean as new! Use gloves and masks while handling the CLOROX XtraBlue chlorinating tablets.

What’s more? You get top-notch clean and germ-free water along with a silky-smooth feel. Yes, the XtraBlue chlorine tabs contain a conditioner that keeps your water soft and safe. You can enjoy this protection for up to a week with just one tablet!



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 4

As the name says, the Pool Mate 1-1407 chlorine tabs are the perfect mates for your pool. These are powerful tablets that maintain the chlorine level of your pool water for a prolonged period. You can use one tablet per 5,000 gallons of water, and it will last up to one whole week.

Apart from the slow-dissolving quality, these Pool Mate tabs help enhance the UV protection of pool water. These are Stabilized tabs, making them efficient for both outdoor as well as indoor pools. Now you can keep your swimming pool clear and chlorinated!

Overall, the Pool Mate Jumbo tabs are pretty strong and effective in keeping the pool water crystal clear. What makes them the best chlorine tablets is that they come with individual wrappers, providing complete safety while handling. You are recommended to use the tablets in a pool feeder, skimmer, or floater only. Please do not add them directly into the water.



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 5

Are you weary of scrubbing and fighting the green color of your pool? It is time you get the Clorox Pool&Spa Active 99 chlorinating tablets. These 3-inch tablets are large enough to last for up to a week in 10,000 gallons of water. If you have a smaller pool, they may also last up to two weeks!

With its 99% trichlor formula, the Active99 tabs kill maximum bacteria in your pool water. Additionally, you can say goodbye to the constant algae formation around your pool walls. Using these tabs certainly means more swimming and less cleaning.

What’s more? Other than dissolving slowly, these tablets are curated to control the effect of UV rays on your pool water. With these all-in-one tabs, you can rest assured of your pool’s long-lasting protection from sunlight, bacteria, and algae formation. All in all, Clorox Active99 is an excellent solution for keeping your pool water healthy in a cost-effective way.



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 6

Are you looking for a cost-effective pool-cleaning solution? The Aqua clear 21005ACL chlorine tablets are as efficient as others but at a very affordable price. These tablets are 1 inch in size, which makes them great for small pools and spas. If you want to use them for a regular-sized pool, you may use 1-3 tabs per week.

Despite its price and size, the Aqua Clear is one of the best chlorine tablets. It uses a 99% Tricholor formula that is quite effective in killing bacteria. Once you use this tablet, you can be carefree about the health of your pool as well as your loved ones.

What’s more? The Aqua Clear tabs also ensure extended protection from the harmful UV rays. They maintain the chlorine content of your pool water, proving to be excellent for outdoor pools as well.

Though you would need to use more of these tabs in a regular-sized pool, they are useful and reasonably priced. If you are looking for an exceptional deal, the Aqua clear chlorine tabs are for you! Use gloves and mask while handling the Aqua Clear 21005ACL chlorine tablets.



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 7

Are you looking for a superior pool solution that inhibits the properties of an all-rounder? The Robelle 1405M is a 5-in-1 chlorine tablet that is specially curated to keep your pool healthy.

Its built-in clarifier keeps the water clean while the algaecide prevents the formation of algae. Thus, you are sure to get crystal-clear pool water throughout the week. All that, with just one tab for a regular-size pool containing 10,000 gallons of water.

What’s more? Its anti-stain composite prevents stains from metals, and the de-scaler ensures that your pool water is corrosion-free. Be it from bacteria, algae, or equipment, your pool water will remain healthy with the Robelle 5-in-1 chlorine tabs.

Despite the price, the Robelle 5-in-1 chlorine tabs are entirely worth it. They offer a solution to 5 problems, which you cannot find in similar products of other brands. Furthermore, they are individually wrapped and perfectly safe to use. Do not use other chemicals or products along with this tab.



Best Chlorine Tablets – Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide 8

Are you confused about whether the chlorine tabs will be compatible with your pool or not? The NAVA Pool Care chlorinating tablets work well in almost all types of pools. It is suitable whether your pool is in or above the ground, indoor or outdoor, made of vinyl, fiberglass, or plater.

The NAVA tabs contain 99% Trichlor that is an active ingredient in killing bacteria and reducing algae. Also, only one 3-inch tablet is sufficient for keeping the water clean for up to a week. Thus, you can rest assured that your pool water will remain healthy and fit for swimming for a prolonged period.

Altogether, the NAVA Pool Care 3-inch chlorinating tabs are quite useful. What makes them the best chlorine tablets is that they are compatible with all types of pools. These stabilized tabs work for 10,000 gallons of water for up to one week.

What’s more? These tabs are individually wrapped so you can get rid of the hassle of wearing gloves and a mask while handling. The NAVA chlorine tabs are also perfectly suitable for use in ozonators, mineral feeders, and ionizers.



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Best Chlorine Tablets – Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have gone through the 7 top chlorine tablets, you know why it is essential. Also, you know how it works, but do you know what qualities make for the best chlorine tablets? Here are the things to consider while buying chlorinating tabs.

Things to Consider while Buying Chlorine Tabs

Size of Your Pool

What size chlorine tablets are the best for you? The size of your swimming pool will determine the quantity and size of the chlorine tablets you need. If you have a regular-sized or large pool, buying a pack of 3-inch chlorinating tablets is the wisest option.

Your pool requires a regular supply of chlorine to prevent bacteria, algae-formation, and other germs. If you use a lesser quantity of chlorine, you may need to scrub and clean the walls of your pool more frequently.

On average, a 1-inch tablet will work fine for 5,000 gallons of water. On the other hand, you would require a 3-inch tab for 10,000 gallons.

Type of Chlorine Tablet

There are two types of chlorine tabs—stabilized and un-stabilized. So, which kind of chlorine tablet does your pool need? It depends on the location of your pool. Stabilized chlorine tablets contain Cyanuric Acid, which helps to protect your pool from UV rays.

That is not all. These tablets work better when they are exposed to sunlight. Quite the opposite of this, un-stabilized habits are not that effective under the sun. Therefore, while you can use the former for indoor and outdoor pools, the latter is only useful for indoors.


You may be wondering why is the packaging of the chlorine tablets a significant factor? These tabs are highly concentrated, containing large amounts of chlorine. If you are exposed to the chemical or are in direct contact, it may lead to irritation in the eyes, skin, and nose.

Another significant factor to consider is that if the chlorine tabs are not wrapped well, they may turn into powder. It happens during the delivery process and is inevitable until you choose to purchase them from your local store.

You must know that while powdered chlorine will still be as effective, it will dissolve in a jiffy. Therefore, though you will get extra-clean water, it will only last for a short while. Consequently, it would be best if you preferred chlorine tabs that are individually wrapped.

Chlorine Concentration

You are buying these tablets to maintain the chlorine content in your pool water. So, high chlorine concentration is an absolute requirement. When you check the pack label, you will see an ingredient named Trichlor. It is an active ingredient that reflects almost 90% of chlorine content.

Now you know what ingredient should you look for on your chlorine tab pack.

Ingredients and Functionality

You may find several options that contain a plethora of other useful chemicals packed in one single tablet. These work as an all-rounder in protecting pool water from bacteria and algae along with equipment corrosion and stain.

Therefore, you can choose one that works well for multiple problems. These are also helpful as you will not need other products and chemicals.

Final Words

Having read the product review of the 7 best chlorine tablets and a helpful buyer’s guide, have you made your decision? Chlorine tabs are quintessential for the health and condition of your pool water. However, choosing the wrong product or dosage may not prove to be satisfactory.

Make sure you compare all your options and choose the one that is suitable for your specific pool type. What’s ahead? You can maintain a germ-free pool and enjoy long hours of swimming without the hassle of cleaning!

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