Best Backup Camera Reviews

Rear-view mirrors are all well and good but they simply can’t be compared to the best backup camera if you want to reverse your car in pretty much guaranteed safety.

No more blind spots, no more craning your neck and definitely no more bumps and scrapes from careless parking.

We’ll launch straight in with a breakdown of 5 of the best backup camera reviews then we’ll steer you in the right direction on your buying trail just as surely as these cameras will help you steer into your parking spot.

5 Best Backup Camera Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 1

First up in our best backup camera reviews is a solid budget model from the highly reputable Pyle. If you’re sick and tired of risking the paintwork on your ride every time you want to reverse into a tight spot, this sleek, compact cam won’t disappoint.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 2


You’ll be able to slip both the dash cam and backup camera easily into place. All the wiring and cabling you need is thrown in and installation couldn’t be much easier even if you’re not practically inclined.

Rated IP-67 and fully waterproofed to marine level, this camera is cut out for even the most hostile climates. It also still functions fully in thick fog and you’ll get night vision so effective it’s actually better than when the sun is shining.

With a fairly decent screen and full video capability, kiss goodbye to scratched paint and say hello to parking in complete safety around the clock.


  • Easily mountable in multiple positions on either dashboard or windshield
  • Get an accurate estimate of distances with a nifty scale line so you won’t need to rely on guesswork when you’re backing up
  • Fully waterproof and fog-resistant with highly effective night vision
  • Crisp, clear LCD and integrated video system
  • Wide-angle lens giving you a 170-degree view


  • Some complaints about underwhelming picture quality but it certainly gets the job done and you’re not settling in to watch a movie


Best Backup Camera Reviews 3

Next up in our best backup camera reviews is this 7-inch touchscreen from TOGUARD.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 4

You can benefit from simultaneous recording from both cameras with the rear cam completely weatherproofed although you can also use the dash cam independently even if you’re not taking advantage of the rear camera.

The gravity sensor kicks in automatically in the event of any collision and recording ensures you’ve got all the evidence you need for your insurance company. Motion detection and the parking monitor combined with a wide viewing will speed up your parking efforts while enhancing the safety angle. Although we must point out that almost half the rear image is cropped which is pretty poor considering the price-point and intended purpose.

Easy to navigate using the neat touchscreen, you’ll get a rock-solid camera from a brand you can trust and, if you act quickly, you’ll get it almost half-price.


  • Front video records in full 1080P high-def while the 480-pixel rear camera is waterproof and more than clear enough
  • Automatic sensor kicks in to make parking even easier
  • Intuitive and responsive touchscreen functionality perfect even if you’re not the biggest tech-lover
  • You’ll get the broad viewing angle you need to simplify reversing even if you’ve got a larger vehicle
  • Although not the cheapest dash cam, the TOGUARD is currently available at an aggressive discount


  • No night mirror and prone to a little glare
  • Some snags with the rear image being needlessly cropped


Best Backup Camera Reviews 5

Midway through our backup camera reviews, we’ve got a pocket-friendly option for all you bargain hunters out there.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 6

If you hate the thought of a complex install and you want to get going almost straight out the box, this awesome little backup camera is tailor-made. Just stick the 4.3-inch monitor on the dash and you’re good to go. The rear unit takes a little more work but it’s still straightforward.

For anyone looking to simplify reversing without breaking the bank, we can’t recommend this budget backup camera from LeeKooLuu highly enough. The only potential flashpoint is the questionable waterproofing but you need to keep your expectations reasonable at this price-point.

With multiple power options and perfect for use day or night, check out this backup camera if you’ve got a tighter budget but you still need assistance when you’re reversing.


  • Exceptional value for money without stiffing you on the performance front
  • Powered through cigarette lighter for continuous use or by harnessing power from rear view lights when you’re backing up
  • Pair of video inputs and a sharp LCD monitor
  • 7 LEDs enable night vision while the wide angle gives you the perfect view every time
  • Installation is a breeze with all hardware included and transparent instructions


  • Rated waterproof but a few complaints in this area so think twice if you live somewhere with a wetter climate


Best Backup Camera Reviews 7

As we edge to the end of our best backup camera reviews, we’ve got an affordable yet highly functional wireless solution from AUTO-VOX.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 8

As with all cameras like this, you’ll get a few disgruntled users moaning about image quality. We’d urge you to be reasonable with your expectations and consider the intended purpose which is preventing damage not staring at a screen for enjoyment.

This aside, you’ll get a backup cam that couldn’t be much easier to install and the array of LEDs means you’ll be able to see clearly behind you even if it’s dark or gloomy outside.

The reusable mount can be easily cleaned and doesn’t represent the weak point it does on much of the competition.

Waterproof and compatible with even much larger vehicles, if you’re looking for a wireless solution that won’t cost you the earth, road test the AUTO-VOX M1W and you’ll never fear reversing into an awkward spot again.


  • Wireless model with no battery to potentially let you down when it counts
  • Mount is washable and built to stay the distance
  • Super-simple installation so you’ll be up and running in no time
  • Outstanding rear view camera with multiple LEDs
  • Works well with all vehicles up to and including RVs


  • A few niggles with image quality

Best Backup Camera Reviews 9

Rounding out our best backup camera reviews, we’ve got an innovative license plate model that works well with all vehicles packing a standard US-style plate.

Best Backup Camera Reviews 10Best Backup Camera Reviews 11The way you can tweak the lens angle physically through 45 degrees gives you plenty of flexibility and you’ll get a camera that gives you a clear view in almost any weather conditions. LEDs help you to see just as easily when the sun goes down as on a bright and sunny day.

The lightweight but rugged nature of this unit gives you all the durability you need so you won’t be rushing out to buy a replacement in a hurry.

And did we mention the price? Check it out for yourself and be prepared for a very pleasant surprise!


  • Integrated infrared LEDs promote clear night vision
  • Mirror-image macro lens and easily adjustable lens angle gives you exceptional viewing
  • Rugged and built for just about any weather conditions
  • Made from aluminum zinc so extremely durable without costing you a fortune
  • Incredible value for money considering what you get in return


  • A few niggles with image quality

OK ...

With our backup camera reviews done and dusted, it’s time for a few simple pointers to simplify your buying decision.

What To Look For In The Best Backup Camera

While they might seem complex and the role they play is invaluable, buying the best backup cam is remarkably straightforward.

Double down on these elements and you’ll be reversing more safely in no time.

Type of Camera

These backup cameras can be broadly divided by type:

  • Camera Only:  If you have a screen in place – and we’ll look at that directly below – this type of system is tailor-made
  • All-In-One System: For anyone without a stock screen already in place, all-in-one units make most sense
  • Camera + Mirror: This kind of camera will give you a display on the rear-view mirror when you’re backing up
  • Camera + Display: Buy separate components for complete flexibility

Do You Need a Touchscreen Receiver?

You should think about your current dash set-up before steaming in and potentially buying the wrong equipment.

If you already have a receiver in place with a touchscreen and the requisite outputs – you’ll just need a rear-view video input – you’re all set to simply purchase a camera. All you need to do is shop for something vehicle specific.

If you’re still reading this article, though, we’ll assume that’s not the case.

You can easily buy an all-in-one unit like the ones we reviewed here today but how about if you have no room for a touchscreen on your dash or you simply don’t fancy the idea?

Again, you’ve got a solid option in the form of a replacement rear-view mirror that won’t spoil the lines of your car while still giving you the unobscured view out the rear you need for safe, speedy reversing.

Once you’ve got this out of the way, you’re immediately presented with another choice…

Wired or Wireless?

  • Wired Monitors: If you don’t like the idea of pulling out your radio or replacing your mirror, a wired monitor is a smart move
  • Wireless Monitors: Go wireless and you won’t need the hassle of a wired connection, a huge boost if you’re kitting out your RV or any large vehicle

There’s no right or wrong answer here, simply what makes best sense for you.


Look closely into what sensors are included but consider your intended usage rather than just shooting for the camera with most bells and whistles. It’s senseless to spend more than you need for features you’ll never use.

Parking Lines

A number of backup cameras will give you visual assistance in the form of parking lines.

If you’re a confident and accomplished driver, this is not something you need to prioritize while for more nervous drivers this is a valuable, almost essential feature.

As with every aspect of your buying decision when you’re looking for an effective backup camera, you should look for a personal solution rather than chasing a one-size-fits all answer.

Viewing Angle

While viewing angles will vary, the vast bulk of the best backup cams will give you a wide enough angle for most reasonable reversing maneuvers.

The wider the angle, the easier it will be to reverse since you’ll see more out the back.

Night Vision

If you spend lots of time in your car at night, make absolutely certain the camera you choose won’t let you down when you need it most.

A Final Word

We hope by now you’ve got the best backup camera for your needs firmly in your sights and that reversing painfully inch-by-inch will be a thing of the past.

Come back soon for a host of home and garden-related products which we’re busy testing and ready to serve you up with in the run-up to the holiday season. We’re all set for a very busy time here at Homendgarden!

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