Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide

If you haven’t come across airless paint sprayers before, it’s not surprising…

These nifty painting solutions are criminally underrated yet deceptively effective.

Many people are put off airless paint sprayers imagining them to be costly, wildly inaccurate and complicated to use.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

5 Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

If you’ve got external painting to get done in a hurry, our airless paint sprayer reviews will give you a broad choice of highly effective weapons so you can get more done in less time.

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Graco completely dominate the airless paint sprayer vertical. The X7 is not part of the professional end of their impressive line-up but you’ll get a rugged and highly capable unit perfect for even demanding paint jobs.

While you can use this airless paint sprayer indoors, it comes into its own for outside projects like decking and fencing when you can power through even larger projects in next to no time.

You can expand the 25-foot reach by adding more hosing so whether you’re painting larger projects in the garden or you need to work on multiple floors of a home, you’ll get wonderful reach with the Graco Magnum X7.

Maximum pressure is 3000 PSI with the sprayer weighing in at 13 pounds.

For a residential airless paint sprayer that punches significantly above its weight, the Graco Magnum X7 is a well-deserved classic.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 2



Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 3

Next up in our airless paint sprayer reviews is a pocket-friendly model from HomeRight we’ve included so there’s something for all budgets.

Whether you need to paint your shed or your fence, your decking or garage, there’s simply no substitute for an airless paint sprayer if you want to eat through the work without burdening yourself.

With an agile and powerful motor and superb pressure, you can paint large areas quickly without losing all the paint in the process.

You need to be aware of the price point and understand that this airless paint sprayer is strictly for home use so don’t expect to press it into action on the job site. For residential use, though, it’s a strong contender for the best cheap airless paint sprayer on the market.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 4



Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 5

As we hit the midway point in our airless paint sprayer reviews, we’ll roll out another slick model from the legendary Graco, this time the UltraMax II.

Make no mistake, this is not the cheapest airless paint sprayer by some distance. The thing is, contractors or serious home enthusiasts are by no means always looking for the least expensive option…

If you’ve got a more generous budget and you’re looking for a heavyweight airless paint sprayer delivering uncompromising performance, the 490 PC Pro is the obvious choice.

Everything on this paint sprayer is precision-engineered and built to stay the distance. Tech and design-driven, you’ll get much more work done in less time without seeing accuracy go out the window.



Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 6

As we near the end of our airless paint sprayer reviews, we’ve got the Titan Impact, another pricy but top-notch model from a brand you can rely on.

Suitable for all work at home and a decent range of contracting jobs, you’ll get a rugged and reliable sprayer without needing to take out a bank loan.

With a generous hose and an easy-tilt cart to make moving around a breeze, you can power your way through your painting jobs a whole lot easier if you invest in this awesome airless paint sprayer.



Best Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide 7

Titan enters the mix once again as we round out our airless paint sprayer reviews. The ControlMax is a fine example of high-efficiency airless technology and the price-point is unbeatable.

Crowned with a 2-year guarantee not often found on airless paint sprayers, you can buy without a headache and expect plenty of painting action from this potent piece of kit.

While you wouldn’t expect a commercial sprayer in this price range, you’ll be more than able to deal with all home spraying projects using this economical and super-efficient sprayer.

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OK ...

Now you’ve seen what airless sprayers are available, we’ll give you a quick tour of how to choose the best sprayer without taking too much time or effort.

Different Types of Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are devastatingly effective but they’re not your only option.

Paint sprayers can de divided into 3 broad categories:

  • Airless Paint Sprayers: Shooting out paint at extremely high pressure, airless paint sprayers deliver an even coat and work brilliantly for all outdoor projects from fencing and decking through outbuildings. You’ll be able to paint large areas with thicker paints. Airless paint sprayers are pretty noisy and you might notice some difficulty controlling the spray pattern. All the paint sprayers we review today are airless but it pays to be aware of your other options…
  • Compressed Air Paint Sprayers: You’ll need an air compressor for this type of sprayer so near this in mind if you don’t already have one in your workshop. If you’re looking to spray paint furniture, you’ll get speed and accuracy combined with a compressed air paint sprayer. On the flip side, you’ll use more paint when using these units
  • HLVP Paint Sprayers: HLVP sprayers are slow-release and result in very little wastage. You’ll pay more upfront but this investment will soon be recouped if you’re doing a great deal of painting. These sprayers work well for use indoors so if you need to paint your doors and cabinets, go with an HLVP sprayer. Be aware that these sprayers don’t respond favorably to thicker paint jobs

How Do Airless Paint Sprayers Work?

The premise is extremely simple…

The hydraulic pumps in airless paint sprayers generate high pressure allowing them to apply several gallons of paint to a surface every minute.

What To Look For In The Best Airless Paint Sprayer

These sprayers are relatively straightforward but it’s worth paying attention to the following areas when you’re hunting down the every best airless paint sprayer.

  • Power: The more horsepower in the motor, the more paint you’ll be able to spray out and the quicker you’ll accomplish it. Don’t go over the top thinking of power and get something too powerful for your needs that also turns out to unwieldy and difficult to maneuver. Get the right mix of power and weight for best results
  • Hose Length: Make sure the airless paint sprayer you’re looking at offers sufficient hosing for you to move around and take care of the project you have in mind. 25 feet should be the bare minimum
  • Residential or Commercial? The type of work you’ll be undertaking will determine the airless paint sprayer you should buy. Your needs will differ dramatically if you want a sprayer for the occasional job in the garden or something to keep going day in and day out on the job site
  • Scope of Work: Your intended usage will also dictate the type of airless paint sprayer most suited. Think about whether you’ll be painting indoors or outside, how important accuracy is and to what extent speed is off the essence. There’s no right or wrong answer just the right answer for you
  • Type of Coating: Lat but not least, think about whether you need to deal with thicker paints or lacquers and buy accordingly

A Final Word

By now, you should have the best airless paint sprayer in your sights so your next painting project will get done in half the time with even less effort.

Drop us a line if there are any products that confuse you like perhaps airless paint sprayers did before today. We’ll be happy to guide you and provide a solid choice of the best products for your home and garden.

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