Best 65-Inch TV Reviews

Big is beautiful when it comes to TVs, and if you fancy investing in a real conversation piece that’s more like a cinema at home without the cost or installation hassles, the best 65-inch TV is a smart move.

As with all tech, prices keep coming down and even televisions of this size are now within the reach of more than just the super-wealthy.

We’ll launch straight into our best 65-inch TV reviews then we’ll give you a concise look at what to consider when you’re on the buying trail.

So kick back, relax and let’s look at 5 of the very best 65-inch TVs up for grabs.

5 Best 65-Inch TV Reviews

We’ll get directly down to business with our reviews. After presenting 5 of the best choices on the market for your home and garden, we’ll walk you through how to focus on getting the most appropriate tool for your needs.

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 1

Sony is a name you can rely on for all electronic and this 4K beast is first up in our best 65-inch TV reviews.

With construction rock-solid like all XBR-series or Bravia sets, the metal frame is finished in a subtle gunmetal and it’s a pretty slimline unit at less than 3 inches deep. You can use the Sony with or without a stand or hang it on the wall according to taste.

Although the port choice is healthy with all main bases covered from HDMI through USB 3.0. The only snag is that the downward-facing design makes them awkward to access, inexcusable really but not enough to change our view on this cracking 65-inch TV.

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 2

Backlighting and a top-notch 120Hz refresh rate means you’ll get no problems with bright colors or gloomy environments rendered beautifully. If pressed to choose where the Sony does best, it’s on the brightness front. Everything seems to pop off the screen.

With Chromecast built in, you can use Google Assistant while this colossus is also Alexa-enabled so you’ll get a smart TV fit for any living room without taking out a bank loan.


  • Available in 3 other screen sizes with or without soundbar
  • Full Alexa-enabled so enjoy controlling your TV with voice commands
  • 4 x HDMI inputs, 2 x USB 2.0, and USB 3.0 ports along with a composite port so you can switch inputs quickly and easily,
  • 4K HDR  for crisp, clear detail with magnificent contrast
  • Updated model of a Sony classic


  • Audio is underwhelming
  • Remote is rather bulky but hardly a deal-breaker

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 3

Life’s Good as the strapline goes and next up in our best 65-inch TV reviews comes this hard-hitting 4K from LG.

If you’re looking for a cheap 65-inch TV, the LG makes sense. While it’s not in pure budget territory, this is about as inexpensive as you can get before you start to dip out seriously in terms of quality.

There’s a quad-core processor and the 4K TV gives you a decent picture without being anything to write home about. Don’t get us wrong, things are crisp and clear enough but it’s one of those TVs that doesn’t quite live up to the marketing hype.

The webOS gives you ample online content while the Magic Remote and highly intuitive interface mean you won’t need a PhD to operate it.

As with all purchases of this magnitude, even if you plan to buy online, it’s still worth popping into a big box store as part of your research so you can check it out for yourself first.


  • Use ThinQ AI to get smart functionality although you’ll need an Alexa-enabled device to enjoy voice control
  • 4K HDR support with bleeding-edge mapping for fully optimized picture
  • Truly impressive spread of inputs from HDMI to Ethernet, RF, and USB
  • Great for larger rooms where you might be viewing from an awkward angle
  • Free 2-month tech support to get you up and running


  • Some issues with WiFi dropping off
  • Feet are questionable and there’s a disturbing lack of stability

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 4

As we hit the midpoint of our best 65-inch TV reviews, we’ve got a superb Roku unit from TCL, perhaps not the best-known brand but one with a growing reputation for quality at a reasonable price-point.

The image quality is striking with Dolby Vision HDR and Contrast Control giving you a bright and vivid yet perfectly natural picture.

While huge TVs don’t tend to differ too much on the design front, you’ll get a stripped-down matte finish giving the TCL 65-incher a commanding presence without feeling ostentatious.

Although we can’t knock performance in any area that count, it’s Roku functionality that brings most people to buy this model and in our opinion, the TCL outflanks all of the close competition on this front up to and including Samsung.

For an affordable and extremely adaptable smart TV allowing you to stream to your heart’s content, this TCL 65-inch model punches above its weight.

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 5


  • Overall image quality is genuinely impressive
  • Roku smart TV platform for all your streaming needs and better than most other Roku sets
  • Matte textured finish for a subtle and minimalist aesthetic
  • Contrast Control brightens areas where they need it and also dims things down when necessary
  • All major inputs provided including HDMI, Ethernet, and a headphone jack


  • Video processing is fairly weak compared to the competition
  • Brightness leaves something to be desired

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 6

No collection of best 65-inch TV reviews would be complete without an entry from Samsung.

This QLED smart TV has 4K resolution like all the most effective 65-inchers, the 120Hz refresh rate you’re looking for along with more than serviceable HDR support making this an attractive bundle at a reasonably keen price point. That said, you can get far cheaper 65-inch TVs if price is your main motivator.

For anyone with more fluid budgets seeking performance first and foremost, the QLED comes with first-rate picture quality, excellent audio capability and decent smarts. The edge-lit backlighting is less than ideal considering the price but that’s a relatively minor issue.

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 7

The 360 viewing means you’ll get a top-notch experience wherever you’re sitting. Attention to detail on the design front extends even to the back panel so your TV will also look good from any angle even if it’s switched off.

A welcome addition to Samsung’s powerful, enduring Q Series, this is a strong contender for the best 65-inch TV on the market.


  • QLED display is an LCD variant that performs on par with OLED
  • Color and brightness hits the spot whatever you’re watching
  • Advanced smart functionality as you’d expect from Samsung
  • Audio far stronger than most competing TVs in this territory
  • HDR support is strong so kick back and watch even special-effects movies like you’re at the cinema rather than in your living room


  • Some of the newer features are glitchy
  • The edge-lit backlighting is a disappointment

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 8

As we round out our best 65-inch TV reviews, we’ve got something slightly different with this fully waterproof outdoor TV perfect for a decadent pool party or simply watching the game in the garden.

Sealoc uses proprietary nano-coating technology to protect all internal parts while the outside of the TV is fully wrapped and sealed so you can view in the garden with no worries about ruining your investment.

While much of the R&D cash has been poured into ensuring this TV works well outdoors even in harsh conditions, you won’t be stiffed in terms of picture quality or audio. The 4K Ultra HD LED means even the most ambitious special effects come crackling off the screen while sound is well-represented across all frequencies.

Best 65-Inch TV Reviews 9

Make no mistake, this is a looker, too. At a glance, you’d have no reason to suspect this was anything other than a regular TV but you get that added advantage of being able to pop it poolside or on the patio.

If you’re partial to watching TV outdoors, we can’t recommend this 65-incher strongly enough. Check one out at your earliest convenience.


  • Weatherproof so watch outdoors without a headache even in hostile climates
  • Picture remains sharp and vivid whatever the lighting conditions
  • Super-slim profile looking no different to a regular indoor 65-inch TV
  • Audio delivers in fine style even when you’re viewing outside in noisy environments
  • All electrics coated and protected so you won’t need to worry about the weather turning


  • Some of the newer features are glitchy
  • The edge-lit backlighting is a disappointment

OK ...

Well, that’s our best 65-inch TV reviews wrapped and we’re confident there’s something for all tastes and budgets even if you want to watch a movie outdoors in the yard.

We’ll finish up with a few simple pointers on what to consider when you’re buying the best TV.


What To Look For In The Best TV

While we could write a book on the intricacies of the best 65-inch TVs, that’s not why you’re here so we’ll keep this brief and to-the-point so you can see at a glimpse how to get the best 65-inch TV with the minimum of fuss.


Size certainly matters with TVs and our best advice is to opt for the largest screen that meshes with your budget and fits neatly in the room you have in mind without dominating the space.

We’ll presume you’re interested in at least a 65-inch screen if you’ve read this far. You can easily drop to 55-inch TVs and 60-inch TVs without any real loss of effect and if you want to go bigger, there are always 75-inch TVs and upwards for that real home cinema effect.

As you’d expect, TVs in this size bracket are not exactly cheap but we’ve served you up with some pocket-friendly options if you want quality and size on a relative budget.


HD became full HD 1080p but the benchmark has shifted once more with 4K Ultra HD now setting the resolution standard.

To put this into perspective, you’ll get quadruple the pixel resolution you’d have with 1080p high-def sets.

More pixels means a sharper picture with the finest details perfectly rendered and picture quality not impaired even if your children can’t resist sitting with their noses practically touching the screen.


HDR or high dynamic range means you’ll get improved contrast with better brightness and enhanced color gradations translating to a much deeper and more buoyant picture overall.

Despite differences such as HDR10, HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, essentially you’re getting all the above to varying degrees if you roll with an HDR 65-inch TV.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate refers to the number of discrete frames per second the TV screen can display. This is expressed in terms of Hz (hertz).

Native refresh rate relates to smoothness of motion. 120Hz is optimum but you can dip as low as 60Hz without too many problems.

Effective refresh rate, on the other hand, often soars above 120Hz and this measurement is used to indicate digital picture processing.


The main thing you need to ensure is in place is an HDMI input. Multiple ports are a great way of making your TV as future-proof as possible, more important the more you spend.

Look for USB ports if you watch a lot of movies culled from online and you don’t want wandering leads.

Soundbars call for HDMI ARC inputs and almost all of the newest and best 65-inch TVs come with this ready to roll.

There’s no right or wrong answer with inputs so make sure the TV you’re considering delivers all ports you’ll meaningfully use without neglecting to think of the future.

A Final Word

Buying the best 65-inch TV is a considerable investment so we hope this handy guide and reviews have helped you on the way to a successful purchase.

Get in touch any time with your queries and we’re about to go into overdrive on the testing front between now and Christmas so come back soon!

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