12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose

Maintaining pools has never been an easy task. You always need different ways to keep it sanitized, away from germs and dirt. As prevention is better than cure, covering up your pool and choosing between a 12 mil vs. 16 mil pool cover is a good option.

One of the most popular ways to cover up your pool is by using solar pool covers. This cover works two ways. It not only keeps the pool clean but also heats the pool using solar rays. These pool covers protect the entire pool and leave it cozy and warm even during nights.

There are different sizes and thicknesses in which these covers are available in the market today. However, the best ones out of all choices are 12 mil and 16 mil pool covers. Although choosing 12 mil vs. 16 mil pool cover is also a daunting task, they work best for your pool.

12 Mil vs. 16 Mil Pool Cover Product Reviews

To help you with your choice, below mentioned are a few product reviews for 12 mil vs. 16 mil pool cover. Read below to compare the two.

12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 2

One of the best options for a 12 mil pool cover, Robelle protects your pool from solar rays and heat effectively. It has a sufficient thickness to trap the sunlight before it reaches the pool surface. The product is a heavy-duty 12 mil cover that has a high quality even in this category.

12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 3Due to its right thickness and material, the pool water stays put. The cover doesn’t let it evaporate that easily. As a result, at least ninety percent of the water remains in the pool at all times. This cover also prevents any dirt or germs from entering the pool water.

The cover helps to trap as much sunlight during the day as possible and prepares for a warm swim at night. This also makes the pool swim-ready during winters. The high-quality materials used in the cover also ensure minimum deterioration from sunlight.

The cover has especially been made resistant to any ultra-violet rays.



12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 4

Robelle 28’ is a good way to protect your pool during summers as well as winters. This pool cover lets you cover up your entire pool surface and prevents any dirt or germs from entering.

Robelle 28’ is a heavy-duty 12 mil pool cover that keeps your pool warm and swim-ready in all seasons. It is made out of a special material that traps almost all the sunlight falling over its surface. As a result, the pool water has a temperature soothing enough for you to enter.

The bubbles present on the cover stay on the lower side, facing the pool. As the quality of the material is high, and the thickness is right, your water consumption reduces. This is because about ninety percent of the pool water stays put and saves you from adding more water for every swim.

To ensure that you have a convenient deal with you, this cover also comes with a warranty of eight years. The material of this pool cover makes sure to resist all sorts of deterioration from sunlight and thus lasts longer than its competitors.



12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 5

Produced from high-quality resin, this pool cover is a good investment to keep your pool clean and warm. It has several small bubbles that capture a large amount of heat that falls on the pool surface. The heat that this cover traps then keeps the pool water warm in summers as well as winters.

To make good use of this product, spread it over the pool. During the day, in summer or winter, the cover will trap as much sunlight as possible. As the night will fall, the trapped heat will start radiating and give you a warm pool to swim in.

Apart from this advantage, this cover will also keep all the dirt, dry leaves, and animals away. As the thickness of the cover works properly, the amount of evaporation of water and chemicals decreases. As a result, your consumption of chemicals and water reduces significantly.

12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 6



12 Mil vs 16 Mil Pool Cover: the Best One to Choose 7

A perfect cover for pools, tents, and even cars, this product provides you several services in just one go. It is available in sharp brown color and protects your pool from dirt, germs, and heat. This product is waterproof and doesn’t deteriorate easily.

The product can be used for trapping the heat inside your pool water. All you have to do is let the sun rays fall over the pool water during the day, as the sun comes down, cover this pool cover. As a result, the sun rays would stay trapped and keep the pool warm during the night for your swim.

As the cover would not expose pool water to the sun directly, the water would stay put and not evaporate at its usual rate. This way, your water and chemical consumption reduces. You are also able to save up money.



Final Words 12 Mil vs. 16 Mil Pool Cover

As the product reviews mentioned above suggest, the 12 mil and 16 mil have their advantages and disadvantages. If you look at the present market, 12 mil pool covers are available in higher amounts and lower prices than 16 mil pool covers.

However, 16 mil covers have more thickness and provide extra protection to the pool water. A 16 mil pool cover will also have a higher resistance to deterioration. This makes it more durable and user-friendly than 12 mil pool covers.

Therefore, 12 mil vs. 16 mil pool cover is a choice that puts all the factors into consideration. Make your choice depending on your budget, pool area, and the amount of daily sunlight your pool receives. 

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