12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100

Let’s face it – there are so many living room essentials that can be found for under $1,000. But how many of them are steal-cheap while looking expensive?

The answer is – not too many.

With our help in the real world, you can design a living room that looks expensive but consists of some of the cheapest finds online. Below, we are listing our hottest living room picks priced below $100.

Even if you decide to buy all of them, you will spend a sum of money that cannot be compared to buying one luxurious item. Plus, you will get everything you need to wow your guests and impress your family.

So, let’s begin.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 1

First on our list is a product everyone needs in their living room. This Moroccan pouf is both practical and stylish – you know – for all the times there is an extra guest in your living room and you want to ensure that they enjoy their comfort.

However, the biggest benefit of this Moroccan pouf is its amazing design. If your living room decor is already decorated with some minimalistic stuff, vintage or Ottoman (Moroccan) styles, this product will blend in perfectly and make the most of your living room style.

Plus, it is a pouf that is comfortable and cozy. Whether it’s the cold weather or the summer days, it helps you read a book or browse the Internet on your laptop or phone. Made from high quality leather, it will satisfy all your needs and can be used everywhere (aside from your living room).

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 2

In a world full of expensive and overpriced rugs, every living room deserves a rug that is functional, practical and with a decent price tag. This ivory and beige area rug by Safavieh is exactly that kind of living room essential.

Whether you choose Ivory/Beige, Ivory/Red, Ivory.Light Blue or Dark Grey/Ivory as your color combination, you will enjoy this rug’s presence in your living room. There are more than 10 color combinations to choose from and an array of sizes and dimensions.

Most importantly, the rug is available in a variety of neutral colors that ensure a seamless and convenient transition into any existing room. So, while looking expensive – this rug is actually very practical, stylish and plush. The brand behind it, Safavieh, has been manufacturing rugs of high quality for over 100 years which is a solid proof for that.

This is one of those lamps that guests love – and ask questions like ‘where did you get it from’ or ‘how much is it’. In reality, it is steal-cheap compared to many other LED lights of this caliber and stylish enough to turn heads and become a focal point in your living room.

Mimicking the look of a constellation in the night sky, this LED floor lamp by Brightech evokes a celestial beauty. With 5 heads curling at varying heights from a central base, it stems bloom with the outward-facing LED “petals” which are bright and luxurious. Speaking of LED, it is important to note that the technology of this lamp ensures maximum energy efficiency and pairs the neutral metal tones well in any color scheme.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 3

The light produced by this lamp is what amazes us most. Ideal for rooms with high ceilings (and corners that feel empty), the assembled Orion stands approximately 6 foot tall. The heads bobble and sway whimsically making the lamp elegant and stylish.

Need a coffee table that is not overpriced and blends in with your living room decor?

This set of three small tables is perfect for any living room. Whether you use them together, use one or only two, they are practical and easy to maintain. Even if you are lying on your bed, you can put one next to you and put the phone on it.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 4

Basically, the set of three includes a Telephone Table which is perfect for stackable placement and doesn’t take space, a Night Table which is smooth curved with round edges (safe for kids) and more secure and practical – as well as another Night Table which is the mid-size table in this set for all those ‘in between’ scenarios.

The fact that this is not your ordinary glass coffee table that puts your kids at risk – and that it is practical enough to be moved in all directions gives you flexibility and comfort. The versatility of this coffee table goes a long way as it is also used in waiting rooms, balconies and offices.

Throw blankets are in this year. They are practical, functional and most of all – a perfect addition to any living room decor. If you decide to buy a blanket for your living room, this is one of the best choices on the market. Wondering why?

Well, the fact that it is 100% cotton makes it super soft and able to provide warm. There are multiple colors to choose from so that you find one that best works for your living room.

Most of all – this blanket really adds warmth to a living room and makes it cozy in an instant.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 5

Expert interior designers are advising on using round wall mirrors nowadays. Aside from their glamorous looks, they can be very expensive. However, that is not the case with this amazing mirror designed by Lulu Decor and great for living room walls.

Sun-shaped and featuring shiny sunny gold accents, the mirror can easily become a focal point in your living room. Made of metal that gives it strength, the Sun Drop mirror is decorated with shiny accents that provide additional beauty to your living area.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 6

Perfect for a gift to someone and to yourself too, this mirror gives the reflection of beauty and is amazing to look at. It sparks with warmth, luxury and elegance.

Have you ever owned a console table?

If not, this may be the perfect investment to make this spring. And if you are new to the entire concept, a console table can be the perfect answer for all those empty-looking areas near your walls.

There are so many different console table designs on the market nowadays – making the choice quite difficult. However, the product we are featuring offers a great value for money – and is the perfect console table with a glossy Espresso, Black or white finish.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 7

As one of the best living room accessories, this console table will provide years of enjoyment and is designed to complement any home decor.

It is easy to assemble and even easier to maintain – all you have to do is move the items away and wipe it with a wood cleaning agent and semi-wet cloth.

Appreciate the sound of water?

The relaxing sound can now be part of your living room ambiance. This cheap thrill in the form of a relaxation fountain is the answer to your daily struggles and will relieve you from stress in the best way possible.

The sound comes from multiple water streams that together create a gentle presence with the soothing sounds of water. The water flow replicates the sights and sounds of a tranquil spring and will be loved by all your guests. All of these features make it the perfect living room accessory and a bestselling product online.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 8

This year, it’s time to bring some luxe to your wall corners.

Yes, you read that right. And the best way to do this is by buying these corner shelves made of durable MDF laminate and available in five different colors, from espresso to gold, white and black.

The best thing about these shelves (aside from their beauty) is the fact that they are easy to mount – with all the necessary hardware included in the package. In many ways, they can become the best accessory for your home decor – or even used in your office or your dorm room.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 9

Whether the space limits you or you just want to add some spark to your walls, these shelves are ideal for delivering a solid impression and putting all your accessories in one (stylish) place. Just like pictured on the photo below.

When it comes to living room art, there are so many pieces to choose from and a million different styles. So, it is really difficult to advise you on the type of art that your living room needs. But if we must, we will definitely go for a palette-style inspired canvas artwork like this one.

Vivid, bright and great for opening up your space, this framed art is amazing and can fit any living room. Ideally, it should be placed above the sofa and in center of the wall – but you can play around and choose from the different sizes for the best experience.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 10

Looking for the perfect dehumidifier for your living room?

This amazing product by PeGear is known for its durability and amazing features – but also its amazing price.

And if you are wondering why investing in an electric dehumidifier is a smart idea, it is basically something that will help you remove the damp, mold and moisture from your home, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, caravan, closet or garage. So, it is wise to buy one for each room.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 11

However, your living room deserves a dehumidifier so that you breathe fresh air and not even notice that you are using something about it – all thanks to the Ultra Quiet technology packed inside this product.

Last but not the least in our picks of living room essentials is a clock. As you may know, a lot of clocks make those irritating ticking sounds. However, this product does not – which is one of the reasons why it is a must-have in your living room.

Plus, it looks quite luxurious yet comes with a cheap price tag. Bright and shiny, it is a clock that you can use anywhere but a best fit for your living room.

12 Luxe Living Room Essentials Under $100 12

A Final Word

Your living room doesn’t have to have you stumbling and guessing what you need more anymore. We hope that this list of products will solve a lot of your needs and give you the perfect products on a budget.

All in order to make it look luxurious and elegant.

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